Complete Savages

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Comedy/, USA, 2004, 30 min.

AKAs Savages

Synopsis Single father Nick Savage runs a 'macho' household, having five school-age sons, all rowdy slobs except sensitive, polite 'nerd' Sam, who nevertheless envies dating-slick athlete Shawn. That changes when distantly admired Angela becomes his steady date, a base nine of his brothers ever reached or would admit wanting. Nick's younger brother and fire department colleague Jimmy is their welcome regular guest, but frankly serves as bad adult example of irresponsibility.

Directed by Julie Thacker, Shelley Jensen, Daniel Stern, Mel Gibson, Gary Halvorson, Paul Abascal, Robby Benson, Bill Shea  

Starring Keith Carradine, Erik von Detten, Andrew Eiden, Shaun Sipos, Evan Ellingson, more...

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