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Comedy/, 2012, 22 min.

Synopsis CommunityOur favorite students study biology. Kingdom. Phylum. Class. Order. Genus. Species. "Kevin, Please Come Over for Gay Sex," blurts Pierce, explaining that he uses a mnemonic device. Britta and Troy share a flirtatious look when Craig enters, declaring himself the "Duali-dean of man!" Craig is dressed as a half man-half woman. Craig then announces that biology class is cancelled. Annie sees an opportunity and suggests that Britta and Troy go to lunch together at Senior Kevin's. Meanwhile, Craig wonders if his costume has "gone too far." "Come on, Craig," he says to himself. "Get your life together."Later, Annie and Abed play a simulation of a "Dr. Who" like game in which Abed is the hero and Annie uses a ridiculous British accent. But Annie is so bad in her role that Abed has no choice but to quit. He is miffed ... and not just about the end of their geeky game. "You're mad at me for playing matchmaker with Troy and Britta," Annie says. "You're afraid you're going to lose Troy." Abed says he is simply angry because Annie is "messing with the group." Abed then explains that his simulation machine allows him to understand the brain functions of those around him. "Abed, it's cardboard tubes and a funnel," Annie says. Troy calls, wondering about Abed. "I worry about him when I'm not around," he says. "He's just extra sensitive in the Dream-a-Torium." Annie then returns to the simulation chamber and takes the "Other People" device (a tissue box) and puts it in the place where the Abed device (a cardboard sign) used to be. In effect, Annie is forcing Abed to think of others first. This doesn't sit well with Abed, who holds his head in pain before falling to the floor. "I broke Abed!" Annie exclaims. "You're being scary weird instead of cute weird!" Moments later, Abed wakes up ... and morphs into Jeff, who explains they're on the set of a primetime drama set in a hospital. Jeff asks Annie to make love to him, and Annie tells Abed to knock it off and storms out of the Dream-a-Torium. Then, after thinking better of it, she returns.Jeff transports both to a hospital lab where Troy and Britta are fooling around. Basically, they're patting each other and making exaggerated kissing expressions in the socially stunted world of Abed's imagination. Annie injects Troy with truth serum and he admits to many things, including using Hitler to win arguments on the internet, knowing nothing about wine and being attracted to Clive Owen. Finally, "I didn't get 'Inception!' I didn't get 'Inception!' Troy then begins to cry. Annie then demands to see Abed's files from the "hospital school." Jeff/Abed retrieves them. "He's a patient." The pair run in place .. and end up transporting to the "last night of school, first year. The night we kissed." But Abed wasn't there, so whose memory is this? Jeff/Abed suggests that perhaps the Dream-a-Torium really works and this is Annie's memory ... or Leonard was watching from the bushes and told Abed. "I don't have cable," says Leonard as he emerges from the bushes. Jeff/Abed then suggests that Annie pushed Britta and Troy together and push Abed out of the picture so that she would end up with Jeff. Annie protests, saying that getting closer to Jeff would've just been a "bonus." Moments later, Annie finds herself back in the simulation chamber. "Where do you want to go next?" Abed asks. Says Annie: "I want to be alone." They transport back to the "hospital school" and Abed morphs into a second Annie. The two Annies have an argument with each other. Real Annie says she is not really in love with Jeff, but "in love with the idea of being loved and if we can teach a guy like Jeff that then we'll never be unloved." That Annie is  revealed to be Abed, who is promptly arrested by Chang, who locks him in a locker. A second Abed -- this time Annie -- enters. In the midst of the body switching, Pierce appears to announce that he doesn't "know what the hell is going on."The real Abed is clearly a lonely guy, feeling put away by the others in metaphorical locker. "The scenarios you're running here are like great science fiction ... but they're accurate for crap," says Annie, who has now morphed back into herself and is trying to be comforting. "Your simulations are nothing more than anxieties ... You're afraid that you'll be alone." But guess what? That makes Abed just like everybody else, so he'll never be alone. Annie then says that they both need to get more comfortable "winging it."Abed worries that the conclusion of the simulation is anti-climatic. So Annie imagines them on the deck of a starship. Explosions outside the cockpit! Using a thick and terrible British accent, she attacks a robot villain, punching it numerous times until it turns out to be Abed. Suddenly, the pair are back in the simulation room. "This is good stuff," Abed says. Coos Annie: "Thanks!" At the end of it all, Abed has gained a new power: empathy. Back in the study room, the gang returns to return to cram for the biology test. Troy says he had a good time at lunch and apologizes to Abed for missing the Dream-a-Torium. Abed says it's OK -- Annie did good in a pinch. 

Directed by Tristram Shapeero  

Starring Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, more...

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