The First Chang Dynasty

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Comedy/, 2012, 22 min.

Synopsis We see a commercial, propaganda really, for the and improved Greendale, which has been saved by valiant security chief Ben Chang. At the end, we see the dean, but he's obviously a "deanolganger." That's according to the Greendale Seven, who try to convince Officer Cackowski that the real dean has been kidnapped. "If I catch any of you within 50 feet of Greendale, I'll throw you all in jail," the cop warns. So how will the gang save the dean, reenroll and continue their educations? They stake out the Greendale campus using cool binoculars (like telephones for your eyes, Troy says) and disguises.They soon see a flier announcing a huge party for Chang's birthday. Chang has taken over the dean's office and equipped it with an enormous throne. There, he lords over his security staff of pre-teen boys. "It's just like Stalin back in Russia times!" Britta declares. Says Annie: "We need somebody on the inside." Troy says he might know a guy. That guy is an air conditioning repair annex official, who reveals that the dean is being held in the basement of the cafeteria behind an "Oceans Eleven" level of security. The final challenge is a locked door with a single key that hangs around Chang's next. The heist is on.But there's a catch. The AC guys will only help out if Troy enrolls in the AC school, which means he would no longer be able to hang out with his friends. Jeff says no -- they will instead go ahead with the elaborate heist plan. Cut to Chang's elaborate birthday party where the security chief is dressed, appropriately, as Napoleon. A chef with a terribly phony beard enters, pushing a giant cake. It's Shirley, who intentionally plugs the toilet, making it overflow. Enter Abed and Troy, wearing terribly phony mustaches, and posing as plumbers "Barry" and "Rod." The faux plumbers begin breaking through the bathroom wall into Chang's office/throne room with sledgehammers.Meanwhile, Jeff and Britta enter the party disguised as a rock-n-roll magician and his assistant.Of course, Change is anxious to volunteer for their trick, which involves strapping the birthday boy to a giant spinning wheel. The key soon flies off onto the floor and Britta grabs it. Inside Chang's office, Troy retrieves the security codes to the AC annex and relays them to Annie, who is dressed as a 12-year-old member of Chang's security force. She punches in the code, grabs the key from Britta and enters the holding cell.But Pierce appears to ruin it all when he enters the party dressed as his "swami character," which is racist and so phony that it doesn't fool anybody -- not even Chang. He and Jeff are soon "made." But then -- plot twist! -- it turns out that appearing for the plan to fail was all part of the plan. FLASHBACK as we see Shirley slip a note into a sandwich which is then delivered to the real dean. It tells the dean to hide because the study group is on the way. Then, the fake dean is used as a decoy to distract Chang, who thinks he has located the real escaping dean, who is being held in the bathroom by plumbers Abed and Troy. In the meantime, Britta retrieves the real dean, who is happy to be rescued but disappointed it had to be by Britta.The whole gang is triumphantly leaving the school when Chang and his baby faced goons appear. This time the operation is really foiled. "Getting caught the first time was part of the plan," Shirley cries. "This time is because we suck." Chang then locks the Greendale Seven and the dean in the cell. It appears to be hopeless ... until Troy looks into the security camera and nods. Suddenly, the giant fan in the wall stops spinning, providing a way out. Did Troy just enroll in AC school. Britta suspects as much. But there's no time to lament Troy's sacrifice. The gang runs to the storage room where Change has rigged a giant pile of fireworks to go off. Abed cuts the wire -- just in time -- when Change enters. "You have foiled me for the last time!" he roars.Actually, that's not true. The Greendale board members enter having discovered the dean and the fake dean slap fighting in the hallway. Chang's kidnapping plan is exposed. Chang makes a run for it and the board agrees to forgive the Greendale Seven. Later, Troy packs his bags for AC school. Pierce offers sage advice: "Never wear a rubber." Jeff then offers even more sage advice: "Never listen to Pierce." Britta gives Troy a lock of her hair. Before leaving, Troy whispers something inaudible into Abed's ear.  After Troy is gone, Annie asks what was whispered. "He said, 'I know you hate it when people do this movies,'" Abed explains. The episode ends with Troy being welcomed with open arms by none other than Robert Laybourne. 

Directed by Jay Chandrasekhar  

Starring Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, more...

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