Introduction to Finality

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Comedy/, 2012, 22 min.

Synopsis The study group formerly known as the Greendale Seven eats lunch and tries to study for a biology exam when the dean enters dressed as a construction worker because he is "building to big news!" Turns out Subway is out and Shirley and Pierce's sandwich shop is in. It's great news except that Pierce and Shirley immediately begin fighting over who will be the majority owner. Annie asks Jeff to intervene, but he refuses, saying he has wasted enough time playing super-sarcastic group leader. "I am here to replace my fake bachelor's so I can get back to my life as a lawyer," Jeff says. Britta, meanwhile, announces that she will be leading therapy sessions for Abed who is distraught over Troy's recent enrollment in AC repair school. Back at the apartment, Abed is hearing voices. He then sees ... himself! Only with an evil goatee. "This can't be happening," says the real Abed. Troy, meanwhile, is told by Robert that he is The One that has been prophesied through the ages of AC repair. "You are the True Repairman, Troy," Robert says. "You fixed not only air conditioners, but the men who fix them."Later, Shirley approaches Jeff in the library and asks for help. Jeff wants nothing to do with it. They are soon interrupted by the dean, who decides that the issue will be settled in Greendale Court. Pierce, who has been hiding behind faux bookshelves, brags that he "was born in the courtroom, sued it for my own placenta and won!" Jeff then agrees to help Shirley before his final. In Abed's apartment, Abed confronts his goateed self, who convinces the real Abed to let him deal with Britta  as she is likely dangerous as a therapist. Britta then enters and agrees to talk to "Evil Abed" rather than "Lame Abed," but the tables are soon reversed. "Tell me about your parents, Britta," sneers Evil Abed. Britta's eyes go wide. "Ummm ... no?" she squeaks.In AC repair school, Troy learns that Robert has been killed after making a "rookie mistake" repairing a unit. The new vice dean, the same man who recruited Troy during the recent rescue of dean Craig, quickly dismisses Troy's suspicions and releases the new recruit so he can be with his friends. But something is amiss -- and Troy knows it. In court, Jeff is super laid back until he spots Pierce's new attorney: it's Alan, the attorney who got Jeff disbarred in the first place. Alan viciously attacks Shirley's character, noting a Facebook post when she said she would sell her son to be with Denzel. It was a joke, but nobody's laughing. Now Jeff is getting angry. His only question when Pierce takes the stand: "Know any good jokes?" Three racist jokes later, the entire audience is throwing things at Pierce. "No further questions," Jeff says.Evil Abed, meanwhile, has left Britta broken and shaking and has now decided to cut off Jeff's arm. Wearing dark glasses, smoking a cigarette and still sporting a goatee, he carries a bonesaw towards the courtroom. Troy, in the meantime, breaks into the coronation of the new vice dean and declares himself the True Repairman. He challenges the vice dean to a fight in the sun chamber. The sun chamber is a giant box enclosed in glass and containing two AC units. Two men enter and try to fix the units as the temperature is slowly increased. The competition ends when one man relents ... or dies.  The battle begins.Back in court, Alan warns Jeff: lose the case or lose his job in the real world. Turns out Alan is now running Jeff's old firm. Shirley tells Jeff that he should throw the case -- he should have what he wants. Jeff then has a long-awaited revelation. "Helping only ourselves is bad and helping each other is good," he tells the courtroom. He is overheard by Evil Abed, who pauses in his evilness. "Throw this case out of court, it's dumb," Jeff concludes. Inspired, Pierce stands and withdraws his complaint. Evil Abed becomes regular Lame Abed. Pierce fires Alan, and as Alan leaves, he tells Jeff that he was the one who got him disbarred. Jeff replies, "I know... and I never thanked you for it".Troy, in the meantime, quickly repairs his AC unit and relaxes in 68 degree temperature while the vice dean's side of the sun chamber reaches 145 degrees. "I'll kill you! Just like I killed him!" he screams at Troy. Everyone gasps at the revelation. As if he is hearing Jeff's speech, Troy finally reaches over and fixes his competitor's unit. He then sees the ghost of an approving Robert. The two nod at each other. The other repairmen grab Robert's killer and begin to shout about taking him to some sort of torture chamber. Troy tries to interject some sense: "No! Take him to the POLICE! He murdered someone!...You guys are weird." Back in court, everybody congratulates Jeff. "You were like a white Blair Underwood!" Shirley exclaims. Abed apologizes to Britta. Then, Troy reenters and embraces ... Abed. Oh, and then Britta too.As another year ends, things change for the better. Pierce and Shirley open their sandwich shop, Troy moves out (and possibly in with Britta), while Abed dismantles the dreamatorium with Annie's help.... though he keeps a small one for personal use. Jeff finds the courage to begin searching for his father. And while the Dean of City College plans a new attack (with Chang looking on from the air ducts), a character thought to be dead is revealed alive...with a new occupation. We fade out to white, with the hashtag, #sixseasonsandamovie

Directed by Tristram Shapeero  

Starring Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, more...

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