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Comedy/, 2012, 22 min.

Synopsis CommunityThe former Greendale students deal with the fallout of being expelled from school. Many are hungover. All are contributing to a pot luck lunch. Jeff's contribution is a dead battery, which he mistakes for a pack of Lifesavers. There is a knock on the door and Abed enters ... followed by a cop. Turns out Abed, dressed as Inspector Spacetime, was caught going through the dumpster outside Greendale. Dean Craig said he wouldn't press charges if Abed goes to a psychiatrist. So Abed does ... along with everybody else.Jeff explains that Abed will never go to the doctor alone and was once caught trying to remove his own tonsils. Troy explains that Abed was once charming weird like Mork, but is now creepy weird like modern day Robin Williams. Britta, of course, considers herself the doctor's equal. We then see a montage of Abed becoming increasingly unstable, including narrating while Pierce eats a sandwich and videotaping Annie while she sleeps. But who hasn't been a bit crazy this year? We then see a montage of events, including Troy riding a motorcycle through the school and Britta showing up wild-eyed and disheveled asking how long Peyote lasts (for a friend, of course).The doctor is impressed, and a bit taken aback. "I think I've heard everything I need to hear to make a decision," he says. "I think Abed should be committed." The group defends their friend, explaining that Greendale was a pretty messed up place that could mess anybody up. Cue montage of classes such as "Baby Talk" and "Advanced Breath Holding," "Ladders" and "Can I Fry This?" But it wasn't all bad, Jeff says. Cue montage of Craig showing favoritism to our favorite students by giving them the last pieces of pizza on pizza day (hidden in the trash) and telling them about a fire in the building before anyone else.Abed then notes that all their good memories are of the dean. "It couldn't have been the real dean that expelled us," he says. "He loved us!" The former students then rise as a group and decide to go back to Greendale. But wait -- the doctor announces, as lightening flashes and thunder sounds outside, that "Greendale doesn't exist!" Troy gasps. Jeff wants a clarification. Turns out that Greendale exists, but it is actually an asylum. "These memories that you share, they are shared psychosis," says the doctor as he slams the door and cuts off the friends' exit. "I'm alarmed to see that you are relapsing together."Everyone in the group, after all, came to the "community college" after their lives collapsed, the doctor explains. Cue a montage of all the students, who are dressed in ragged hospital gowns and living out the Greendale fantasy under the care watch of doctors -- one of whom is Craig. Back in the doctor's office, the doc wonders why none of them ever questioned why they were at a community for three years instead of two. Jeff's face falls. It makes too much sense. That is, it makes sense until Jeff and the gang leave the office and Jeff stops, declaring, "Wait! That made no sense!" He charges back into the office and overhears the doctor telling someone on the phone "they bought it." Why did the doctor lie? "Because Greendale is purgatory and I am the devil!" says the psychiatrist. Jeff comments that the man's lies are getting worse. So the doctor finally spills the truth. First, he is not a real doctor. Second, the real dean was kidnapped and replaced with an evil double for the dean by Chang. "Even for him, that's insane!" Shirley says. Is it, though? Cue montage of Chang snorting snack food and shocking his own manhood with a stun gun. Back in the office, the group decides that it's time to rescue Craig.

Directed by Adam Davidson  

Starring Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, more...

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