Odysseus: Curse of the Sea

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Documentary/History, 2009

Synopsis Often the first stories we learn as children, myths are iconic tales where good and evil clash and humanity and fantasy collide. Explore these myths, from the legendary people who inspired them to their real-life relevance today, in Clash of the Gods.This is Episode 6 in Season 1, entitled Odysseus: Curse of the Sea (original airdate: Monday September 14th, 2009) . In the first part 1 of the 2 about Odysseus, we take a look at Odysseus, whom Homer made famous in "The Odyssey," including his adventures in light of astronomical and geographical evidence which bases the story on accurate real events.Homer's The Odyssey is the most famous epic poem ever penned. The 45 minute show follows its archetypal hero, Odysseus, as he sets sail on a twenty-year sea journey to return home from battle to reclaim his wife and kingdom. It's a timeless tale of adventure filled with mythical beasts, vengeful gods, and enchanting temptresses. Did any of this really happen? Underwater divers have found boat remains that date back thousands of years, and may be a direct link to the story of Odysseus. The viability of whether this is real his boat is covered. A great start to learning about The Odyssey by Homer, not just The Iliad.Clash of the Gods is a Greek mythology documentary television series from The History Channel. In ancient Greece, mythical gods ruled the universe. An epic struggle between man and his gods over the fate of humanity and over all that they surveyed weighed in the balance. The ultimate power struggle between Olympians and the Titans for control of their own fate, while the most powerful god waged war against its own father. The greatest natural disasters ever experienced on Earth can only be explained in ancient code, that a battle between the creator and his most loyal subjects ensued and that as a result it experienced such turbulence. Tales of the Titans are told, Thor, Beowulf, Hercules, and Odysseus to name a few. Fighting off monsters with tortured souls, Hades, Minotaur, Medusa, and Tolkien's monsters. Clash of the Gods tells the tales of how ancient Greek and Norse Gods came to be and what their motivation was in declaring all out war against its enemies.

Directed by Christopher Cassel, Jessica Conway  

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