Chuck Versus the DeLorean

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Action/Drama/Comedy, 2008, 44 min.

Synopsis FLASHBACK. Little Sarah (Stefanie Scott) rides her bike in Butte, Montana circa 1990. An armored truck, meanwhile, prepares to pull away from a bank when BANG! Little Sarah is down! A man with a horribly fake mustache rushes forward. "I'm a doctor!" he declares. The kindly doc offers to give the little lady a ride to the hospital. Before you can say "Paper Moon," father and daughter escape with a load of cash.PRESENT DAY. Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) has, well, grown up a little. She serves yogurt with a fake smile when Chuck (Zachary Levi) enters with an offer for a "fake date" with "fake cuddling" but "real pizza." Sarah turns our hero down. Seems she already has plans. Plans? What plans?Morgan (Joshua Gomez), in the meantime, pulls the shades on the entertainment room at the Buy More, ready for some loving from Anna (Julia Ling). She refuses, telling BF it is time they moved in together. "We're ready to take the next step," Anna says. Judging by Morgan's expression, he doesn't necessarily agree.Later that night, Chuck follows Sarah (stalk much?) on what appears to be a date with a much-older man. Of course, we already know the dude is actually the spy's father. Chuck has an Intersect moment, recognizing dad as a con man with a rap sheet a mile long. It doesn't take long for Sarah to spot Chuck. "The guy is a total loser!" Chuck says when Sarah confronts him. At this point, the old man appears behind his pride and joy and Sarah introduces him as Jack Burton (Gary Cole), Sarah's dad. Oops!Back from commercial break, Sarah is having breakfast with dad. Jack opens a suitcase to reveal what looks to be about one million dollars in cash. "I'm not interested in your stolen money," Sarah says. Jack claims the cash isn't stolen but a gift from a Saudi sheik.Back at HQ, Sarah explains to the general (Bonita Friedericy) -- "in the interest of full disclosure" -- her father has conned Shiek Rajiv Amad(Anthony Azizi) out of a large sum of dough. "Give the order and I'll bring him in," Sarah says. The general explains the sheik is suspected of funding terrorist groups. "Any information your father could provide about the sheik's holdings would be valuable intel," she says. Sarah is reluctant, but doesn't have a choice. "Just talk to your father and take the Intersect with you," the general demands. Plot established.Now time for more of the side plot. Morgan tells Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) about his reluctance to move in with Anna. The big guy immediately writes Chuck's BFF a check for $2,500 to cover the move-in fees and first-month rent, saying: "Welcome to adulthood." But not quite yet, as it turns out. Back at the Buy More, Lester (Vik Sahay) and Jeff (Scott Krinsky) are hiding a surprise: a 1981 DeLorean. The car has a variety of mechanical problems, foremost being its inability to exceed 22 mph without conking out, and is being equipped with an iPod adaptor. Before you can say, "Back to the Future," a smitten Morgan offers to buy the car for $2,500. Oops.Later that night, Chuck meets Sarah and Jack for dinner. The conversation turns to dad's big score in Dubai. "I'm not a boastful guy, Charlie, but this was my Mona Lisa," Jack says. Turns out dad sold the sheik the luxury hotel he is staying in. The $700,000 was a "finder's fee" for putting the sheik in contact with the building's fictitious owner, "Hans Lichtenstein." Jack plans to be long gone before the sheik figures out the ruse. We'll bet you $700,000 dad's scheme doesn't go off as planned. Any takers?We didn't think so. Sure enough, the sheik soon enters the hotel and he's quite angry with Jack. Sarah, posing as Lichtenstein's assistant, says the sheik can meet the mythical seller the next day at 2 p.m. The sheik doesn't buy it and pulls a gun. Thinking fast, Chuck pretends to be the mysterious German-speaking businessman. "If I don't get my building, he's a dead man!" the sheik growls. "Translate that!"A few words from our sponsors later, the general explains a new plan: get the sheik to buy the building for $10 million so his international accounts can be tracked and frozen. Back at the Buy More, Awesome demands to know why Morgan suddenly owns a DeLorean. "You have exactly one day to get my money back or I pluck you from head to toe," Awesome warns. Anna is less kind, telling Awesome to "start with the groin." Ouch.Returning to the main plot, Jack and his team (Sarah, Chuck and Casey) have posed as exterminators to clear a floor of the 60-story building. There, they set up shop as "Lichtenstein Enterprises." The sheik (Robert Azizi) enters with his own translator. Thinking fast, Chuck begins talking in the worst German accent the world has ever heard. "Sounds like Colonel Klink!" Casey (Adam Baldwin) whispers. But it is enough to convince the sheik, who types in his bank access codes.Later, the team celebrates with a bottle of champagne. Jack leaves to retrieve more ice when Casey gets a call from the general. "They never got the money!" he growls. Sarah rushes out into the hallway to find that her father has vanished! He has stolen the lap top with the sheik's codes. Oops.Returning from a short break, Sarah seems sanguine about her father's double cross. "If it's anyone's fault, it's mine," she says. Chuck protests, telling her the story of his engineer father who left and then stopped calling. "I don't know why," Chuck says. "But what I do know is that it's not my fault ... You need to know that your father's sins are his."Casey, meanwhile, is at HQ alone. The general explains Sarah's father has been tracked to a nearby hotel. Casey loads his gun. "Tell Sarah I'm sorry," the general says. Jack is now a marked man. A few moments later, Casey enters Jack's hotel room to find it ransacked! Cut to Sarah, who receives a call from dear-old-dad. "Just remember I did it all for you," he says. The sheik then comes on the line, demanding his money. Jack has been kidnapped! But wait, there are more shocking developments! After Morgan begs our hero to lend him $2500 to avoid an Awesomely painful plucking, Chuck uses the ATM and finds more than $10,000,000 in his account. Jack has wired the sheik's money to Bartowski's bank account. Guess the old man isn't such a jerk, after all.Sarah packs a bag of spy goodies and heads out to save her father. Casey gives chase. Chuck, meanwhile, goes to the only man who can help him at a time like this: Morgan, who lends our hero the keys to the DeLorean. Cut to a rooftop, where the sheik's men train guns on Sarah. As they are about to shoot, the DeLorean rolls up very slowly and Chuck emerges from it. "Don't shoot!" he says. "I have your money right here!" Chuck holds out the lap top so the sheik can enter his account number and the money can be transferred. And wouldn't you know it? The sheik falls for it! Good ol' Bartowski! He's a great con man, after all.Just then, Casey pulls up, pretending to be an agent from the Treasury Department about to arrest Sarah and "Lichtenstein" for multiple cons. Alas, the sheik isn't buying it and holds a gun to Jack's head. The old man nods at his daughter, who shoots her pops in the shoulder! Gunfire erupts! The sheiks thugs are all taken down. The sheik attempts to escape in the DeLorean. "Not at 22 miles per hour, he's not," Chuck deadpans. Indeed, the bad guy is soon in custody.Back at the Buy More, Morgan is ecstatic. Because the DeLorean has been stolen, he can get Blue Book value for it, pay back Awesome and still have enough left over to move in with Anna. The implications of the latter development seem to sink in once Anna announces she will be decorating the living room in "shabby chic." Judging by his expression, Morgan might not be so ecstatic, after all.When Morgan hears of yet another car in back, he has to see it. Chuck tries to step in, saying, "Don't do it", but Morgan thinks it cannot hurt to look. The car in question is a Dodge Charger, decorated like the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard. After weighing his options, Morgan decides to buy it. Uh-oh!Beckman sends to police to pick up Jack. She is nice enough to give Sarah the exact time so she can say goodbye. Seeing the pain in Sarah's face, Casey suggests he could reduce Jack's jail sentence since Daddy was helpful in bringing down the sheik. Sarah is grateful.Any hope that Sarah will do the right thing, however, is thrown out the window after she asks Jack to get her Rocky Road ice cream with "two scoops". It's all the warning he needs to leave before the cops arrive. Chuck arrives on scene and realizes what Jack is about to do. He lets Daddy Devious go.In an attempt to comfort Sarah, Chuck says Jack will return sometime. Sarah disagrees.

Directed by Ken Whittingham  

Starring Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strzechowská, Joshua Gomez, Ryan McPartlin, Mark Christopher Lawrence, more...

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