Chuck Versus the Beefcake

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Action/Drama/Comedy, 2009, 43 min.

Synopsis A mysterious (and exceedingly sexy) man digs up an even more mysterious (but not at all sexy) grave. Turns out that grave belongs to Brad White. Back at yogurt-shop headquarters, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) reminds us Mr. White was "one of the Fulcrum agents that ran the Intersect test on Chuck." The general (Bonita Friedericy) would like the team to figure out why someone would rob a CIA dump site -- and how that person even knew where to find it. Sounds like a perfectly reasonable episode premise to us.Back in semi-normal land, Chuck (Zachary Levi) eats breakfast with Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and Awesome (Ryan McPartlin). Bartowski's sis is worried about her bro, who appears to be dodging Sarah's calls. "If Sarah is not the one, you have to tell her," Ellie pleads. And so he does. Chuck heads to the yogurt shop, telling Sarah: "It's not you, it's me." So the faux romance is officially over. For now. Later, the general phones with info: the grave robber is a Fulcrum agent named Cole (Jonathan Cake). Suddenly, Chuck has an INTERSECT MOMENT! Cole's belt buckle used to belong to Mr. White. Moreover, said buckle contains super-secret info! "You're going to have to get his pants off," Casey (Adam Baldwin) tells Sarah. "Good thing Bartowski just dumped you." Oh, bitter irony!Chuck then heads to work, where Morgan (Joshua Gomez) is understandably grossed out by his mother's new relationship with Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence). Even worse, the boss has begun to refer to Morgan as "son." Creepy.But back to plot A. Sarah sips a fancy drink at a hotel bar when sexy Cole comes sauntering inside. Casey, who is enjoying Chuck's discomfort, reminds Sarah it's "not her first time." Nice. So Sarah approaches Cole and starts batting her eyes. "Let's take this up to my room," Cole practically purrs. The pair disappears into the elevator when, suddenly, Chuck has another INTERSECT MOMENT! Two suits standing nearby are also Fulcrum agents!Casey follows the duo while Sarah makes out with Cole. She then tries to remove the man's belt -- and he is only too agreeable. The mood is quickly shattered by the shots of gunfire, however. Turns out Casey has gotten himself into a shootout in the hallway. The woman he let go after seeing she had a baby was also a baddie. Oops! Chuck, meanwhile, races up from the downstairs bar despite being told to stay out of the way and BURSTS through the hotel-room door. He finds Sarah in her skivvies, holding a gun to Cole's head. Chuck politely suggests Sarah get dressed.Dressed, Sarah drags Cole to the roof for transport. Chuck follows like a puppy. "You guys are making a huge mistake," Cole says. Indeed, Cole claims to be an MI-6 agent working undercover (just like a certain other attractive, smooth-talking British agent famous the world over). As we learn this shocking news, a Blackhawk appears out of nowhere and opens fire on our heroes! Cole springs into action, protecting Sarah and shooting a gas pipe that BLOWS the chopper out of the sky! "Come with me if you want to live," he tells Sarah.Morgan, in the meantime, is avoiding the ol' homestead by staying with Ellie and Awesome. All goes well until the pair discovers Morgan rooting through the fridge late at night. Did we mention he is also naked? Turns out Morgan sleeps "in the buff." Yikes. The next morning, Ellie regrets not only seeing Morgan's li'l Morgan, but urging Chuck to break up with Sarah. "Seriously, Chuck, what were you thinking?" a not-helping Awesome asks.So Chuck not only regrets kicking to Sarah to the curb, but he also has to watch her cozy up to 008. Speaking of, Cole explains the only way to read the chip hidden in the belt buckle is "retrieve the playback device." Chuck, trying to prove his worth to Sarah, pleads with the team to let him try to hack the chip. They all say its too risky. Best to go with Cole's plan, which involves the British agent attempting to go back undercover to contact Fulcrum.Cut to outside the hotel, where Cole meets with the Fulcrum agents from earlier. Back at the Buy More, Bartowksi decides to hack the chip anyway. Unfortunately, the hack attempt trips a homing device. Suddenly, a computer begins flashing red from inside a limo near Cole's meet and greet. "It's a set up," whispers a sexy female Fulcrum agent. Sure enough, Sarah and Cole are quickly taken hostage. Nice work, Chuck. And it gets worse for our boy: the Fulcrum femme fatale tracks the chip back to the Buy More. Panicking, Chuck smashes it. "Why do people always insist on doing things the hard way?" Fulcrum femme fatale (Triple F, for short) asks menacingly.And what is the hard way, you ask? Cut to Cole, Sarah and Chuck hanging from chains in an abandoned warehouse. "I know what's on the chip," Chuck gasps. "It's me!" Sarah warns Chuck not to tell the Fulcrum agents about his secret Intersect identity -- no matter what the torture. Suddenly, Triple F arrives. "Tell me the Intersect is by three or I inject agent Walker with enough poison to kill an army," she warns. Cole steps in and asks if she really believes Chuckster could be the Intersect. Just as Chuck screams "It's me!" FBI charges into warehouse. Turns out Casey has been tracking the trio the entire time! But rather than be taken prisoner, Triple F injects herself with ricin. She smiles at Casey as she dies. Tough gal. Psychopathic, but tough.So it seems Chuck is safe once again. The team heads back to headquarters, where Sarah admits that she regrets being dumped by our hero. "Even though it wasn't real, I'm really going to miss it," she says of their oddball relationship. But that leaves one insanely sexy loose end: agent Cole knows the identity of the Intersect. He convinces Sarah he'll keep quiet, however, and she rewards him with a sloppy goodbye kiss. Unfortunately, stalker Chuck has been watching the entire exchange from a security monitor. Hurt his gal pal would kiss another man, he heads to the Buy More and asks Morgan to be his roommate. This way, they can both move out of Ellie's house and try to get on with their lives (using the term loosely). Morgan is overjoyed.We then cut to Cole, who sexily sips booze while riding in the back of a limo. A suspicious motorcycle cop pulls up alongside the car and produces a gun! The faux cop shoots the driver ... but leaves Cole alive. Something tells me we haven't seen the last of the man with the golden abs. Sarah knows as much, arriving at Ellie's house to tell Chuck he must go under "24-hour" guard. That means Chuck and Sarah will have to move in together. Looks like the fake romance is back on -- and Morgan is out a roomie.

Directed by Patrick R. Norris  

Starring Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strzechowská, Joshua Gomez, Ryan McPartlin, Mark Christopher Lawrence, more...

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