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Action/Drama/Comedy, USA, 2007, 40 min.

Tagline Computer geek by day. Government operative by night.

Synopsis Since geeky Chuck accidentally became the mental host of the Intersect, an unprecedentedly powerful computer mind containing all information available to the US government, he's a primordial national security asset and risk. So CIA and NSA each appoint a top agent to guard Chuck, and often get involved with him in spy adventures. Meanwhile his identity must be kept secret from Chuck's sister, her perfect partner Devon, both surgeons, and Chuck's goofy colleagues in Buy More, the Burbank electronics store where he works as a cover.

Directed by Robert Duncan McNeill, Kevin Mock, Milan Cheylov, Matt Barber, Daisy Von Scherler Mayer, Matt Shakman, John Scott, Gail Mancuso, Kevin Bray, Ken Whittingham, Jonas Pate, Jeffrey G. Hunt, David Solomon, Buzz Feitshans IV, Paul Marks, Allan Kroeker, Jeremiah S. Chechik, Peter Lauer, Jason Ensler, Jay Chandrasekhar, Fred Toye, Allison Liddi, Norman Buckley, Patrick R. Norris, Anton Cropper, Zachary Levi, Michael Schultz, Chris Fisher  

Starring Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strzechowská, Joshua Gomez, Vik Sahay, Scott Krinsky, more...

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