Children of the Revolution

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Drama/Comedy, Australia, 1996, 101 min.

Tagline What do you do when your father is no ordinary Joe?

Synopsis Australia is only moments away from civil war late in 1989 as one man, Joe Welch, has paralyzed the government, leaving the country in a state of total panic. Years earlier, in 1949, Joe's mother Joan Fraser dreamt of nothing but a worker's revolution; a communist revolution. She deemed the Australian government's campaign against communism as a declaration of war. She demonstrated and picketed and preached the virtues of Joseph Stalin. At night she lovingly composed letters to the great Soviet leader, extolling his brilliance and vowing to be, forever, his faithful servant; Stalin's Australian voice. Joan's efforts did not go unnoticed by Stalin. In fact, he invited her to the Kremlin to meet him. But what happens during her visit sparks a fateful turn of events. Joan returns home pregnant; distraught yet determined to raise her unborn son to be a "revolutionary." But as young Joe grows, what becomes his idea of a revolution is not exactly what she had in mind.

Directed by Peter Duncan  

Starring Judy Davis, Sam Neill, F. Murray Abraham, Richard Roxburgh, Rachel Griffiths, more...

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