Children of Divorce

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Drama/Romance, USA, 1927, 70 min.

Synopsis Jean Waddington, a childhood friend of Ted Larrabee, later falls in love with him. As he is, like her, the product of a broken home and the child of a dissolute and irresponsible father, Jean tells him he must prove himself before she will accept his marriage offer. Ted opens an office, but when their mutual friend, Kitty, gives a wild party in the building, he forgets business. Prince Ludovico de Sfax, in the charge of his guardian, the Duke de Gondreville, is attracted to Kitty, but the duke forbids his having an affair with her because of her poverty. One evening, on a drunken spree, Ted and Kitty get married, and, heartbroken, Jean goes to Europe. Later, Kitty and Ted arrive with their child and the prince's love is revived. Realizing that no bond of affection exists between her and Ted, Kitty takes poison, and Ted is reunited with Jean.

Directed by Frank Lloyd, Josef von Sternberg  

Starring Clara Bow, Esther Ralston, Gary Cooper, Einar Hanson, Norman Trevor, more...

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