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Comedy/, USA, 2013

Synopsis In her opening monologue, host Chelsea Handler talks about people coming to her for relationship advice, and who she turns to for her relationship guidance. Chelsea and her round table panelists Dov Davidoff, 'Loni Love (I)' and Matt Braunger talk about Ryan Gosling's announcement of taking a break from acting and the resulting telephone hotline for his depressed fans, Tilda Swinton's "sleeping" performance art at MOMA, an eighteen year old Kentucky man being arrested for running into a Bingo parlor and falsely yelling "BINGO", Gerard Butler sending Chelsea a video the result of his recent appearance on the show, most urban tap water having traces of anti-depressants, and an ambulance taxi in Russia designed to get people to their destination quickly. And Chelsea chats with guest Busy Philipps about her show "Cougar Town" (2009) being renewed for a fifth season, her current pregnancy and her perspective on baby naming.

Starring Matt Braunger, Chuy Bravo, Gerard Butler, Dan Byrd, Dov Davidoff, more...

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