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Comedy/, USA, 2012

Synopsis In her opening monologue, host Chelsea Handler talks about why people should stop bitching and complaining about life. Chelsea and her round table panelists Josh Wolf, April Richardson and Marc Maron discuss the Olympics closing ceremony, Ryan Lochte's post-Olympics endorsement deals, Mitt Romney choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate, Joe Simpson's DUI arrest, and merpalooza which is a convention for mermaid and merman enthusiasts. And Chelsea chats with guest Norah Jones about appearing as herself in a cameo in the movie Ted (2012), her new CD "Little Broken Hearts" and its theme about breaking up, her band "The Little Willies", and buying her first ever house in Brooklyn.

Starring Chuy Bravo, Chris Franjola, Chelsea Handler, Abby Hensel, Britty Hensel, more...

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