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Comedy/, USA, 2012

Synopsis In her opening monologue, host Chelsea Handler talks about the first ever international trip she took on her own, specifically to London to attend the Olympics. Chelsea and her round table panelists Jeff Wild, Loni Love and Dov Davidoff discuss some unusual Olympic events, Olympic related news including Ryan Lochte admitting that he often pees in pools (but not during races), homosexual kiss-ins outside Chick-fil-As in response to its owner being anti-gay marriage, a mother who smokes pot talking out against mothers who drink, and a new special on TLC titled "My Teen Is Pregnant and So Am I" (2012). And Chelsea chats with guest Kate Beckinsale about her new movie Total Recall (2012) and what it means that her husband (the movie's director) cast her as a psychopath, what pranks she pulls on her husband, not really knowing where she lives in Los Angeles, an issue concerning her and Chelsea's dogs when they knew they would become friends, her cover photos on "Women's Health" and "Maxim", possibly portraying a three-breasted woman, appearing at Comic-Con, and her favorite British show called "Embarrassing Bodies" (2008).

Starring Kate Beckinsale, Chuy Bravo, Dov Davidoff, Colin Farrell, Chris Franjola, more...

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