Champagne Waltz

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Comedy, USA, 1937, 85 min.

Tagline As gay and sparkling as a champagne cocktail!

Synopsis In Vienna, Franz Strauss loses his business at the Vienna Waltz Palace to the new jazz club next door, which features Buzzy Bellew on trumpet. Elsa Strauss, a singer and Franz's granddaughter, goes to the American consulate to complain about the noise from Buzzy's music at the same time Buzzy is at the consulate to pick up some chewing gum. Aware that Elsa is against his music but nonetheless smitten by her, Buzzy impersonates the consul and a romance ensues. Meanwhile, the Countess sells a fake silver tea service to Happy Gallagher, the owner of the jazz club, and he falls in love with her. When Elsa accidentally swallows a piece of gum, she calls the consul to ask his advice and discovers that Buzzy has been lying to her about his identity. She sends back all the gum he gave her, but he finds her and apologizes, saying he is actually an icebox salesman. Elsa takes Buzzy to the waltz palace and they imagine it in its heyday, when "The Blue Danube Waltz" was first played for Emperor Franz Josef. Buzzy then pleads Elsa's case to Gallagher, but he refuses to help, so Buzzy quits. Elsa convinces Buzzy to take her to a show at the jazz club. When Max the manager announces his plans to tear down the wall between the jazz club and the waltz palace to expand the club, he attributes his success to Buzzy, thereby exposing Buzzy's real identity. Elsa then leaves the club. Buzzy returns to the United States and plays in substandard clubs, then calls Gallagher with an idea for setting up a waltz palace in New York City. In New York, Gallagher opens the Blue Danube Roof with Franz and Elsa as the main attractions. Buzzy goes to see Elsa and they fall in love again, and later open a combined waltz and jazz palace.

Directed by A. Edward Sutherland  

Starring Gladys Swarthout, Fred MacMurray, Jack Oakie, Veloz, Yolanda, more...

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