Chacun son tour

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Comedy/Musical, France, 1951, 103 min.

Synopsis Robert Montfort, happily married to Solange, is his parents-in-law's pet aversion though. To them he is a punk, a good for nothing, a small-time, untalented poet! Robert, who is more gifted than what they think, manages, following a workmate's recommendation, to debut as an entertainer in a nightclub and -even better- to please the audience. Not daring tell the truth to Solange he starts leading a double life, being Robert Montfort in the daytime and Jean Rigobert at night. Of course his wife wonders what is going on and worries about his regular night outings. Only too happy, her parents incite her to have a divorce. Fortunately, all comes right in the end.

Directed by André Berthomieu  

Starring Robert Lamoureux, Michele Philippe, Jane Marken, Charles Dechamps, Marthe Mercadier, more...

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