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Drama/Romance, USA, 2015

Synopsis After the dramatic events at the baseball game, Jack and Olivia resolve to spend more time together while Olivia makes sure to set Liz straight about her relationship status. Meanwhile, Grace tries to convince Cliff to elope and Maryellen turns to her friends to help cope with her mother's nuptials. Then, Jack shows up to defend Jeri in a meeting with David, the owner of the Seattle Courier, but just when Jack is prepared to lose his job, he finds out David has something else in mind. Olivia and Jack come to the conclusion that Paul and Alex are not direct problems in their relationship, but rather that they need to spend more time focusing on themselves as a couple. One other unresolved peripheral issue in their relationship is Jeri, and Jack now feeling like he needs to have her back, like she had his when she ran his story. Jack standing up for Jeri results in an outcome that surprises him and places him in a moral dilemma. Paul decides to leave the Thyme & Tide largely because of Bob, while Peggy does whatever she can to make Bob make Paul change his mind. Paul, at least in the short term, still feels the need for Olivia's support specifically in dealing with his sister Liz and what seems to be her attraction to Will, who has returned to Cedar Cove. Will and Olivia have to clear the air about the sale of his half of the house to Warren. Warren has his own problems in dealing with his father, who realizes that he has some responsibility in the way that Warren has alienated himself from everyone around him. Maryellen looks to her peers for advice on if she should participate in her mother's wedding even if she doesn't want to, while Grace and Cliff have a difference in opinion on whether they should have a big wedding to begin with. And having found out about Matt's personal life, Luke tries to help his old friend with some friends of his own.

Directed by Neill Fearnley  

Starring Andie MacDowell, Dylan Neal, Teryl Rothery, Sarah Smyth, Brennan Elliott, more...

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