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Drama/Romance/Gainful, USA, 1933, 110 min.

Tagline A love that suffered and rose triumphant above the crushing events of this modern age! The march of time measured by a mother's heart!

Synopsis On New Year's Eve, as 1899 is ending, Robert and Jane Marryot, a well-to-do London couple, bittersweetly toast the new century with their two small boys, Joey and Edward, and their servants, Alfred and Ellen Bridges, as both Robert and Alfred are leaving the next day to fight in the war against the Boers in South Africa. After the men leave, the boys play war games with little Edith Harris, the daughter of Jane's friend Margaret, while Jane and Ellen worry about their husbands. Later, as no news of the men has been received, Margaret, to cheer Jane up, takes her to see a musical show. The martial music saddens Jane, but the show is interrupted with the announcement that the South African town of Mafeking, where Jane's brother Jim and other Englishmen have been hemmed in by the Boers, has been relieved, which causes great jubilation in the theater. Upon his return to London, Alfred announces that he has purchased a London pub from another soldier so that his mother-in-law Mrs. Snapper can live with him, Ellen and their little daughter Fanny. As he and Robert celebrate their return to their families, news of Queen Victoria's illness is heard in the streets. Her death is felt by many as a personal loss. Later, Robert is knighted in virtue of his war record. In 1908, Jane and Edward, now a student at Oxford, visit Ellen and Fanny. Alfred, whom Ellen has said is injured to hide his chronic drunkenness, which has threatened to ruin them, comes in drunk. After he calls Jane a snob and throws the doll Jane brought for Fanny, Fanny runs out and joins celebrants dancing in the street. Alfred tries to retrieve her, but he is run down and killed by a fire truck as Fanny obliviously continues to dance. In 1909, by the seashore, Jane runs into Ellen and Fanny, who has just won a dance competition, while Edward walks with Edith and confesses his love for her. On April 14, 1912, Edward and Edith celebrate their honeymoon on a cruise ship in the Atlantic. Although Edith is somewhat reserved about the future, they are both thankful for their moment of happiness, unaware that their ship, the R.M.S.

Directed by Frank Lloyd  

Starring Diana Wynyard, Clive Brook, Una O'Connor, Herbert Mundin, Beryl Mercer, more...

Movie awards
1933, Oscar, Best Achievement in Directing, Frank Lloyd
1933, Oscar, Best picture

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