Caught on Tape

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Drama, USA, 2007, 44 min.

Synopsis When the porno videotape of the drugged Julia and Johnny Gage surfaces on the Internet, a distraught Julia finds herself in the spotlight by the public seeing her in a positive light while a negative reaction is shown on Johnny. Lucy wants to know how the videotape got leaked out since Holt destroyed the only copy, and she sends Willa out to investigate where the leads lead to an unexpected outcome. Meanwhile, Don is haunted by visions of Marquis who wants Don to ignore his latest photo assignment against Julia and concentrate on something else. Also, Leo returns after a six-week stay at a spiritual retreat with a silent girlfriend where Lucy updates him on her latest situation.

Directed by Frederick King Keller  

Starring Courteney Cox, Ian Hart, Josh Stewart, Laura Allen, Jeffrey Nordling, more...

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