Episode #1.5

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Drama, 2009

Synopsis The receiving room doctors treat a woman who has obviously tried to terminate her pregnancy, very much an illegal act in 1909 England. Dr. Culpin is sympathetic despite the legalities of the situation and Sister Ada Russell takes an interest in the woman's well-being. Nurse Ethel Bennett rushes off to a Naval hospital where her brother is recovering from an appendicitis operation he underwent in South Africa. What she finds there is filth, malnourishment and a lack of modern facilities and medicines that is shocking given the sacrifice these men have made for their country. Matron Eva Luckes thinks she has a solution not only to the problem of the Naval hospital but for Nurse Laura Goodley who, as her assistant, feels she is no longer working in the profession she loves but is now essentially a clerk in the Matron's office. Dr. Head continues his experiment with interesting results. Dr. Dean's addiction to cocaine is well-known throughout the hospital and it is clear that it is affecting his work. Dr. Fenwick decides to help him overcome his affliction.

Directed by Mark Brozel  

Starring Cherie Lunghi, Sarah Smart, Charity Wakefield, Paul Hilton, William Houston, more...

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