When the Bough Breaks

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Comedy/Crime/Drama/Mystery/Romance, USA, 2009, 60 min.

Synopsis Paula Haas, Castle's agent, shows up to tell him that he has been offered a contract for three books on a certain British secret spy.Elsewhere, Beckett and company investigate a murder scene where a Caucasian female is found murdered in a manhole. From the candy wrapper found on her clothing, Castle deduces she is a Czech immigrant. At the shop where the candy was sold, Esposito and Ryan find out where the immigrant, Eliska Sokol, lived.In the apartment, Castle finds a picture of a woman and a child, with the woman's face scratched out.Martha makes Castle doubt his contribution to solving cases and when he learns Beckett has already located the woman in the picture, his fear that Beckett doesn't need him deepens.The hotel manager says that Eliska used to work there and she was fired when Mrs. Melissa Talbot registered a complaint against her. Mrs. Talbot tells them that Eliska would often be overfamiliar with her son Zane and give him chocolates and lollipops.Eliska's ex-husband, Teodor Hajek, tells Castle and Beckett that she left him after their three-year-old son died. With seemingly no leads, they check her apartment once again and find a tenant who tells them Eliska had an argument with a man who resembles Dr. Cameron Talbot, Melissa's husband.At his office, Talbot confesses that he was having an affair with Eliska and when she got too close to his family, he got her fired. He is alibied out by his head nurse, who says he was at the hospital all night on the day of the murder.At the gala opening of Heat Wave, Castle and Beckett argue over the three more Nicki Heat books he is going to write.While leaving NYPD headquarters, Castle happens to overhear that Eliska's landlord has asked permission to rent out the apartment, as the rent is only paid up until Friday. Since the rent is collected weekly, Castle reasons that someone else must have paid this week's rent. Also, when the landlord states a blonde woman is collecting all of Eliska's mail, they conclude it must be Melissa Talbot.But it turns out to be Dr. Talbot's head nurse, who was instructed by Dr. Talbot to retrieve a check he had sent to Eliska and thereby remove any connection between them.When Esposito and Ryan tell Castle that both Melissa's and Eliska's sons were born at the same hospital, Bryant General, he deduces that they may have been born on the same day.They call in the Talbots and tell them Eliska was going to do a DNA test on swabs she had used on Zane while giving him the candy.Dr. Talbot breaks down and confesses that since Melissa's boy was born with Niemann-Pick disease, which is incurable, he had switched the name tags on the babies cribs so that Melissa took home Eliska's healthy boy. When Eliska got too close to the truth, he killed her.Melissa invites Teodor to her home to see Zane and while leaving, both Castle and Beckett learn from different people that Castle has been asked to write three more Nicki Heat books. Beckett learns of another murder and both of them run off as the screen fades.

Directed by John Terlesky  

Starring Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Susan Sullivan, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Molly C. Quinn, more...

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