The Fifth Bullet

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Comedy/Crime/Drama/Mystery/Romance, USA, 2009, 43 min.

Synopsis Victor Fink is fatally shot twice in the back, in his own art gallery. Two other bullets are found, but an extra bullet casing indicates a fifth bullet was fired. Victor's assistant Darius Langley claims he was at his usual art class.An amnesiac is also found outside, but has no ID. A detective goes thru his belongings, including an asthma inhaler, but finds no useful hints. However, Castle examines the amnesiac's paperback book - and finds the fifth bullet.Fink's wife states his former assistant Rocco Jones swore revenge when he was fired a few months ago. He left threats on Fink's voice mail. When pressured, he admits to providing forged paintings to Fink, who sold them to Bahreini diplomat Bahir Harun.Bahir Harun has diplomatic immunity, but they request an interview through the State Department.The amnesiac's picture is released to the media. A pretty young woman comes in claiming to be his wife, but the cat hair on her coat gives him an asthma attack. She becomes angry when her deception is revealed.After the doctor explains that one type of memory is procedural (rote activity), Castle abruptly asks the amnesiac for his signature. Unfortunately it is illegible, but from the first letter they decide to call him Jay.Harun comes to the station and explains that he bought forgeries for friends whose wives wanted an impressive gift. Fink called him that night, saying he had a painting for him. When he arrived, Fink was arguing with someone and sent Harun away. Harun did not know the reason for the argument, but identifies J as the other man.Castle realizes the plastic bag in Jay's pocket was to scoop poop for his dog, which was tied up outside the gallery. Beckett and Castle retrieve the dog at the pound, and her information leads to Jay's real identity, Jeremy Preswick. His ex-wife comes to try to help spur his memory. Jeremy is quite taken with her, but nothing unlocks his memory. The detectives accompany them to his apartment.Jeremy's wife notices that he still has a painting that was special to them. They also find the murder weapon - with five bullets missing. Jeremy is arrested for the murder. Castle and Beckett return to his apartment and find Jeremy's ex-wife collecting the dog's things. She looks at the painting again - but notices it's missing the thumbprint he had made on it. They realize this must be one of the fakes.They find the diplomat getting into his car. He scoffs at them, reminding him of his immunity. They arrest his driver and are able to search the car because it doesn't have diplomatic plates. They find the original painting in the trunk. Harun explains that he had requested it from Fink, and that Fink's assistant sold it to him.Langley is brought in. The detectives have determined that he paid Jeremy's super twice to let him into Jeremy's apartment: once to steal the painting and once to plant the murder weapon. Also, they have discovered that Langley is not his real name - that is his roommate. His real name is George Heller and he has two previous convictions for forgery.Jeremy's wife picks him up from the station with Lucy in tow, but there is still no recognition. They leave happily.

Directed by John Terlesky  

Starring Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Susan Sullivan, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Molly C. Quinn, more...

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