Room 147

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Comedy/Crime/Drama/Mystery/Romance, USA, 2014, 42 min.

Synopsis Room 147 Synopsis:We open in a hallway of the Best Traveler Hotel in front of room 147 where 2 maids find a dead body. Castle & Beckett wake up to the smell of coffee and discover Alexis had crashed there the previous night. Since breaking up with Pi, she doesnt really need her own place and Castle asks her to move back in which she says she cant do because of the Lease. Esposito IDs the victim as out of work actor Justin Marquette who lives near the hotel. The Clerk remembers him checking in as he insisted on room 147 even though all rooms are identical. The security video shows him texting on a flip phone not the phone they found in the room. Castle finds Justins website which points them to off Rooster Theater Cos off off Broadway production of Chekhovs Platonov (Castle astutely observes, "That's a lot of off's.") They interview one of the actors, Justins girlfriend Laura who last saw him previous morning after running together. She mentions a crazy woman yelling at him outside a coffee shop on 9th & Mercer. The crazy woman turns out to be Anita Miller, a regular customer. Within 11 seconds, she confesses to the deed, but they also find that she was with her AA sponsor during entire murder window leaving Castle theory-less. Espo & Ryan check out her apartment and find the last 2 weeks of her calendar missing, corresponding to time she says shes been feeling foggy. Anita admits to the incident at Café and mentions Justin was talking with a big bald guy. Sam Carson comes in to make an identical confession, but he was with his brother at the batting cages and didnt appear on the hotel security video. He complains of a similar Fog for last 2 weeks. He has anger issues and was angry at Justin but hes not sure why. CPA Dwight Carruthers, fresh from assertiveness training, is the 3rd confessor with the same exact details except that Justin was flirty with Anita but business like with Sam and Dwight. Also the guys saw 5 bottles remaining in fridge while Anita saw 6. Hmmm. Beckett meets with Alexis to find out the real reason she wont move back fearing she might be part of it but no, Alexis feels it was her mistake to get so involved with Pi and now she should pay for it. Beckett tries to convince her otherwise saying that Love makes fools of us all, so dont get hung up because you did something stupid. A neighbor reported seeing a red van outside Sams building, and even took a pic of driver (like that would ever happen in Manhatten!). A traffic cam quickly leads them to the plate number and owner Miles Madsen who works for EHI (Eternal Horizons Inst) run by Dr. Gustavo Bauer. Beckett & Castle go to EHI HQ in a classy midtown highrise and receptionist is expecting them. Dr. G is on screen from Stockholm, claims not to know 3 confessors and that Mr. Madsen was fired long ago. He correctly predicts they wont get a warrant to search his files. Psych eval gets zip from the confessors but blood tests show high levels of the blood pressure med Propranolol in all 3 confessors. In high doses it can alter and even eliminate memories. Castle remembers that fridge in hotel room opened to left meaning water bottles inside would not be visible to someone at the door. So, Justin was not killed in that room OR confessors memory was from a very similar, but different event. Turns out, EHI had rented out an entire floor, including room 147, of a Best Traveler in Long Island City 3 weeks previously and Dr G is seen on a security video with the victim he claimed not to know. Now they get their warrant and discover Dr. G shredding documents down the hall from his office. His video feed had been routed through Stockholm, but he was there the whole time. He explains that they did an image therapy pilot program to help subjects take control of their problems by projecting them onto Justin and watching the first person shooting on film literally "kill" their problems. There were different versions for women and men but the experiment didnt go well and the subjects threatened to sue. Dr G wiped their memories with propranonol and had Miles cover up any connection with EHI. Dr. G is in hot water but logically asks why he would focus police attention on something he was trying to hide? Must be a frame. One of the other subjects or maybe someone on the crew. Beckett finds that Pam, the Platonov director, did the post production of the EHI film. She hated the company because her brother was killed in a sweat lodge event put on by EHI. She figured Justin was part of the evil organization and hired him to recreate the murder event. Pam is taken off in cuffs, the confessors go off to hear Dwight, who never got to give his confession, and Alexis asks Castle if she can move back in, secretly mouthing Thank You to Becket while getting a big hug from Dad.

Directed by Bill Roe  

Starring Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Susan Sullivan, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, more...

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