Flowers for Your Grave

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Comedy/Crime/Drama/Mystery/Romance, USA, 2009, 60 min.

Synopsis The episode opens with a shot of a young woman lying dead on a table. She's covered with rose petals and has sunflowers over her eyes. We then cut to a party where a woman introduces the "Master of the Macabre," Richard Castle, who has just released Storm Fall, the conclusion to his bestselling book Derek Storm series. He laps up the attention, posing for pictures and signing autographs. Meanwhile, back at the dead woman's apartment, the police have arrived. The lead detective, Kate Beckett, is told that the victim is Allison Tisdale, a twenty-four-year old social worker. She was shot twice in the chest before being posed and Beckett realizes that she has seen this scene before-it's straight out of another Richard Castle novel, Flowers for Your Grave.Back at the party, Castle talks to his publisher (and ex-wife), the woman who introduced him before. She wants to know why he killed off Derek Storm. He says it's because writing Derek Storm isn't fun anymore but he can still write bestsellers. HIs publisher claims that she was told he hasn't written anything in months and that if she doesn't get a new manuscript within the next few weeks, the company will demand the return of his advance. Castle counters that he already returned it divorcing her. At the bar, his daughter (Alexis) is doing homework while his mother (Martha) orders a drink. Castle tells her to stop discussing his work with his publisher before she goes to flirt with an older gentleman. He then tells his daughter that he should be committed for allowing her to move in with them. When she complains that he shouldn't talk like that in front of her, Castle tells her she should go out and have some fun so she can have stories she can't tell her children. He goes on to talk about why he killed Derek and how bored he is with him and with the same old people and questions at the parties. He says that just once, he wants someone to come up and say something new. Detective Beckett then comes up and says she needs to ask him a few questions.At the police station, Beckett interrogates Castle, citing his rap sheet (he once stole a police horse while nude). The charges were dropped because of his friendship with the mayor. He tries to charm his way out, but Beckett doesn't respond. She shows him a picture of Allison Tisdale; Castle doesn't recognize her. She then shows him pictures of Martin Fisk, a lawyer who is also dead. Castle doesn't recognize him either. She then shows him pictures of the two crime scenes. Castle recognizes the scene as being from Flowers for Your Grave and Beckett says that Martin Fisk's body was found in a scene out of his book Hell Hath No Fury. Castle says that Beckett must be a pretty big fan of his, commenting that only hard-core fans read those books. Beckett, flustered, asks if those fans ever write him any disturbing letters, saying that sometimes killers try to contact the object of their obsession. Castle already knows this, saying being familiar with psychopaths is an occupational hazard. He gives her permission to go through his fan mail before asking if he can have copies of the pictures, saying that his having a copycat will make the other authors in his poker group jealous.At home, Martha is singing and dancing to piano accompaniment while Alexis does homework. She asks him if he's in trouble, but Castle assures her that the police only want his help on a case. They discuss the two murders before they go to bed. In the morning at the station, Beckett comes in with a box full of Castle's books. She gives them to two other detectives, Ryan and Esposito, to read to look for a connection between the murders. The books belong to Beckett and Ryan and Esposito tease for being such a fan. She later tells Esposito that she reads them because she's curious about how people can do these things to each other. Castle arrives, offering his help in the investigation. They go through his fan mail together in an interrogation room where Castle flirts a little with Beckett. She asks if he's there to annoy her. He says he wants to know why those people were murdered like that. He says that there is always a story that makes everything make sense. He points out that people like Bennett do not usually become cops. He reasons that something must have happened to someone she cared about and guesses that the case was never solved. Beckett, clearly hurt, shuts him down before finding a letter in which someone has drawn a picture that looks exactly like Allison Tisdale's murder.Back at her desk, Beckett says that the lab got prints off of the letter but they don't know whose because the system is backlogged and it will take a week to find out. Castle promptly calls the mayor and says that they will get their prints in an hour. As Beckett begins to chew him out for jumping the line, they get a call that there's been another murder. A girl, Kendra Pitney, is floating facedown in a pool in a prom dress with a knife in her back. They pull her out of the water and Castle, ignoring Beckett's orders to stay put, goes to talk to the medical examiner. She reveals that the girl was killed elsewhere and posed before Beckett drags Castle away to tell him that she expects him to obey her orders. He points out that if the killer was following his books, the dress should be blue. He asks if they've found a connection between the victims or a motive, but Beckett says that since they're dealing with a serial killer, it doesn't matter. She then gets a call that the fingerprints belong to a Kyle Cabot.They pull up to his apartment and break down the door. Inside, they find newspaper articles about the killings along with drawings, letters, and Castle's books. In another room, the walls are covered with book covers, photos, and articles about Castle, which he finds to be creepy (he has once again ignored Beckett's order to stay put). Esposito finds Allison's blouse and the handgun that probably killed her. Kyle Cabot, meanwhile, is in a closet beating his head against the wall. In an interrogation room, he refuses to speak and Beckett says that he has pervasive developmental disorder and that his caseworker was Allison Tisdale. Castle, however, is not convinced that Kyle is the killer. Later that night, Beckett goes over the case while Castle plays poker with three author buddies. He is preoccupied thinking about the case, discussing it with the others as if it is a story he's working on. They, too, are dissatisfied with the ending, saying that the "story" needs a character that works to prove Kyle is innocent.In the morning, Beckett catches Castle going through the files on her desk. He apologizes before giving her a gift and leaving. She starts to go about her day before becoming suspicious and realizing that he took the files related to the case. She finds him at the library and arrests him. As he's being led away, he calls back that the rose petals Allison was covered with were different than the ones in his book and that she should make a note of it since it means Kyle Cabot is innocent. Back at the station, Martha and Alexis are there to take him home. Captain Montgomery has agreed to drop the charges as long as Castle promises not to interfere in the case. Castle still insists that Kyle is innocent, though. This gets to Beckett and she goes back over the case, eventually coming to the same conclusion as Castle. He discusses the case with Martha and Alexis on the way home. He reasons that since Allison was the only one who knew anything about Kyle, she must have been the one the real killer wanted dead.Castle goes to see Allison's father, arriving at the same time as Beckett. Allison's father says that she had no enemies, was not wealthy, but stood to inherit part of her father's estate when he died. Outside, Castle informs Beckett that Tisdale is dying-he was wearing make-up, was sickly thin, and was wearing a toupee. They then go to interview Harrison Tisdale, Allison's brother. He says that she wanted to see the best in people and even tried to get Kyle Cabot a job at his company. Beckett gets him to admit that his father is dying and asks him where he was on the day of his sister's murder. He says he was out of the country for all three murders and shows them his passport. Back at the station, Ryan says that Harrison purchased three tickets out of the country that match up with the dates of the murders. Castle suggests that Harrison bought a second passport. Beckett orders Ryan and Esposito to keep an eye on Harrison and goes to get a search warrant for Harrison's home and office. Meanwhile, he goes to shred the evidence.When the police arrive, the tell Becket that Harrison's business is going under-that's his motive for murder. Before going in, though, she handcuffs Castle to the car to make sure he stays put. As soon as she's gone, he pulls a handcuff key out of his pocket-only to drop it on the ground. Harrison puts the remaining evidence in a garbage bag and runs down the fire escape. Meanwhile, Castle finally gets free and calls Beckett to tell her about Harrison before running after him himself. Beckett runs after both of them, but by the time she catches up, Harrison has taken Castle hostage. Castle guesses that when Harrison asked his father for money, he refused, so he took revenge on his father by taking away Allison, the only thing he had ever loved. Castle then decks him and takes his gun. Beckett cuffs him and takes him away. When everything is over, Castle offers to take her out but she turns him down and walks away. He goes home and works on his new manuscript. The next day, Beckett gets called into Captain Montgomery's office. He tells her the mayor called and that Castle has decided to base a character in a new series of books on her but needs to do research. She protests but the mayor is okay with it and Montgomery agrees. How long the partnership lasts is up to Castle.

Directed by Rob Bowman  

Starring Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Susan Sullivan, Monet Mazur, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, more...

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