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Comedy/Crime/Drama/Mystery/Romance, USA, 2014, 44 min.

Synopsis The previews let us know that we are revisiting the murder of Johanna, Kate Beckett's (Stana Katic) mom. The person responsible, Senator William H. Bracken (Jack Coleman), is seen on TV announcing his candidacy for president. Kate is stalking Jason Marks , one of Bracken's aides, who ends up dead. Street cam footage shows him riding with drug kingpin Vulcan Simons, who Beckett confronts on her own time, and he too ends up dead, and with a bullet from her gun! So here comes IA to put an end to Beckett and out she goes, hooded up and on the lam. She's about to go blonde when Bracken's thugs show up, drug her, put a gun in her hand, point it at her head and surprise! She didn't swallow the pill and the whiskey hasn't kicked in yet so blam, blam, no more thugs. She is injured, though, and passes out. When Castle (Nathan Fillion) finds her, he spirits her off toward Canada, except that she wakes up in Vermont having just dreamed about her first encounter with Captain Montgomery and realizes he was telling her that her mom had the incriminating tape all along. Back to the city to look through her mother's affairs where Castle finds D M e w/ family in her datebook on the day she died and figures she was bringing the evidence, a tape from Detective Montgomery, to her family. Great deduction but alas, IA busts in and arrests everybody. Down at the precinct, Beckett is staring at her mom's ivory family of elephants on her desk and before IA can shoot her, she breaks it open and finds the tape. It does indeed incriminate the Senator, who's giving a press conference nearby that ends badly for him. He stares daggers at Beckett as he's being driven off, so he'll probably be back, but for now, the 15 year old murder of Johanna Beckett is solved.

Directed by Rob Bowman  

Starring Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Susan Sullivan, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, more...

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