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Comedy/Crime/Drama/Mystery/Romance, USA, 2009, 41 min.

Synopsis Castle recognizes that a Black male murder victim who appears to have fallen off the grid has been subjected to a Vodou ritual similar to one he once wrote about in his novel HOLY STORM. When Detective Beckett asks to see his research, Castle first tries to pass off reading to her from HOLY STORM as "research" - then introduces her to the Vodou practitioner friend who helped him with his research, a college-educated Nigerian Restaurant owner. When a second victim, a non-Black woman lawyer, is found dead by the same ritual, the case takes a more complicated turn - but Beckett uncovers that the murder victim was a Nigerian student who had been working for a notorious Nigerian slumlord and businessman who has gone missing.Meanwhile, Castle's first ex-wife Meredith, a Hollywood actress described as "Auntie Mame on Meth", has blown back into New York City. After having wild sex with her ex-husband, she informs him she intends to move back permanently, and back into his and their daughter Alexis's lives. Nobody in the Castle household is happy about this development - including Alexis who finds her mother to be a disruptive influence in her life, and Castle's mother Martha who sees in Meredith a younger and very unflattering mirror image. When Castle complains about Meredith to Beckett, she is highly unsympathetic - even more so when he describes her as his "deep-fried Twinkie" (something that's great once in a while, but you wouldn't want to have on a daily basis), and points out that he can't help but have sex with her because "The thing with crazy people is - the sex is terrific!"

Directed by Jamie Babbit  

Starring Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Susan Sullivan, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Molly C. Quinn, more...

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