Rock and a Hard Place

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Comedy/Drama/, USA, 2013

Synopsis Morning comes and sees Hank trying hard at it, but to no avail. Writer's block precludes Hank from actually putting pen to paper, as it were. "He was in a dire state" is the singular line typed. Crunched into little yellow balls, note page after note page is thrown into, or at least, thrown at, the wastepaper basket. Clock hits a quarter to ten AM and after goofing off in the pool overdoing the whisky, Hank goes off to find Karen, but she is off, has an appointment, Atticus Fetch's house, some of us have to work, she points out to Hank when he tries to get her to be his muse.Creepy Ken crashes Charlie's office over at UTK. Confronting Charlie about the status of his sexual preferences. Charlie comes forward with the whole thing about having pretended to be gay to land Robbie Mac as a client. Ken is furious with him not for not being gay, or for having lied, but for having lost Robbie as a client, and Charlie is punched hard in the stomach by this boss from hell, and has to observe on Deadline that he has been fired - again. Another punch, and he is down on the floor, Ken stepping over him.Charlie, unemployed, despondent and near suicidal, joins the legion of day-drinkers, worried about the hopelessness of his future, and the rent on his Malibu pad is astronomical. He is living from pay cheque to pay cheque, only there is going to be no more pay cheque. Hank has an idea that might help them both, but especially Charlie. They meet movie producer Stu, who'd put in a word for them with Atticus Fetch, the rockstar with the deal Hank had passed on, in exchange for Charlie getting Marcy to give Stu another chance. Char,iie doesn't think Marcy would give him the time of day, but Hank phones 'the sexy Smurf' and arranges just that. Despite Charlie and Stu's background bickering about how a bit of p*ssy-licking by Charlie 'might have made up for his *hitty hang time and serious lack of inches'. "See you later, female ejaculator," Hank coos into the phone.Atticus is not thrilled by them. Hank had offended Rock Royalty. He cannot work with anybody who isn't a fan of his work. He explains about nagging little voices - this guy thinks I suck, maybe he is right, maybe I do suck - so that is why he cannot work like that. Hank fakes being a fan by spotting a mounted record cover, 'Go Fetch' and quoting that as great work. Atticus wants to know his favorite of the songs listed on it, and Hank struggles to get out of that one, then astutely pulls the title 'Step Up And Fetch It' from thin air, and, yes, lucky guess, for it is Atticus's favorite as well. He now mellows towards them. Explains having gone through a tumult, his manager stole from him, and his dealer doesn't answer his calls. Badly in need of 'magical song-writing powder' as he calls it, and needs to score some Peruvian flake. Also has designs on retrieving the acoustic guitar that belonged to his deceased friend (from episode 6.03, "Dead Rock Stars")Off to Laurel Canyon, to go find Faith. The gate is opened by a lovely bare-breasted young lass, Shari (a ditzy portrayal by buxom Meghan Falcone) and she leads the two of them to where Faith (long-legged Maggie Grace) is reclining on a chaise lounge next to a swimming pool, reading the book on Lew Ashby written by Hank. She compliments him on having captured the essence of rock 'n' roll. Charlie cannot keep his eyes off the twin set of soft, white roundings of Shari. Not that he can be blamed, nature has blessed her amply. Faith directs them to a drug dealer that got the guitar for clearing the rock star's tab. When Charlie, still scoping out the mammalian appendages, asks if they could get some cocaine there as well, she suspects he is a retard. Off to do some one-stop shopping, with Faith and Shari riding along.The dealer is surprised to find that they want an actual pound, it will set them back 35. "Hundy?" Charlie gasps. Should have brought along an ATM. No, grand, doofus! Upon mentioning their quest for the classic guitar in the name of getting Atticus to play beautiful music again, Hank finds a kindred spirit in their disdain for Atticus Fetch, but the dealer isn't much impressed with what they have to offer, a BJ from Shari, and wants something more... Charlie's suit...Atticus has his hands on the guitar, strumming but a few basic chords. Dismayed though that they only brought him a nickel bag of dope, it would last him twelve minutes. Faith directs them to a hidden compartment in the guitar case, the legend always kept his stash there, and indeed, yes, she saves the day, Atticus tells the jobless duo to arrive bright and early tomorrow afternoon.Stu arrives at Marcy's place only to be intercepted by Ophelia, admonished for his guyish behavior, and handed the silvery steel phallic-shaped male chastity device the man-hater thinks he so richly deserves. Fitted, he comes waddling like a duck into the room. He'd be okay, Marcy explains, unless he gave in to his 'baser instincts', upon which the two madams leave him with the TV showing girl&girl porn, with Marcy kissing the hapless man goodbye. We just hear the thing snapping shut like a mousetrap...Faith recognizes the kind of flame and spark in Hank's work that is her mission in life to nurture. Hank is overjoyed that his writing has changed her opinion of him, elevating him up high in her eyes, every writer's dream, which never happens. Then remembers Karen. Did, once. Faith sets out to show him how she makes her mark on the world by helping others make their mark on the world...

Directed by David Von Ancken  

Starring David Duchovny, Natascha McElhone, Pamela Adlon, Madeleine Martin, Evan Handler, more...

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