Dead Rock Stars

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Comedy/Drama/, USA, 2013

Synopsis To get recovering muse-to-the-stars Faith to obtain closure, Hank gets to attend the funeral of the guitar legend who died in bed next to Faith, but it's mostly just because Gabe wants to have him out of his hair at the rehab center.Charlie has saddled a horse he should have left in the stable. Pretending to be gay might have landed him the account of trailblazing 'out' actor Robbie Mac, but Robbie wants his 'gaygent' to put his money where his mouth is, and in this episode, that means literalally, as with his freshly-installed Grindr app (as the Bald Bear, mind you), a young stud (complete with pink-edged training vest and bright pink socks) is all too soon hot on his tail for a blowjob in the toilet stalls. Charlie confesses to being a fake, and the rascally opportunist cashes in on a bribe. Not ol' Charlie's day, as Hank, with Faith in tow, walks in on him watching gay porn, researching. His TV's remote control refuses to cooperate in his haste to switch off, and Hank snickers mirthfully at him in mock support. Two slobbering men are el fragante delecto, and Faith muses that gay men are truly more sensitive when he brings his condolences re the death of Tony the rockstar.Sweet Faith (golden-haired, long-legged Maggie Grace) is not on the list of attendees at the funeral. A dastardly black security guard tries his luck for a quick one, supposedly behind a tombstone, but Krull, in awe of her 'cosmic importance', lets her through, but not Hank, who wanders over to the memorial tombstone of his rockstar friend from the fourth season. Who should perchance happen to come upon him? Naught but the 'grieving' widow, quite out of her tree (a disconcertingly off-beat performance by Allanna Urbach) who promptly demands him to 'come upon her' behind the nearest bush. As her head bobs up and down, Faith happens to come by ("What the f*** dude?") Through her drunken haze, the witchy widow recognizes the reigning queen of all groupies as a former suspected rival for her man's attentions, and she circles her in a tiff, challenging her as a whore. Faith argues being divine inspiration, The Widow scoffs, and smirks that the silly kid would think that her talented husband perhaps wrote a song like mega-hit 'Faith' about her. Wouldn't you know it, just then a passing bystander calls out to our Faith by name, and The Widow goes berserk.Faith laments the necklace given to her by the rockstar the night before his death. She didn't have the heart to ask for it the next morning, and now it just lies there around the neck of a corpse, about to go to waste. Hank sneaks in, 'pays his respects', fumbles with the clasp, but snatches it, only to be seen in a compromising position kissing the dead body, by Attacus Fetch (the effiminate ageing star from the pilot episode, shown to be the owner of the house where Karen now has a job in Ep. 6/02) who spills the beans on him, but Faith comes forward. Atticus is honoured to meet his good friend's much-talked about heavenly muse. Soon The Widow is upon the "skanky skank" again, an incongruous catfight next to the open casket, but it is all resolved by the gigantic ghostly hologram of the Dead Rock Star come to play one last riff. In full stereo too, inexplicable with the lack of any technology in sight. But anyway, The Widow practically falls down in worship, and is in a mood to forgive all and sundry their trespasses against her, including contrite Faith, and they smooch. "It's rock'n'roll after all."Atticus reflects on misadventures with the overendowed 5-year-old Tony back during their childhood days, and sings a song "Shine a Light" that actually demonstrates that the character Tony, the eponymous Dead Rock Star, was inspired by Keith Richards (still alive, and going steady). He invites everybody to the party afterwards where copious amounts of narcotics are to be consumed, "Exile on Main Street" listened to, and penises taken out in remembrance of their deceased friend.Later on, by the evening, Hank finds the beautiful Faith next to the pool, and hangs the necklace around her slender neck. She much appreciates, and tells him to have a little faith, slipping off her white robe. With her back towards him, it is one of the noteworthiest nude shots in CALIFORNICATION, she is reminiscent of Venus and Aphrodite and everything else nice, with long legs and curvy buttocks, her long, golden mane cascading over her back. Full rear view continues as she dives head-first into the pool, as close to outrageous (yet super-classy) as mainstream can venture in contemporary times. Attacus comes parading by as well, nude naturally, his guitar strategically placed, and b*gger me blind if it isn't his whatsis holding the guitar up. He invites Hank to the afterparty, where "their *ssholes will be licked by the angels", which is, of course, the kind of event Hank is prone to frequent.Karen (classy lady Natascha McElhone) arrives the next day to start interior-decorating, shocked silly to be welcomed at the door by a shamelessly naked Atticus, who leads her inside, where she finds the strewn bodies of a mass Bacchanalian sleeping it off, Hank with an exotic bare-breasted babe on his arm. She kicks him petulantly. Several times. Atticus joins in, remembering that Hank likened his latest musical effort to "a pit bull raping a small, deaf child" and Hank wakes up with recollections of a dream that God was marrying him and Karen, who turned into a mermaid, so he couldn't find her vagina, and her breasts were obscured by her long hair, totally bamboozling him, and somebody was kicking the hell out of him....

Directed by Adam Bernstein  

Starring David Duchovny, Natascha McElhone, Pamela Adlon, Madeleine Martin, Evan Handler, more...

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