In the Clouds

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Comedy/Drama/, USA, 2013

Synopsis Hank tries to persuade Becca not to pursue a writing career and rather just go back to school, but she is adamant about living the life of an artist, and reveals that she already has about 300 pages written, impressing him. But since her inspiration is Life, Love, Sex & Death, there is the general expectation that Daddy is going to be shocked, and she does reveal going through a multiple-partner 'slutty' stage right now. Hank doesn't want to hear her questions about blowjobs, and warns her off it.He and Charlie, who wears eyeshadow to look the part of being a rock star's manager, clocks in for their first day on the job aboard Air Force 69, Atticus Fetch's personal jet, decorated like a perverted boys' clubhouse with sexual innuendo by the score (witness the thinly-disguised COCKpit sign), and manned by two stewardesses in open-toed high-heels, filmy white blouses and hot pants. The duo quietly plays along with sexist demands, ranging from their outrageous in-flight uniforms, to pretend-lesbian girl&girl kissing. Atticus, in expensive blood-red leather pants, reveals that he is suffering from acute writer's block and hasn't written a thing for the musical project they are paying him umpteen dollars for. Which is why the next person stepping on board is Faith (stunningly beautiful long-legged like a baby giraffe Maggie Grace ), whom he wishes to serve him as his muse, the divine inspiration that will bring forth the birth of a hit song. Tagging along with her is Trudy, the Widow (from 0603 "Dead Rock Stars"), who is carrying her husband's ashes in an urn, intending for it to be scattered all over Madison Square Garden, which had been his favorite place to perform. She and Faith has become best friends since their encounter at the rock star funeral. Mrs. Fetch is also a passenger, she is cut from the same cloth, what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, so she isn't exactly into marital fidelity either, and comes on to Hank. Tired of 'idiot man-childs', referring to her husband, she is looking for a real man, and gives ammo to Krull, Atticus's man-mountain road manager with his hands-off-everything policy. Who utters what has got to be the coldest threat in cinematic history, wielding a razor, "Coming on to the boss's wife? Got no shame. I'll slice open them cheeks. Have them flapping about like the sails of the HMS Bounty. See what a charmer you're then, son."Charlie has a morbid fear of flying and expects the worst, crashing into the sea. Hank points out they're flying to New York, and Charlie finds that even more unsettling, flying over land, something goes wrong, instant death. The Widow, urn in hand, wafts philosophically about the transience of life, and gives him some solace upon hearing how he misses his wife Marcie. A most highly unerotic scene as the deranged crone gives him a handjob and he once again proves to be 'speedy' in that department.Atticus, the poster boy for man-child spoiled-by-success fading rock star is looking forward to establishing sexual relations with beautiful Faith in the name of 'transferring inspiration'. After all, she had charmed his friend Tony into producing some of his very best work when he was at a loss to be creative, and he longs to get the same treatment from her, but she is not in any way impressed by him. He throws a tantrum, saving Hank from getting beaten up by no-nonsense bodyguard Krull who reckons that Lady Fetch having passed out (from the Ambien slipped to her by her husband) with her blonde head in Hank's lap qualifies as ample reason to clobber him silly. Atticus threatens to spread malicious untrue gossip about Faith (vagitosis, genital warts) and as the classy (if errant) young lady stands fuming, Hank rushes to her aid, defending the fallen angel. Celestial turbulence threatens to strike the aircraft from the air, Charlie's worst nightmare is about to be realized, and a particularly bad lightning blast throws the plane into a convulsive shock, causing the urn to be thrown from the Widow's hands, and the ashes to be spilled down the length of the aisle. In her natural intoxicated-out-of-her-mind state, she falls onto her knees, and snorts up her husband's remains like the crazed druggie she is. She lands onto the lap of a pathetic-looking Charlie, and guides him into having anal sex with her. Krull is comforted by the two young beauties, while Atticus holds up his passed-out wife's head, but decides b*gger this, and starts playing Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" on the piano. Faith looks on approvingly as he hits his stride amidst lessening thunderous effects. Widow Trudy coaxes 'an assgasm' out of Charlie, and praises his prowess. The plane touches down on the tarmac, "Terra firma!" Charlie kisses the aisle despite it most likely having been soiled many, many times with rock star DNA.Atticus has his hit song, thanking Faith profusely, apologizing to her. Atticus's wife comes to, and, by the taste on her tongue, discovers that she had been drugged again, but he placates her by telling her that while she was sleeping, he wrote a song about her, and he whisks her off, with a wink at Hank, to their hotel room.Faith rewards Hank for having defended her honor. She is lying on the bed in the cabin with her nakedness covered by a quilt showing only a lovely long leg. Another classic unforgettable glamorous scene that will be remembered for decades to come, as the two of them descend into ecstasy.In a nutshell, while lots of the storyline of this season point to it, this episode is largely influenced by Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous, 2000, complete with a reference to the director. The airplane caught in the storm, the song by Elton John, the groupie theme...

Directed by David Von Ancken  

Starring David Duchovny, Natascha McElhone, Pamela Adlon, Madeleine Martin, Evan Handler, more...

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