I'll Lay My Monsters Down

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Comedy/Drama/, USA, 2013

Synopsis Hank is having a drink in Hell with old friend, the deceased Lew Ashby, who poses the question "What the f*** is wrong with that ass?" gesturing at Faith (long-legged, golden-haired Maggie Grace) and up pops yet another big question, What If The One Hank Thinks Is The One Is Not The One? Hank sees the two choices that could be made, and wakes up from his fevered "wet dream" with Faith packing, she's leaving after the show at The Greek Theater tonight, and wants to know if she should pack for two, because adding a few black T-shirts and denim jeans would be real easy... Hank grabs her and pulls her into bed with him.Hank goes to Karen's house and finds her helping Marcy getting into a corset. Calling Marcy 'MILFy Smurf', he is glad to hear that Marcy intends to go through with the wedding, and wants to know from Karen if he should go on tour with Atticus (and Faith), hoping that Karen (always classy Natascha McElhone) would take him back. Karen feels she shouldn't even factor in his decision, and says he should make that decision for himself, as he always does anyway.Hank goes out to the airport, where Air Force 69 is being cleared out. Atticus has to let her go, beefy tour manager/bodyguard/roadie Krull explains, he was cleaned out by his ex, Natalie, and from now on, much to the boyish rock star's dismay, it will be touring by bus again, way below the status he was used to. Hank points out that it is a badass bus and will be to his credit.At the Greek Theater, after arriving, Hank and Faith hangs out, and some heavily tatooed band member from a band called Mysstery (unclear if related to the band mentioned in Californication: Blind Faith (#6.10) that featured in Faith's past) wants Faith to come aboard their bus, the Cat Call, for some wild debauchery, initiated by some urinating in a kitty-litter box, but she tells him off, nicely, that his mediocre group has no future, and when he gets mean, Hank scoots him off. The guy sneeringly calls him Dad, so that calls for a titty-twister...Off-stage, Atticus Fetch shows his little-boy heart just before the show is about to start, and muse Faith is there with her full support, a warm embrace as she tells him he is a rock star. He goes out to give the show of his life. A wild, expletive-laden song about not being a slave to mother****ing love anymore, clearly directed at his ex-wife.Authorized by the Sun Kil Moon ministry of Northern California (!), Atticus remarries the Runkles, and is the first to kiss the bride. Charlie gingerly wipes at Marcy's mouth before planting his own. The first of two definitive moments when Atticus requests of the audience if there are any others out there wishing to be wed, and Hank sees himself in his mind's eye finally winning Karen over... but it stays at being just an unfulfilled vision. Who knows what would have happened had he asked her?Marilyn Manson, like, everybody's favorite dead Frankenstein's monster/Satanist, the other headliner at the show, inquires about Becca, and assures Hank he wouldn't have given drugs to her, he needs everything to himself. Faith is a personal friend and calls him Brian, his real name. Always up to the most perverse mischief, he just wants those shots from her of him tea-bagging Atticus. Becca phones from a diner on her roadtrip. Killer weed has been smoked, she is having a great time, but is her Dad happy? Loaded question. Hank cautions her to keep safety in mind.The bus leaves. Lying down with his guitar, Atticus is still dreamily singing, basking in the afterglow of his reinjected career. Hank joins leggy Faith on the bed in a snuggly Union Jack-festooned corner of the tour bus.Hank is dreaming once more, with Lew congratulating him on making the right decision by not having succumbed to the notion to have proposed, because as he puts it, there might only have been a few days of bliss, and then it's off to Home Depot and the realities of married life, the party is over. Hank sees a rejected Karen as he is drawn closer to Faith, and even though Faith is an excellent choice, his heart has decided. Hank, in bed with Faith, wakes up with Karen's name as the scream on his lips, and Faith knows he has to go back. She could have loved him, she tells him, because he connected with her like nobody before him ever did, "the nicest feeling", but she understands that he would always be in love with Karen, and she wishes him only the very best. She'd even say a little prayer for him. The best thing about never having been in a real relationship is that there need not be a tearful goodbye.Krull takes Hank back on the on-board motorcycle while a heartbroken Faith watches wistfully, fending off Atticus's amorous pleas. They zoom back to LA. Even stoic Krull has words of wisdom brought on by a failed romance to impart to Hank as he drops him off at Karen's door re 'roads paved with potholes'... so, "Go get her, pal!"Hank knocks at the door.(music) For you and you alone, I will lay my monsters down...(music) I love you like the sun loves California...

Directed by Stephen Hopkins  

Starring David Duchovny, Natascha McElhone, Pamela Adlon, Madeleine Martin, Evan Handler, more...

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