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Directed by
Herbert Ross

Neil Simon

Produced by
Ronald L. Schwary
Ray Stark

Original Music by
Claude Bolling

David M. Walsh

Jane Fonda Visitors from New York - Hannah Warren
Alan Alda Visitors from New York - Bill Warren
Maggie Smith Visitors from London - Diana Barrie
Michael Caine Visitors from London - Sidney Cochran
Walter Matthau Visitors from Philadelphia - Marvin Michaels
Elaine May Visitors from Philadelphia - Millie Michaels
Herb Edelman Visitors from Philadelphia - Harry Michaels
Denise Galik-Furey Visitors from Philadelphia - Bunny
Richard Pryor Visitors from Chicago - Dr. Chauncey Gump
Bill Cosby Visitors from Chicago - Dr. Willis Panama
Gloria Gifford Visitors from Chicago - Lola Gump
Sheila Frazier Bettina Panama
David Sheehan At the Hotel - David Sheehan
Michael Boyle Desk Clerk
Len Lawson At the Hotel - Frank
Gino Ardito At the Hotel - Plumber
Jerrold Ziman Man on Phone
Clint Young At the Hotel - Doorman
David Matthau At the Hotel - Bellboy
James Espinoza Busboy
Buddy Douglas At the Hotel - Page
Armand Cerami Charley
Brian Cummings At the Hotel - Autograph Seeker
William Kux Autograph Seeker
Zora Margolis At the Hotel - Autograph Seeker
Rita Gomez Maid
Tina Menard At the Hotel - Maid
Lupe Ontiveros At the Hotel - Maid
Bert May Waiter
Army Archerd At the Academy Award - Army Archerd
Judith Hannah Brown Oscar Winner
Christopher Pennock Policeman
Dana Plato Jenny
Nora Boland At the Airport - Passenger
David Rini Airline Representative
John Hawker At the Airport - Sky Cap
Frank H. Conn Bobby
Linda Ewen Stewardess
Kelly Harmon Stewardess
Tawny Moyer At the Airport - Stewardesses
James Coburn Pilot in Diana Barrie's film on airplane

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