California or Bust

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Comedy, USA, 1927

Synopsis Jeff Daggett, owner of a garage in Rockett, Arizona, neglects his business for work on a new type of automobile motor, while Johnny Fox, his assistant, handles the business. President Holtwood of a motor company and his daughter Nadine are driving to California when their car breaks down near Rockett. Jeff explains the features of his invention to Holtwood, who wires to Rexton, his chief engineer, to come look at the design; Rexton, who sees in Jeff a rival to Nadine, disparages the motor and proposes that Jeff race the car against his own. Rexton is stopped by a highwayman who steals the car, and the three start off in pursuit. Jeff overtakes and overcomes the bandit; subsequently, he accepts Holtwood's offer to work for him.

Directed by Phil Rosen  

Starring George O'Hara, Helen Foster, John Steppling, Johnny Fox, Irving Bacon

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