Depth Perception

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Action/Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, 2011, 42 min.

Synopsis Previously on Burn Notice: Michael told Agent Pearce that the network of burned spies he's been affiliated with no longer exists. He met Anson, the man who framed him and has since framed Fiona for murder -- so now he has to do what Anson wants. Sam and Fi figured out that Anson was using Maddy's boyfriend, Benny, to get close to Michael. Then Anson killed Benny by planting a bomb in his house.Maddy is now mourning the death of Benny, who she loved and was stunned to learn was working for Anson. She tells Michael she feels like she should be glad the man who was spying on her is gone. She thought they "were made for each other." Michael explains to her that Benny has inside info on her because Anson was her fill-in therapist six years ago and used that info to make it seem like he knew her well. He explains that he's known this since he met Anson, and Maddy slaps him and kicks him out of her house.Fiona has Anson in her sniper rifle's crosshairs and is ready to pull the trigger. But she and Jesse are just standing watch while Michael meets Anson. Anson tells Michael he only has himself to blame for Benny's death. Anson wants Michael to go to a bank in the Cayman Islands to take care of a money deal. Michael tells Anson he needs to know there will be an end to his taking orders from him.Sam meets Michael and Fi and says they should go to the FBI. Michael agrees, but says they have to handle Anson's Cayman Islands deal first.Jesse and Fi head to the islands to meet with Anson's banker, George Anders. They tells him they're a couple from the Hamptons and they need to move a large sum of money quickly. He agrees to meet them the next day for lunch.Back in Miami, Sam meets with one of his FBI buddies and says he wants a meeting with the Deputy Director of the FBI. He agrees to set it up, but warns Sam that the meeting better not blow back on him. After that meeting, Sam's old friend Beatriz stops by and say she needs help -- someone's trying to kill her. She wrote some investigative articles in a Russian newspaper that made someone want her dead. She says her assistant took a 'phone call for her, took a bullet through her office window and is now on life support. Sam assures her they'll sort it out, but first need to determine who's trying to kill her. As soon as they leave Beatriz's motel room, there's a sniper across the way who gets off several shots. Sam and Beatriz hide behind a car and escape.At the loft, Beatriz is upset and says she's told Sam all she knows. Sam thinks Michael should ask Anson to help identify the assassin. Michael isn't so sure, but seems willing to do it for Sam. Michael brings some of Beatriz's articles to Anson, who tells Michael he isn't interested in helping. Michael assures Anson it's in his own interest to help, because Michael runs the risk of dying or going to jail if he tries to figure things out without Anson's help.At lunch, Jesse and Fi tell George that they want him to make a withdrawal. He doesn't want to do that, but when they hand him a list of his confidential clients list. When they debate whether to call the drug dealers or the terrorists from George's list first, he gives in and says he'll get them the money.Anson worked up a profile and found one guy who meets the profile: a spy named Oscar who Beatriz unintentionally outed in one of her articles. Anson says he's already identified a corporation that the Russian FSB uses as a front and thinks Oscar may be there trying to reconnect with his agency. He won't give up the info until Michael agrees to let him come along so he can learn all Michael's tricks. Michael and Anson sweet talk a receptionist to get Michael into the building where Oscar can be found. Anson gets her to give Michael a temporary pass that gets him inside, and he goes up to find Oscar. When another Russian man, an FSB handler, stops Michael from approaching Oscar, the handler already knows who Michael is and says he'll shoot him if he makes the wrong move. Michael tries to tell the man that Oscar is "out of control," and, sure enough, Oscar takes off. The handler is upset with Michael, who thinks he can help. He it wouldn't look good for the handler if Michael finds Oscar first. The guy says that if Oscar doesn't kill Michael, he'll find someone himself who will do the job.Sam is trying to work with his cop friends to track Oscar's car. He also warns Anson, at the loft, that his beers are off-limits. Michael wants to try to use Beatriz to lure Oscar out again, but she's shaken because her assistant has died from her shooting. Beatriz tells Michael that a friend of hers at the consulate knew she was in Miami, and he realizes that's probably how Oscar figured out how to find her.Jesse and Fi go to meet George and see that he's packing a gun. They foil his attempt to try to kill them, and he says he can't transfer the money. They tell him they'll help him vanish, and part of the process of getting the money they want involves him ripping off his clients. He shows up for another meeting, having transferred the money into Anson's account, with two suitcases full of cash, and they stage his "death" before leaving.Michael gets a call from Ivan, the FSB handler, who tells Michael that his agents will shoot him on sight if he gets in the way of Ivan's hunt for Oscar. Maddy, meanwhile, is still mad at Michael and tells him she doesn't like him keeping secrets from her. He apologizes and says that Anson was using everything he could against him -- even mentioning his father. At that point, he stops explaining.Michael and Anson are in position to try to find Oscar, but they have some time before he's supposed to arrive, so Anson asks Michael why he feels compelled to help people he barely knows. Michael says that sometimes good people are handed bad situations. Then Oscar shows up.Driving a utility truck, Michael crashes what he thinks is Oscar's car, but soon realizes he's been set up. Inside the car is a random man whose hands are handcuffed to the wheel. He says that someone with a gun put him there and told him he had to drive the car downtown. Anson thinks it's a set-up for an ambush, but Michael knows that Ivan's just trying to keep him busy. Michael immediately calls Sam and tells him that Oscar knows where he and Beatriz are, having figured it out by tracing the call Beatriz made from Sam's cell phone.Michael gets upset with Anson for telling him that there's no sense in trying to get back to Sam and Beatriz. Anson tells Michael the answer to the question is deeper. Then he asks why 17-year-old Michael joined the Army. Michael mocks him and says it was to get away from his dad, but Anson gets serious and says that Michael thought if he could save the world then he'd be safe at home. He asks Michael what he thinks Oscar wants, and Michael says Oscar wants his life back. Anson asks who can give it to him, and Michael says his handler can, then they leave to see Ivan.Michael gets to Ivan's office and tells him Oscar is about to kill two people. Rather than having to answer to the various law enforcement agencies that Michael will point to Ivan's office, Ivan agrees to call off Oscar by telling him that Beatriz is a secret agent working for him. He also tells Ivan that Oscar may come back willingly if Ivan can convince him he's worth saving and recognize the good that Oscar's work has done. Despite this speech, Michael thinks that what Ivan needs to do when Oscar comes back is kill him.At Sam's trailer, Sam has carved an escape hatch for Beatriz to flee to the beach, then says he'll go out the front to give her time to get away. As Sam walks out with his hands up, Oscar points his sniper rifle at him. Meanwhile, Ivan is on the phone with Oscar, trying to convince him he's done a heroic job and that Beatriz was a secret agent. In a dramatic moment, Oscar decides not to shoot, puts his gun down and walks away. Sam, obviously, has no idea why this has happened.Beatriz is in the hospital recovering from her relatively minor wounds. Anson tells Michael it was nice to see him be honest with himself for once, and then goes on to explain that he knew Michael's father and had talked to him many times because Michael had been "on the radar" for a while. Frank, Anson says, was more of a talker than Maddy, and the whiskey helped. He also tells Michael that Frank used to tell all kinds of stories about how Michael tried to defend Maddy and his brother Nate, and adds, "it's hard to watch a grown man cry." When Michael asks if Anson is trying to make Michael feel sorry for his father, Anson says he's only sorry that Frank never got the chance to apologize, because he wanted to. But, Anson says, he had to move quickly. He explains that Frank started getting suspicious of Anson and starting poking around where he shouldn't have been, and "a heart attack had to be arranged.""Ironic, isn't it?" Anson says. "All those times you wished he were dead and we did it for you. You're welcome, Michael."Later, Michael is at a restaurant with Fi and is distracted and drained from his time working with Anson. Michael says that Sam is at the FBI and should be solving their Anson problem right now. Sam calls and says the meeting was canceled and that Sam has been filed as a Russian agent. Michael realizes that Ivan's report, which claimed Beatriz was a Russian agent, must have also included Sam as one. The waitress then brings a note from Anson, who says that his time working with Michael provided an opportunity to neutralize Sam. Fi thinks she should disappear so Michael can go after Anson, but he doesn't want her to have to run for the rest of her life. Still, he doesn't know what to do next.

Directed by Craig Siebels  

Starring Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Coby Bell, Bruce Campbell, Sharon Gless, more...

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