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Action/Adventure/Drama/Sci-Fi, 2009, 44 min.

Synopsis "Battlestar Galactica" - "Deadlock" - Feb. 20, 2009Work is being done by Cylons and humans to the ship's beams, putting the Cylon goop into it. Adama asks Tyrol if he can touch it. He does. It's gooey, says Tyrol, but it will harden into a cartilage-like substance. Adama asks if it's alive.Down in Dogsville, Marines try to dispense small rations of food but rioting breaks out and they try to push people back. Caprica Six walks through with her head covered. She's recognized by some men who try to attack her. She fights back, decisively.Back at the beams Adama says, "This better work."In sick bay Cottle determines via sonogram that Tigh and Caprica Six's baby has a heart like a kettle drum and she can go home. Tigh wants her to stay the night; ironically, he doesn't trust the machine. She says the baby, Liam, is fine and she sleeps better at home.In the CIC they pick up the Boomer-piloted raptor on DRADIS. The raptor was reported as missing over a year ago. Starbuck and a viper team go after it. The transmission is garbled and Starbuck has them communicate with light flashes. A Six in a Cylon heavy raider says the voice on the COMM sounds like an Eight. Adama has the viper team bring it in.On the hangar deck the door opens and out pops Ellen Tigh and Boomer. Ellen is thrilled to see everyone- including Adama, Lee, Roslin, Starbuck, and Tyrol. Everyone? Not so much. Laura gives an "Oh my gods" and Hot Dog wonders how many dead chicks are out there. Except Tigh, who shows up and immediately starts sucking face with his formerly dead wife to everyone's discomfort. Tyrol sniffs around Boomer and says, "nice to see you again." Adama orders Boomer to the brig.Survivor Count: 39, 556In a room Adama, Roslin, Lee, and Tigh speak to Ellen. She explains that Cavil, who she believes is completely unbalanced, wants the Five to rebuild resurrection. She says the thought of the only hope for the Cylons being a desperate grab for procreation is too much for Cavil to take. She observes the wariness in their faces and says she's still Ellen. To prove it, she asks for a flask. Adama gives her one. Ellen says she hopes they won't treat Boomer too badly. Roslin says she doesn't need to worry about Boomer, inferring she should worry about herself. She wants to see the rest of the Five asking them to imagine that instead of 50,000 survivors, like the humans had, there are only five. She wants to see her family. Tigh tells her that it's over now. She asks how much he remembers. He says not much, just flashes. Lee explains about Anders' injuries. Tigh says since he's not dead there's hope. She wants to see him and the others. Adama says he'll see what they can do and exchanges glances with Lee and Roslin.Those three depart leaving Ellen and Tigh alone. He says there's so much he has to ask her and tell her. She begins feverishly kissing him, taking off his eyepatch, and says he better say it fast. She asks "floor or table." He replies he doesn't care as she sweeps off the table and jumps his bones. As she leans up to doff her jacket her face becomes a Six and then quickly changes back.As they're doing it, the Caprica Six is eating in Tigh's quarters and has some kind of attack. She drops her bowl, clutches her belly, groans and sits down.The women from Gaius' flock are busy loading guns and talking amongst themselves about supplies when he re-enters their chamber. Jean sees him and kisses him excitedly. Paula is less excited and says they were wondering if he was coming back. If? He asks. Of course, he was coming back. He wonders what he missed. She explains that in his absence, during the mutiny, food would be delivered to them and then taken by force. When they realized they were abandoned, they took matters into their own hands, stealing guns from dead bodies outside their compartment and commandeering a ton of supplies of their own. He says he wouldn't say they were abandoned, Jean amends "abandoned by God." He would say that. He says he knew if he stayed away they would stand on their own two feet, and it's in fact one of the reasons he did stay away. Paula snarks that this was wise of him. The phantom Six appears again and tells him "the sheep have a new shepherd."Back in Tigh's quarters, Ellen and Saul are getting dressed again and she calls it an impressive welcome. She then asks who he's been frakking. He tries to dissemble but she says after being married for thousands of years she knows the weapons in his intimacy arsenal. She's not mad, she knows he thought she was dead. He admits to doing Caprica Six. She's grossed out since they created the Sixes, so they're like their children. He says he always thought of her. She's further grossed out that he used her as his mental porn. She's upset. He admits it's still going on but doesn't go all the way and tell her about the baby.Adama is back looking at the work being done to the beams.In sick bay, an Eight, a Six, Tory, Tigh, and Tyrol are visiting Anders. Cottle tells them not to unplug anything. Ellen enters and is overcome by the group saying, "Yes, this is how it was." She strokes Tory's cheek and then Tyrol's. She stands over Anders and calls it such bad timing. The Cylons gather around Anders and the Six says they've been thinking, they want her to join them on the baseship, jump away, and start a new life. The Eight says it would mean so much to them. Tigh can't believe abandoning the fleet is the plan. The Six says the priority of the fleet is the survival of humans. The Eight says they're not safe and references the earlier Cylon attack in Dogsville. Tory agrees, saying that this is about the survival of the original 13th tribe in it's purest form. Tigh thinks this was all Tory's idea. Ellen says it won't work, that Hera is the hope for a blended future. Tory says that used to be true but with the imminent arrival of Liam they have a chance at pure Cylon procreation and rebuilding. The Six says that even without a planet to colonize they can live indefinitely on the baseship. Tigh tells them Anders won't survive on the baseship. The Eight says they can take care of them. Ellen would like to back the train up, however. "Caprica Six is pregnant?" she asks incredulously, looking at Tigh.Tigh and Ellen begin to argue about the pregnancy. He says he was surprised. The Six rhapsodizes about what a great surprise it was. Ellen again expresses her disgust at the incestual nature of the mating. Tyrol wants to table the baby talk in favor of the plan to get away. As Ellen continues to mutter, Tigh says they're not going anywhere and reminds them that the last thing Anders said was to stay with the fleet. Tory points out he's not saying anything now. The Eight thinks they should vote and majority should rule among the Five since that's the Cylon way. Tory and Tyrol vote to leave, Tigh and Anders, by pre-coma proxy, vote to stay. Tigh says she can leave if she wants. Ellen is so flustered- mad at Tigh, thinking all those years she couldn't get pregnant which must've meant he didn't really love her- she leaves without making a decision, much to Tory's dismay over her swing vote.Paula and Jean lead Gaius through Dogsville saying they come more often now that they don't feel the need to cut themselves off from the rest of the world. Jean says they barter here, that's how they got so much food. Gaius stops by a beautiful woman and her young son, also named Gaius. He says he's flattered until the woman, Naya, points out that this was the boy's father's name. Gaius observes the boy looks hungry. He decides that it's his calling to feed the people of Dogsville and, with God as his witness, and over Paula's strenuous objections, he swears he'll be back to do just that. (He points out that they won't be able to enjoy their food when they know children are starving.) Naya hugs him. He likes this.Roslin catches up with Caprica Six in the hall. She congratulates her on the baby and wonders if everything is alright with Ellen being back and apologizes for the assault in Dogsville. She says she thinks about the visions they shared and the talks they had. Caprica says she hasn't had a vision in awhile, not while she's been pregnant. Laura hasn't either and says that never occurred to her and catches her breath and asks if "this" child is important. Caprica says she thinks he's very important, it's her baby. Of course, says Roslin, all children are important. Caprica walks off.Tyrol enters the bar, where Starbuck is drinking, and orders a gin. She observes that seeing Ellen and Tigh made her feel like she was watching her parents make out. She asks if he's seen Boomer in the brig. He says no. She advises him to go while she's asleep. She says she watched Sam until she couldn't handle the fun anymore. Tyrol grabs the bottle and walks away. Starbuck drains her glass.Adama inspects the cracks again.Ellen enters her old quarters and confronts Caprica Six. She spills the beans about doing the nasty with Tigh as she inspects her old locker. Ellen wants to have a drink. Caprica offers her tea. Ellen declines. She explains that her relationship with Tigh has always been volatile. She says she came to assure her and then notices Caprica's face and realizes Tigh didn't tell her about the sex. She claims she came here to try to be good and is clearly failing. She tells Caprica not to worry about her because Caprica has all the proof she needs in her womb to know Tigh loves her. Ellen says when they were trying to have kids of their own, he always brought up the name Liam. Caprica looks teary. Ellen marvels over a pure Cylon baby and says if Simon knew he'd want it so badly. Caprica says she will care for her baby. Ellen says she didn't mean it as a threat. Caprica says she clearly did. Caprica says she doesn't know why Ellen couldn't have children and that sometimes love must not be enough because Tigh definitely loved her. Ellen says that this is rough, but what can she do? If she makes him choose between them the best she could do would be to tear him in half. Caprica simply says "don't. " Ellen says she won't and tells Caprica she wins and that Tigh loves her. And in fact she thinks there isn't much he loves more.Gaius is handing out food in Dogsville and Paula says the Marines already tried this, and they had assault rifles and it still turned into a riot. Gaius pooh-poohs this saying no one will come between him and helping the people. A bunch of big dudes shows up and try to hijack the supplies. Gaius tells the women to show that they armed. The dudes say their guns are bigger and offer proof. They take the stuff.Adama and Tigh are getting soused. Adama wonders if there were any mythic revelations in the meeting of the final five. They discuss Tigh's genesis, being born on earth. Adama tells Tigh that they're putting the goop into the ship. If it works, Adama says she'll still be the Galactica on the outside but she won't know what she is. But with that help and the Cylons flying cap they might be able to make some kind of future. He says he needs the Cylons' help, needs Tigh's help. He says Roslin and Lee know it but don't think Adama sees it but he does. Tigh looks reflective.Gaius says Paula didn't say anything about the in-fleet mafia, the Sons of Aries, being in on the food looting. She says of course they are. The phantom Six returns and points out he didn't want to be king of the fools anymore. He says the only thing worse than being their leader would be to be one of them. She asks if he really wanted to feed those people. He says he enjoyed giving quite a bit. The Six tells him to give them the hope Paula can't. He starts an impassioned speech asking what Paula's been telling them. If she's been saying they can't help others because they're too weak. He disagrees and says he's disappointed in all of them lapping up her icy pragmatism in his brief absence. He says there is a way to feed everyone, to offer hope to those on the lowers decks. The Six begins to feed him lines for a rousing speech about strength coming from within and also getting bigger guns. And then they will win. The people applaud. Paula looks unhappy.Adama, back at the beams.Ellen and Tigh meet alone. He tells her to hate him if she needs to but the situation is bigger than them and Galactica needs the baseship. She laughs a rueful laugh and wonders why he made love to her when his real love was at home. He asks if she heard him. She did, she says Bill needs the baseship. She asks if he heard her. She laments that Caprica's brush is where hers used to be, that her dresses are gone, that Caprica shares the mattress she got them. He's aghast she went to his quarters. Tyrol enters and Ellen allows it. Tory arrives as well. And then a Six and an Eight. And Caprica Six. Tigh wants to know what's going on. Ellen says they're joining the baseship to jump away and that Caprica should come too so that Tigh can be with her and the baby can be safe. Tigh says if they go off and make some pure Cylon culture the cycle will simply repeat itself like earth. He says neither pure human or pure Cylon works, that the future is blended. Tory says they can be ready an hour. Saul says no. Tyrol says they agreed on majority rule. Apparently they invented it says Tigh but he doesn't remember so frak that. Ellen tells Caprica he doesn't want to leave the one he really loves, Adama. Tigh says she only wants to leave to be petty to him. They fight and Caprica Six groans and clutches her belly and Tyrol catches her before she falls. Ellen is taken aback.In sick bay, Cottle has hooked Caprica back up to the monitors. He says the baby is fighting back. Ellen tries to apologize. Cottle gives Caprica oxygen for the baby's heart rate. Tigh says Ellen knew what forcing him to choose between staying, leaving, and staying but letting Caprica leave, would mean. Ellen says of course Cylons and humans should stay together and that she only wanted to hurt Saul. He can't believe it didn't occur to her that it might hurt Caprica if he let her go with them, letting her and the baby go completely. She says no. He says it's no wonder they had to invent a compassionate God for the other models to believe in since they clearly couldn't deify the Five. Ellen says they didn't invent God. Caprica asks them to stop fighting. Ellen apologizes and walks away. She and Tigh are fearful. Ellen returns and puts her hand on Tigh's shoulder and he grabs it.Adama, beams.Ellen tells Tigh to talk to the now sleeping Caprica and tell her he loves her, that it's what she and the baby need. He does it but feels foolish, saying he feels it and that should be enough, that he shouldn't need to say it and that saying the words actually cheapens the emotions that he feels. He loves them all, Caprica, Ellen, the baby.Adama, beams.The baby's heart rate is dropping. Tigh apologizes. Caprica begs Cottle to cut him out even if it kills her, that Athena had Hera early and that Cylon babies must be strong. Cottle won't do it, four months is too early. She begs and cries. Ellen leans over and tells her that Tigh loves her more than he ever loved her. She's the mother of his son, his love is shining out of him he loves her so much. She says that they can stay on Galactica and she'll go away with the others. They can be a family. She promises. Tigh looks at her lovingly. The baby flatlines. Tigh says no, "that was me, I'm sorry." Cottle shoos them out. Caprica cries.Gaius has come to talk to Lee, Roslin, and Adama. Adama tries to make for the head but Gaius beseeches him that he has a revolution brewing on his hands from hungry people with no representation, quite a different thing from a mutiny. He says Galactica is slipping away from Adama drop by drop. He wonders when Adama will be inviting the Centurions over to join in on the fun. He says the people aren't ready for a blended society yet. He says he's offering them the last human solution they will ever be presented with. Somehow this gets him bigger guns which he brings back to his bitches. Paula is impressed. He says, you do good deeds and you are rewarded, as he fumbles with an assault rifle.Boomer sleeps in the brig. Tyrol watches.Anders lies in bed and his EEG monitor begins to beep and show signs of brain activity.Tigh enters Adama's quarters and collapses into his arms crying. Tigh says his name would've been Liam. Adama says it's a good name, short for William. Tigh says he knows it's not like Zach - Adama's son who died as a grown up- but Adama comforts him.Adama and Laura are walking the halls arm in arm- noticing Cylons taking goop up a ladder. Laura also notices a Six putting up a picture on the wall of remembrances. They go to look at it and she realizes they are photos of Cylons who have died since the alliance. Several models are there. Neither knew the Cylons were doing this. "It's already happened, hasn't it?" asks Adama as he touches an ID of an Eight.

Directed by Robert M. Young  

Starring Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackhoff, Jamie Bamber, James Callis, more...

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