Brothers & Sisters

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Drama, USA, 2006, 60 min.

AKAs Brothers and Sisters

Synopsis The series begins with Kitty Walker returning home from New York to California fro a job interview. After accepting the job, she decides to stay and live in California with her Mom. The story revolves around the lives of Kitty and her four siblings. You visit: divorce, embezzlement, affairs, childbirth, death and many more storylines. This tv show gives you both laughter and tears as you follow each of the siblings lives.Sarah: Is the oldest. At the start of the series, you can clearly see that her marriage is on rocky grounds, she has two children, Paige and Cooper. She is the CEO of her late father's business, Ojai foods, along with her Brother Tommy.Kitty: At the start of series, is engaged to a man named Johnathan who nobody really likes. She moves back in with her Mom when she accepts a job offer in California. She works in politics (Republican).Tommy: He is a newly wed and is married to Julia and at the beginning, they're trying to conceive a child. He is very jealous of his older sister Sarah's place at the company.Kevin: He is a gay lawyer who is very self conscious and finds it hard to commit in relationships.Justin: Is the baby of the family, an ex-veteran who has just returned from the war. He has a terrible drug addiction.Nora: The Mom of the family is very protective of her children and can often be very over the top, everyone loves Nora but at the beginning, her and Kitty aren't on the best of terms.

Directed by Ken Olin, Richard Coad, Matthew Rhys, Jonathan Kaplan, Allison Liddi-Brown, Lawrence Trilling, Robert Lieberman, David Petrarca, Karen Gaviola, Tom Amandes, Jeff Melman, Eli Craig, Jason Moore, David Paymer, Michael Morris, Laura Innesová, Gloria Muzio, Bethany Rooney, Michael Lange, Matt Shakman, Tucker Gates, Fred Toye, Sandy Smolan, Chad Lowe, Michael Schultz, Michael Mayers  

Starring Dave Annable, Calista Flockhart, Rachel Griffiths, Ron Rifkin, Patricia Wettig, more...

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