Broadway Gondolier

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Comedy/Musical/Romance, USA, 1935, 99 min.

Synopsis When two music critics hear their taxi driver, Dick Purcell, sing an operatic aria, they are so impressed that they send him to radio producer, E. V. Richards. Because Mrs. Flagenheim, the sponsor of the Flagenheim Cheese Hour, wants a new romantic program, Alice Hughes, Richards' secretary, arranges for Dick to audition. Dick misses his first audition, however, and alienates Richards, who orders him out of the station. Dick's singing teacher, Professor Eduardo deVinci, is convinced that there is no opportunity for artists in the United States, so scraping together his last few dollars, Dick sends deVinci to Italy, planning to join him later. At the same time, Mrs. Flagenheim decides that there is no talent in the United States worthy of her cheese, and she and Alice leave for Italy to look for new talent. By chance, they take Dick's cab to the pier, and on the spur of the moment, he stows away. In Venice, Dick finds that deVinci not been as successful as he had hoped and is working as a gondolier. Mrs. Flagenheim hears Dick singing as he floats down the canals and, thinking that he is Italian, hires him for her program. Although she immediately recognizes Dick, Alice says nothing because she is falling in love with him. After they return to New York, Dick's disguise is quickly penetrated. His former fellow taxi drivers recognize him, and Alice's jealous boyfriend, Cliff Stanley, threatens him with exposure if he doesn't stay away from her. Richards and Alice both encourage Dick to continue the pretense, but he rebels and, after announcing his imposture over the air, walks away from the program. The station is deluged with letters from Dick's female fans, who don't care if he is Italian or not. DeVinci finds Dick driving a cab and brings him back to the station. When Alice hears Dick's voice over the radio, she hurries to the station and joins him in a romantic duet.

Directed by Lloyd Bacon  

Starring Dick Powell, Joan Blondell, Adolphe Menjou, Louise Fazenda, William Gargan, more...

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