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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2013, 47 min.

Synopsis Todd shows Lydia his first batch of meth as Jack and Kenny look on. The purity is 76 percent, but Lydia isn't happy that the product is not blue. Jack and Kenny don't seem to share her concern. Later Todd takes Lydia aside and apologizes, saying he thinks he let the product get too hot. He thinks he can improve the color and quality, and makes an immature move on her which she deftly fends off. At this point Todd gets a call from Walt telling him that he wants his uncle to take out Jesse.Hank meets with Gomez, who wants them to book Jesse. Hank tells him Jesse has an idea for getting Walt. Jesse tells the guys that he knows somebody who might know where Walt keeps his cash.Hank returns to his place where Gomez tells him they have somebody in a safe house. Hank reaches in to a bag and pulls out a pile of bloody meat he got at the grocery store . He dumps it on the floor and tells Jesse "you're up."Hank and Gomez go to the safe house where they are keeping Huell. Hank tells him that he knows he won't spill the beans on Walt, but says he's there because his life is in danger. Hank says Saul gave up Huell to Walt and that he'll be after him soon. He shows Huell a cell phone picture that appears to be a dead Jesse with his brains blown out. The previously stoic Huell freaks out and tells Hank about collecting the money for Walt. He tells him where he got the barrels, how many barrels he got and where he and Kuby got the rental truck.Walt meets with Jack and Todd about taking care of Jesse. They say the only way they'll kill Jesse is if Walt agrees to cook for them one more time. Walt reluctantly agrees. Walt doesn't know where Jesse is, but has an idea.Walt goes to see Andrea and Brock. He tells her that he's worried about Jesse. He thinks Jesse is using again and can't seem to track him down. Andrea leaves Jesse a voicemail telling him she's with Walt and that he should call her. Walt leaves and we see that Kenny is watching the house.Hank intercepts the voicemail from Andrea, muttering "nice try" to himself. Hank tells Gomez that the rental place no longer places GPS chips in their vehicles. Gomez thinks they might be at a dead-end, but Hank reminds him that Walt doesn't know the trucks don't have GPS.Saul shows up at the car wash and tells Walt that Huell is missing. He's very concerned at what this might mean and is wearing a bullet proof vest.Walt gets a call from Jesse. He claims to have used the rental vehicle's GPS and gotten to his money. He sends Walt a pic that looks like one of the barrels. Walt in a major panic jumps in his car and races to the stash site in the desert. Jesse says he's going to burn $10,000 for every minute Walt's not there and will burn it all if Walt hangs up to try and get back-up.Walt arrives at the location where he buried the money. Jesse is no longer on the other end of the line and he doesn't see anybody. Walt realizes he's been had and quickly takes the battery out of his phone to disable the tracking signal. He sees a car approaching and calls Jack. He says he's in danger and gives Jack the coordinates. Jack and his men immediately start grabbing weapons and loading up. While on the phone Walt sees that Hank and Gomez are with Jesse and calls off the back-up. Hank yells for Walt to show himself.After a few minutes Walt walks out and gives himself up. Hank puts him in cuffs and reads him his rights. Walt calls Jesse a coward and Jesse spits at Walt. Walt then while handcuff pushes Jesse against the truck. Hank places Walt in Gomez's truck and tells Gomez he should ride with Jesse in Walt's car to keep them separate. The plan is for them to bring in a team and find the money. Hank calls Marie to tell her that he has Walt under arrest. She is overjoyed and a little emotional. He assures the next few weeks will be tough but thinks they'll get through everything. Just then Hank sees two vehicles arrive at the scene. It is Jack, Kenny and Todd, along with several other well-armed men. Walt begins screaming for Jack's people to stop, but he's handcuffed in the back of Gomez's car and nobody can really hear him. The car stop and the men get out. They are all well-armed. Hank and Gomez pull their guns and scream that they are police. Jack asks them to prove it by showing a badge. All the while Walt continues to yell at Jack's people not to shoot. For several tense moments the two sides stand with weapons drawn. Jesse in Walt's car passenger seat looks ready to bail. At one point Jack and Kenny exchange glances and Kenny proceeds to open fire on the agents, followed immediately by the rest of his crew. Hank and Gomez return fire and a huge firefight ensues. Walt is forced to seek shelter on the floor of the vehicle.

Directed by Michelle MacLaren  

Starring Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, more...

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