Open House

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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2011, 60 min.

Synopsis Walt is "at work" getting coffee. He starts the cooking process and looks up to see that a camera is following his every move. He gives the camera the middle finger.Skyler tracks down Walt at his condo to talk about the car wash. When he finally comes to the door she notices his bruises. He doesn't want to tell her what's going on. She suggests going to the police and he cuts her off. He says only that he was hit once by a co-worker during a disagreement at a bar and didn't fight back because "he's a much older man." He says he's okay and they begin to discuss the car wash.Marie goes to an open house and gives the agent a fake name. She also gives an elaborate made-up life story.Marie comes home, almost catching Hank watching porn. She brings him a number of things and he focuses on the one mistake she made.After the day's cook Walt tells Jesse he doesn't like that they're being observed, calling it a "violation of the work space." Jesse asks if he wants to go go-karting. Walt asks for a rain check. Jesse tells him that you get used to getting beat up.Saul mentions nail salons as a possible money laundering option. Skyler wants to stick with the car wash and won't accept that the owner won't sell. She thinks Bogdan lacks "the proper motivation." Skyler vetoes Saul's suggestion of going after the owner for taxes or immigration. Walt wonders whether they should go after another car wash, but Skyler won't budge. She didn't like Bogdan's attitude and tells Walt what he says about him.Marie goes to yet another open house and mentions to the agent she likes a collection of spoons hanging on the wall. Marie engages in a long conversation about the home and her life story (a different one!) with the agent. After the open house is over the agent looks up and sees one of the spoons is missing.After go-karts Jesse heads home, which is filled with crack heads hanging out. He lights a cigarette and slumps into a couch.Marie is at another open house with another elaborate fake life story. The agent from the last house stands in the background, eventually following her to street. She has called the police and they wrestle over her purse. It breaks and a bunch of stolen items fall onto the ground.Hanks gets the call from Marie, who has obviously been arrested. He says "are you seriously doing this to me again?" and says he'll make a phone call.The home owners are not going to press charges and Marie is told she's free to go. The detective sits next to her and she begins to sob.While washing bottles Skyler seems to have a brainwave. She calls Saul.Cut to Bogdan being told by a state agent of some kind that his soap is seeping into the ground water. He'll have to replace his filtration system, an expense he clearly cannot afford. We see that Skyler is in her car, feeding the guy information thought his Blue Tooth headset.Hank's detective buddy from earlier shows up their home to see Hank. Hank thanks him for helping him out with Marie. He's looking for help with Gale's murder and gives him a copy of the meth lab notebook. Hank eventually agrees to let him leave the copy in his room.Skyler sits by the phone waiting for Bogdan to call. After several hours he calls and sees if she is still interested in buying the car wash. To Walt's chagrin she says the offer is now only $800,000 and hangs up. A few minutes later the phone rings again. It's Bogdan.Jesse stands in his house trying to throw crumpled up bills into a passed-out man's mouth. Eventually he yells "money!" and throws a handful of cash into the air; the druggies scramble for it. Then we see a black man sitting in a car outside Jesse's house, watching.Walt and Skyler toast the deal with an expensive bottle of champagne. Walt congratulates her on a job well-done. When she learns that he spent $320 on the bottle she freaks out because on paper they are supposed to be broke. She wants him to be smarter and references Watergate. The argument doesn't last.Hank sits up watching TV while Marie sleeps. He looks over at Gale's notebook and picks it up. He begins to leaf through it and seems intrigued.

Directed by David Slade  

Starring Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, more...

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