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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2013, 48 min.

Synopsis Open with an old man finding some of the cash Jesse threw from his car. He walks across the street and sees Jesse's car in the middle of a playground with one of its turn signals on. On the seat is the bag of money. He turns and sees Jesse lying on a roundabout, spinning idly.Walt walks out of Hank's garage and tries to get Skyler on the phone. When he can't, he realizes that she's talking to Hank. Walter races to the car wash but finds that Skyler has left.Hank meets with Skyler at a diner. He's sympathetic and tells her he doesn't blame her for being forced into participating in Walt's schemes. During the conversation Hank tells Skyler about Walt's cancer being back. He then pulls out a tape recorder and says it's important she tell him exactly what Walt did. Skyler wonders if she ought to get a lawyer and Hank tells her that they need to get her story onto the record first. He says he has her best interest in mind, but Skyler isn't so sure since he's not advising her to seek legal counsel. When he suggests that she bring the kids to his house she demands to know if she's under arrest and leaves.Kuby and Huell open up the storage locker with Walt's cash. Huell lies on top of the pile and eventually Kuby joins him.Walt meets with Saul. Skyler calls but Saul advises him not to answer in case the call is tapped. Saul suggests killing Hank, but Walt is adamant that option is off the table. Huell and Kuby arrive at Saul's office with a truck filled with the cash. Walt gives Saul a bag of cash and heads to the desert where he begins to dig.Marie comes by to visit Skyler. The two talk about the extent of Skyler's knowledge of Walt's business and Skyler begins to cry. When Skyler has to admit she know about Walt's drug business before Hank was shot, Marie slaps her across the face and leaves the bedroom. Marie then tries to leave with Holly. Skyler demands she leave her child alone. Hank comes in and tells Marie to give Skyler back her baby. In the car Marie tells Hank "You have to get him."Working into the night Walt manages to bury all of the money. He records the exact GPS coordinates where the money is buried. Walt returns home and literally collapses on the bathroom floor as Sklyer asks where he was. He wakes up four hours later and Skyler asks if his cancer is back. She asks "Is this it?" and Walt asks if that makes her happy. Walt says he'll give himself up if she promises to keep the money and pass it to their children. She isn't convinced Hank has a case yet and thinks it will be harder to keep the money if he turns himself in. Skyler suggests they keep quiet for now.Lydia is brought blindfolded to see Declan's meth operation. She's brought to the underground lab and is critical of the conditions. She points out that Todd was able to make higher quality meth than what he's turning out, but Declan responds he wasn't able to work with him. Declan is told there is a problem and tells Lydia to stay put. Declan and his cook go up to the surface and Lydia sends a message on her phone. We then hear gunfire. The door opens and Todd tells Lydia it's safe to come out. She tells him she doesn't want to see anything so Todd walks her through the bodies of Declan and his crew while keeping her eyes shut.Marie thinks Hank should take what he suspects about Walt to the DEA and have them help with his investigation. He says he can't, because the second he tells them his brother-in-law was a meth kingpin he'll lose his job. He has to come to them with a complete case and be the one to put Walt away.We see Hank go to the office. He sits at his desk and looks around. Gomez pops in and Hank tells him he wants to set up a conference call with Ramey. Gomez then tells Hank about Jesse and the money.Cut to Jesse being questioned by detectives. He's saying nothing. Hank drops by and asks the cops if he can spend a few minutes with Jesse. Hank walks into the room as the episode ends.

Directed by Michelle MacLaren  

Starring Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, more...

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