Breaking Bad

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Drama/Crime/Thriller, USA, 2008, 45 min.

Tagline The end justifies the extreme.

Synopsis Season 1Ep 01 - PilotOn his 50th birthday, Walter H. White reflects on his mundane life: he is an overqualified and underpaid high school chemistry teacher, a father to a moody teenage son with cerebral palsy, husband to a pregnant wife, and a socially inept introvert. And on this melancholy day of middle-aged reflection, Walter White learns that he has inoperable lung cancer and, within 2 years, will be dead.Walter seems emotionally numb to the news, taking it in quiet stride. While hiding his diagnosis from his family, Walter decides to take a ride-along with his brother-in-law Hank, an agent at the Drug Enforcement Administration, as they bust a notorious crystal methamphetamine dealer known as "Cap'n Cook". At the ride-along, while waiting in the car while the DEA busts into the hideout, Walter spots a man jumping out the window of the building, and recognizes him as Jesse Pinkman, a former student of his. Jesse evades the DEA and escapes in his car which bears a vanity license plate "THE CAPN" as his partner Emilio is arrested inside.That night, Walter tracks Jesse to his home and confronts him with a proposition: the two of them partner up to cook crystal meth, using Walt's expertise in chemistry to produce a superior drug, and Jesse's experience to sell it. Jesse agrees, though not believing that it will work out.The next day, Walt steals chemistry supplies from the high school and Jesse purchases an RV as a mobile hideout and the two drive into the desert to begin cooking meth. Walt produces a drug that Jesse, an experienced producer and user, claims is the purest he's ever seen. Jesse takes a sample to a distributor known as "Krazy-8", the cousin of Jesse's former partner Emilio, to strike a distribution deal, but Krazy-8 believes that, since Jesse escaped the DEA while Emilio was caught, Jesse ratted Emilio out. Krazy-8 and Emilio, who is out of jail on bail, take Jesse at gunpoint out into the desert to kill him, but, considering the purity of Walt's meth, plan to negotiate a deal with Walt.In the desert, Walt barters for Jesse's life with Krazy-8 and Emilio by promising to reveal his meth formula. While inside the RV, Krazy-8 tosses a cigarette out the window into the brush. As Walt is mixing chemicals to show the two dealers his recipe, he suddenly throws the wrong chemical into the batch to create a poisonous gas. He runs out of the RV with a gas mask and holds the door shut on the two dealers from outside as they die from inhaling the gas.He and an unconscious Jesse desperately flee the scene in the RV with the dead bodies of Krazy-8 and Emilio in the back. The RV crashes into a ditch and won't start. Walter hears police sirens closing in on him. He emerges from the RV with a gun, ready to fight the police, but sees that the sirens are coming from fire engines responding to a brush fire. He hides his gun as they pass. Back in the RV, Jesse wakes up and they drive back into town, hiding the vehicle with the dead bodies at Jesse's house.Ep 02 - Cat's in the Bag...Walter and Jesse plan on disposing of the bodies of Krazy-8 and Emilio when Krazy-8 suddenly wakes up from his apparent coma. Locking Krazy-8 in Jesse's basement, the two decide that Jesse will take care of Emilio's body while Walt takes care of Krazy-8. However, neither of them have the stomach to kill the drug dealer, but they can't risk letting him go and revealing everything that's happened, so they keep him alive in Jesse's basement.At home, Walter's wife Skyler is becoming curious of Walter's time away from home. She redials a number Walt spoke to suspiciously on the phone and reaches Jesse's voicemail. When she confronts Walt about this, he covers by saying that Jesse sells him marijuana, and that he needs Skyler to get off his case.Jesse is told by Walt to melt Emilio's body in hydrofluoric acid in a plastic container, but Jesse decides to use his upstairs bathtub out of convenience. When the acid eats through the tub and floor, spilling Emilio's partially-melted remains onto the first floor, Walt chastises Jesse for not listening to him, as hydrofluoric will eat through almost anything except plastic.Ep 03 ...And the Bag's in the RiverAfter cleaning up the remains of Emilio, Walt is still struggling with working up the courage to kill Krazy-8.Skyler, worried about Walt, talks to her sister, and Hank's wife, Marie about marijuana, leading Marie to believe that Walt and Skyler's son, Walt Jr, is smoking pot. Marie asks Hank to educate Walt Jr about the dangers of drug use, which Hank does by taking Jr to a trashy motel frequented by druggies and prostitutes.Walt, while bringing food down to Krazy-8, suffers a coughing fit and collapses in the basement. When he wakes up, Krazy-8 asks what's wrong with him, to which Walt reveals that he has lung cancer, the first time he's told anyone else. Walt throws away the shattered remains of the plate he brought down and brings another meal, and some beers. Unable to kill Krazy-8, he shares a beer with him and they talk about their lives, Krazy-8 finally convincing Walt that he won't rat to the police if Walt lets him go. Walt, relieved, returns upstairs to get the key to free the dealer, but feels that something is off. He fishes the shattered glass plate out of the trash to find that a chunk is missing, and Walt, horrified, concludes that Krazy-8 took it while he was unconscious and plans to kill Walt with it. He returns to the basement and strangles Krazy-8 to death, feeling shame at taking a life.He returns home to an angry Skyler, who is wondering where Walt has been. He tells her that they need to talk.Ep 04 Cancer ManSeveral days later, at a get-together with Hank and Marie, Walt and Skyler reveal that he has lung cancer.Jesse, while hanging out with his friends "Skinny Pete" and "Combo", shows them the pure meth that Walt cooked and tries smoking it with them. They all react with astonishment to its potency. The next morning however, Jesse, still smoking the meth, becomes paranoid about his safety in a drug-induced hallucinatory haze. He runs, high, to his parent's and little brother's home where he is reluctantly welcome. His parents think that Jesse, a screw-up, is a bad influence on his teenage brother Jake, a child prodigy.When they find a joint in their house, Jesse's parents kick him out. Jake thanks Jesse for taking the fall for his weed as Jesse leaves. Jesse receives a call from Combo who says that he's found buyers for their pure meth.Skyler plans a visit with an expensive oncologist, but Walt, acting as though nothing is wrong, persists that it's too much money, while he secretly removes cash from an air vent to pay for the visit. Jesse shows up to Walt's house unexpected, to which Walt is furious, hoping that he was done with Jesse. Jesse angrily gives Walt his share of the money they made from the meth: $4000.At the oncologist, Skyler nervously listens to the doctor discuss Walt's treatment options while Walt is bored and distracted. Skyler plans to start Walt on a $90,000 treatment, but Walt states that it is unlikely to work and that there is no need to bankrupt the family, to which Walt Jr angrily replies that Walter should "just fucking die then."Walt comes across an annoying businessman named Ken at the bank and again at a gas station. Ken seems pretentious, rude, and shallow. Walt, at the gas station, pops the hood on Ken's sports car and shorts the battery with a wet windshield cleaner, smiling as he walks away.Ep 05 Gray MatterJesse, determined to turn his life around, begins applying for jobs around town, but is horribly unqualified for anything. He runs into and old friend, "Badger," and they share a joint. Badger offers to partner with Jesse if he ever decided to cook meth again.Walt and Skyler attend the birthday party of a wealthy old friend of Walt's, Elliot Shwartz. Walt and Elliot were business partners at a company called "Gray Matter" which, after Walt left, Elliot turned into a billion-dollar business. While talking, Elliot offers Walt a job, which Walt refuses. When Elliot presses the matter, claiming that they have "excellent health insurance," Walt decides it's time to leave. He angrily confronts Skyler, believing that she told Elliot about Walt's cancer and his expensive treatment, to which she confesses but does not apologize for.Jesse decides to get back into the meth business and calls Badger out on a cook with him. They cook several batches but Jesse is disappointed with how the quality doesn't match that of Walt's meth. Badger insists that the quality doesn't matter and the two fight, Jesse leaving Badger in the desert as he drives away in the RV.When Walt Jr is caught trying to buy beer, the family believes that he is just acting out in reaction to Walt's diagnosis. When they realize how strangely Walt himself is acting, refusing Elliot's offer to pay for his treatment, they decide to hold an intervention.Skyler, Walt Jr, Marie, and Hank sit with Walter and discuss his behavior. Skyler says that she can't stand the thought of losing him and that it's in everyone's best interest if Walt accepts the treatment. Hank agrees. Walt Jr claims that Walter is being a "pussy" in the face of treatment, when he has had to deal with palsy all his life. When Marie decides to side with Walt, the four begin fighting and yelling. Walt interjects with his own opinion: if he takes the treatment then he will be weak, constantly on medication, and will only live a short while longer, and that he would rather die with dignity than as a weak vegetable.The next morning, Walt tells Skyler that he has changed his mind, and will go through with the treatment.Walt receives a call from Gretchen, Elliot's wife, who tells him that he deserves the money Elliot offered him, as Walt helped found the company that made Elliot wealthy, but Walt refuses.He goes to Jesse's house and offers to start cooking meth again.Ep 06 - Crazy Handful of Nothin'Walt enters the damaged RV and explains to Jesse that from here on out, he will handle the chemistry, and Jesse will handle the selling, and that there will be "no more bloodshed".Walt begins his chemotherapy, reassuring Skyler that it's all being paid for by Elliot.At school, Walt gives a lesson on how rapid chemical reactions can happen, using explosive fulminated mercury as an example. He leaves the room to vomit in the restroom, and is gives a piece of gum by a friendly janitor named Hugo. Later, when Skyler confronts Walt about where he goes in the afternoons, he says he takes long nature walks.While cooking meth in the RV in the desert, Walt has a coughing fit and is forced to take a break to catch his breath. Jesse recognizes the radiation marks on Walt's chest from his aunt who had cancer. Jesse surmises that Walt is cooking meth to make enough money for his family to support themselves after he dies.Hank and his partner, Steve Gomez, at the DEA discuss a gas mask they found out in the desert and trace it back to Walt's high school.At the high school, Hank visits Walt and tells him that a gas mask was stolen from the supply room. Upon inspection, Hank discovers that another mask and some glassware was also taken, concluding that a meth cook must've done it. The DEA eventually arrests Hugo the janitor on suspicion of cooking meth, which horrifies Walter, who is certain of Hugo's innocence but unable to help him.After a night of selling meth himself, Jesse brings $1,300 to Walt, who is dissatisfied with the amount. He suggests that they find a distributor. Jesse tells him about an up and coming dealer named Tuco who might be interested.Jesse and Skinny Pete meet with Tuco at his hideout. Tuco takes a snort of Walt's meth and instantly offers to buy it. When Jesse demands the money upfront, Tuco becomes irrationally angry and beats Jesse, keeping the meth for himself. Walt finds out about this and plans on confronting Tuco.The next morning, Walt shaves his head completely and walks into Tuco's hideout with a bag of crystals. He introduces himself under a pseudonym: Heisenberg. He demands $50,000 from Tuco to pay for the meth he stole from Jesse and for Jesse's injuries. When Tuco refuses, Walt takes a crystal from his bag and reveals that it is not meth, but fulminated mercury. He hurls it at the floor where it explodes, blowing out the windows and disorienting everyone in the room. Walt clutches the bag, threatening to blow the whole thing. Tuco agrees to pay Walt and to buy another 2 lb. batch.Ep 07 - A No-Rough-Stuff-Type DealWalt brings Jesse's share of the money to Jesse, who is furious that Walt cut a deal with Tuco, saying that they could never get enough pseudoephedrine to make another 2 lb. of meth.Later, at their next meeting with Tuco in a junkyard, Walt and Jesse present a measly amount of meth, claiming that they're having production problems. When Tuco appears angry, Walt demands more money for their next batch, which will be a full 4 pounds, which Tuco reluctantly agrees to. Jesse believes that their new quota is impossible, but Walt puts together a list of alternate ingredients for Jesse to find, ingredients which will increase the yield of their next cook.At a baby shower for Skyler, Marie presents an extravagant jeweled tiara as a gift. Walt and Hank share cigars and discuss the arbitrary nature of the law.That night, Walt convinces Skyler that he should attend a Navajo sweat lodge out in the desert as part of his treatment, instead planning on cooking with Jesse.At Jesse's, Jesse has found all of Walt's ingredients except methylamine, which is crucial. Jesse explains that he's hired someone to find it for him, but that it will cost them thousands of dollars. Walt suggests that they find it themselves. That night, they infiltrate a chemical warehouse and steal a barrel of methylamine. They return to Jesse's house and cook four pounds of meth with their new recipe.When Skyler tries to return Marie's baby shower gift, she learns that it was stolen from the jewelry store and plans to confront Marie.Walt returns home from the weekend, Skyler believing that he was on a Navajo reservation. When she mentions that Marie stole the tiara, Walt replies that sometimes people have to do crazy things for the good of their families.At the next meet-up with Tuco, Walt and Jessie present their new meth, which, as a side effect of their new recipe, is blue. Tuco snorts a crystal and is ecstatic at the quality, happily declaring that there is a lot of money to be made from Walt's incredible meth. When one of Tuco's henchmen tries to assert dominance over Walt and Jesse, Tuco once again becomes irrationally angry and beats his henchman before happily departing. Walt and Jesse walk back to their car in shock.Season 2Ep 08 - Seven Thirty-SevenAs Walt and Jesse leave the meet-up, Walt calculates how much money he will need to make in order to keep his family supported after he dies. Between education for his children, and cash for food, shelter, utilities, etc., he needs $737,000 to last roughly the next 20 years.As they drive away, Tuco's car suddenly returns. Tuco pulls the henchman he beat from the car, who is now going into shock and dying. Tuco yells at Walter to help him, but Walt, flustered, can do nothing. The man dies. Tuco, angry, orders his other henchman, "Gonzo", to bury him under a nearby abandoned car. Walt and Jesse leave, while Tuco tells them that they are "done".Jesse illegally purchases a gun, planning to kill Tuco. He explains to Walt that the two of them are witnesses, and that Tuco will likely come after them. Walt chastises Jesse for not having a thorough plan.At the DEA, Hank and his partner Steve watch surveillance cam footage of the warehouse from which Walt and Jesse stole their methylamine. Unable to tell who it is in the video, the agents surmise that whoever they are, they must be making very potent meth, and are likely to become targets of Mexican cartels.When Walt notices one night that he is being followed, he meets with Jesse to plan how to kill Tuco: using the poisonous extract of castor beans, ricin, they will poison a sample of meth and slip it to Tuco. It will take days to kill him and will look like a heart attack.For days, Skyler, angry at Marie for denying that she stole from the jewelry store, refuses to speak to her until Hank comes to Skyler and begs her to reconcile. Skyler angrily declares how Marie is a spoiled kleptomaniac bitch and that she is the one that needs support, with a baby on the way, a distant and dying husband, her family's overdrawn bank account, and a son that wont talk to her.Hank investigates two dead bodies at the junkyard. He calls Walt to talk about Skyler and, for fun, sends him a picture of the crime scene. Walt and Jesse react with horror to see Gonzo is dead alongside Tuco's other henchman. Walt takes Jesse's gun and heads home. Later, Hank discovers that Gonzo wasn't murdered, but was crushed under the car trying to pull the other man out.At home, Walt stashes the gun in a diaper box and finds Skyler in the bathtub, she asks where we has been. Before he can answer he gets a message on his cell phone from Jesse. Walt walks outside to find Jesse waiting for him, with Tuco's gun to his head. Tuco orders Walt into the car and makes Jesse drive away.Ep 09 - GrilledAt the DEA, Hank briefs his department on a suspect in the methylamine case, Tuco. They plan a raid on his headquarters. Hank tells his partner that he needs time off to look for Walt, who has gone missing.In the desert, Tuco releases Walt and Jesse from the car and orders them into a shack containing a kitchen, a tv, and Tuco's paralyzed uncle. Tuco orders Walt and Jesse to empty their pockets, displaying the poisoned meth, and Walt's id, revealing his true identity. Tuco explains that the DEA raided his headquarters, and that Gonzo must've snitched. Walt and Jesse, surprised that Tuco thinks Gonzo is still alive, go along. Tuco goes to snort the poisoned meth, but Jesse, in a miserable attempt to encourage him, tells Tuco that it has a secret ingrediant: chile powder. Tuco says that he hates chili powder and throws the meth aside.Tuco tells Walt and Jesse that his cousins from Mexico are coming to take them all south so that Walt can live with them and cook meth 24/7.At home, Skyler, Marie, and Hank discuss the situation. Hank, having checked Walt's phone records, notices that he never received a message on the night of his disappearance, and they infer that he has a second cell phone. They believe that Walt was still in contact with his "marijuana dealer" Jesse Pinkman, and so Hank investigates Jesse's life. He finds that Jesse is missing as well, and that he may have installed a vehicle tracker on his car. He traces it to the desert.At the shack, Tuco is making burritos. While he isn't looking, Walt slips the poisoned meth into Tuco's food, but Tuco's paralyzed uncle notices. As they eat, the old man tries to warn Tuco through his only method of communication: ringing a bell with his one movable finger. Tuco, not understanding, switches his uncle's plate with his own, which the old man throws on the floor. Tuco, confused, continues eating the un-poisoned burrito. After the meal, the uncle continues ringing his bell until Tuco realizes that he is trying to warn him that Walt and Jesse are dangerous. Tuco takes them outside at gunpoint.Tuco, holding a gun to Jesse, demands Walt tell him what they did. Walt admits that they tried to poison him, because he is an insane degenerate who deserves to die. Enraged, Tuco aims the gun a Walt, giving Jesse an opportunity to hit Tuco with a rock. He grabs Tuco's gun and shoots him through the abdomen. Walt and Jesse decide to let him suffer on the ground when they see a car approaching in the distance. Believing it to be Tuco's Mexican cousins, they hide in the brush.When the car stops, Hank emerges, finding Jesse's car. Tuco picks up his gun and begins firing at Hank, who fires back, killing Tuco with a shot to the head. Walt and Jesse, watching from the tall grass, run away into the desert to avoid being seen by Hank.Ep 10 - Bit by a Dead BeeWalt and Jesse hatch a plan to return to their lives without arousing suspicion: Jesse hides his meth cooking equipment in the RV at a car lot and makes his way to a hotel room with a prostitute named Wendy, where he will claim to have spent the whole weekend, and Walt wanders naked into a supermarket in an attempt to make himself look confused and insane.Hospitalized back in Albuquerque, Walt is reunited with his family and explains that he can't remember the last few days. The doctors conclude that Walt entered a fugue state and that a full psychoanalysis must be done.The DEA busts into Jesse and Wendy's hotel room and arrests them both on suspicion of connection with Tuco, due to Jesse's car being found with Tuco by Hank. At the DEA office, Hank interrogates Jesse, who claims that his car was stolen days ago and that he was with Wendy all weekend. When Hank brings up the $68,000 in cash that they found in the car, Jesse claims it isn't his. Hank then turns to Wendy, who also refuses to give in and sticks to the story.Hank, frustrated, brings in their only other witness: Tuco's paralyzed uncle. But, due to his past connections with the Mexican cartels, he refuses to help the government and doesn't rat out Jesse. Hank is forced to let Jesse go, but confiscates his cash, leaving Jesse with virtually nothing.In the hospital that night, Walt suddenly remembers the gun he stashed at his house, and sneaks out to retrieve it, returning without anyone noticing. During his psycho-evaluation, he tells the doctor, trusting in his confidentiality agreement, that he faked his fugue state just to get out of the house. The hospital releases him. That night at home, Skyler asks Walt if he has a second cell phone, which Walt denies.At the DEA, Hank reviews the methylamine burglary footage and concludes that whoever it was who stole the chemical is whoever made the blue meth they found with Tuco.Ep 11 - Down

Directed by Sam Catlin, Tim Hunter, Bronwen Hughes, Tricia Brock, Peter Gould, Scott Winant, Rian Johnson, Johan Renck, Terry McDonough, Bryan Cranston, Michael Slovis, Jim McKay, Phil Abraham, John Dahl, Thomas Schnauz, Vince Gilligan, Adam Bernstein, Michelle Maxwell MacLaren, George Mastras, David Slade, John Shiban, Peter Medak, Charles Haid, Félix Enríquez Alcalá, Colin Bucksey  

Starring Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, more...

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