Breaking Away

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Drama, USA, 1979, 100 min.

AKAs Bambino

Synopsis One reviewer subtitled it, the Boy Who Wanted to be Italian. The Stollers only child has graduated high school and (along with three friends) must decide what to do with his life. He won a bike in the year before opening scene and has become very good at racing, winning all the local trophies. His heroes are the Cinzano racing team from Italy. He begins listening to operas, learning Italian, and finally shaving his legs to cut down wind resistance. All of this is driving his father crazy. He even pretends to be an Italian exchange student when he meets a college girl. Set in the area around Indiana University, it dwells on the alienation between the college students and the locals, who are called 'Cutters' (as in Stone Cutters). How the four Cutters take on the fraternities in the yearly bike race, earning not only the college students' respect, but their peers as well is the focal point of the film.

Directed by Peter Yates  

Starring Dennis Christopher, Dennis Quaid, Daniel Stern, Jackie Earle Haley, Barbara Barrie, more...

Movie awards
1979, Oscar, nejlepší původní scénář, Steve Tesich
1979, Nominace na Oskara, Best picture

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