Leap Upon Mountains....

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Action/Western, 1965, 30 min.

Synopsis In the voice of Jason McCord:My horse threw a shoe one day. I came upon a widow, mourning over her husband's grave as I was walking my horse. I asked her if she could give me a ride into town so I could get my horse's shoe fixed. She was happy to do it for me. But as we were leaving, some men on horses came. They were rude and obnoxious, obviously trying to talk Emily Cooper into selling her husband's land, but she refused. One of the men, Karp, started going through my saddlebags. He found my broken saber, and I made sure he understood that I meant business when I told him to leave my things alone. They left, but not before trampling on Warren Cooper's grave. I drove Mrs. Cooper to town, promising I'd stay and work for her. Maybe I could fight off those men for her as well.While I was getting some supplies for Mrs. Cooper at the store, Karp came over to start some more trouble. I pushed him to the ground. He started to draw his gun, but I pinned his arm down with the sword. He'll learn one way or the other that he doesn't mess with me. The Sheriff threatened to arrest me and throw me in jail, but Renger and his boys assured him I had a job - working for Mrs. Cooper. I didn't know it at the time, but after I left Renger was told who I was - Jason McCord, the coward from Bitter Creek.I went right to work. After she fed me a good meal that evening, I got up to leave, but she insisted I sleep on the couch. She said the barn leaked badly, and it was storming. That night, I had a nightmare. I dreamed about that fateful day at Bitter Creek. When my calling out woke her up, I told her all about it. She was so understanding and compassionate about it.I got the barn roof fixed and decided it was best if I slept out there for now on. I was just about to leave when someone knocked on the door. It was Renger. He was all fancied up and had flowers. I excused myself and left them alone. He had decided to go a whole other route to get the land. He suggested they get married in about a month. Then they'd have an empire. She explained that there were six more families moving out, and he said he could buy them all out too. He got mad when she refused his offer and came out to take it out on me. I had to fight him and send him on his way. But before I sent him away, I told him he should take a good look in the mirror.That night, Renger's friends came to visit us with guns. I was involved in a shootout when I suddenly found I had company on my side - Renger. He took that look in the mirror.With my work done, I went on my way.

Directed by Harry Harris  

Starring Chuck Connors, Joan Leslie, John Ireland, Chris Alcaide, Claude Hall, more...

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