Who's Lucky Now?

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Drama/Mystery, USA, 2016, 42 min.

Synopsis Iverson calls Bosch at 4am, they are executing a warrant at Luke Rykoff's place, he is the Manager at Dolly's. Rykoff's fingerprints were on Allen's jacket. Bosch is upset they are moving in but Iverson is non-plussed. The LVPD Swat teams charges a house, they takedown Rykoff with three women.Rykoff recognizes Bosch and says he has an alibi for Saturday. Bosch and Iverson search the house. Harry finds a Baggie in the toilet tank. A .22 automatic. Rykoff claims it was planted, after he is taken away, Harry wonders also to Iverson.George Irving goes to a convenience store, he picks up a box and a coffee. Arsenault takes him to visit a woman named Mo, they discuss plans for Wednesday night.At the cop station Harry notices Eleanor is being held as a known associate of Joey Marks. The Capt is upset Harry wasn't honest about knowing her earlier. Harry has to call Lt Billets and have her offer to make a joint investigation. Capt Feldman then agrees to release Wish. Eleanor admits she borrowed money but she repaid the loans.Arsenault drops George off at Van Nuys Station, he has something else to do.Jerry Edgar goes to a cafe. A Glendale cop gives him a file and says Tony Allen and Joey Marks are cousins. The cop says the Russian mob is working with Hezbollah in Mexico, thus the FBI interest.Rykoff explains how he grabbed Allen's lapels, an argument in the strip club. He angrily denies Joey Marks ordered a hit on Allen. Bosch will take the gun for testing in LA. On the drive to his motel he leaves an apology voicemail for Eleanor.Rykoff starts a fight in Clark County Jail, he is hauled off to solitary.Harry has a short Telecon with Maddie, Eleanor hasn't shown up.A limo approaches Harry. A lawyer, Martin Weiss, and Joey Marks give Bosch an affidavit stating Rykoff's alibi, then Marks says flatly Rykoff didn't kill his cousin Tony Allen. They claim the LVPD is after him for other reasons.Harry drops by at Eleanor's, she got his message but has nothing to say. Now she admits her husband Jerry paid off her $100,000 loan. Again they leave each other with ill feelings.Irving goes to Lt Billets. The previous night some cops ticketed everyone at an O'Shea campaign event. Chief Tenzer arranged it through Pacific Division.An SID tech test fires the .22. It is untraceable, but is the murder weapon. The FBI Special Agent Griffin is in Billet's office and they have proof Rykoff flew to LA that Saturday night. He congratulates Harry on solving the case.Billets talks to Bosch about the politics, she says she's worried about her career in aligning with Irving.O'Shea pumps up Irving at a cocktail party held at a Councillor's house. On the drive home Connie is proud of Irvine. They are stopped at a DUI checkpoint. Irving phones Billets to ask why a RIDE stop is in her precinct and she is unaware of it.Harry talks to the guard at the Hidden Highlands gated community. Then he goes with Edgar to see Veronica Allen. They mention Rykoff is being arrested. They ask about Joey Marks. She knows Marks was her husband's cousin and says he makes her nervous. Driving, Harry is very suspicious everything closed up so neatly, and has noticed a car following them.

Directed by Christine Moore  

Starring Titus Welliver, Jamie Hector, Amy Aquin, Sarah Clarke, Madison Lintz, more...

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