White Horse Pike

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Crime/Drama/History, USA, 2013

Synopsis Eli is telling the FBI's Jim Tolliver about a guy named Balinchuk, possibly Polish, claiming he's Torio's "Number 2." Tolliver tells Eli that what he's doing "takes courage."In Tampa, Sally watches over a shipment and is telling the men unloading the boats to move their asses. She spies Petrucelli, along with Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky, putting heroin into the orange crates which are the cover for the liquor, as well.Sally calls Nucky and tells him something's wrong. She tells him Petrucelli is "pulling a fast one," telling him that he, Lucky and Lansky are including heroin in Nucky's shipments. McCoy in Tampa also knows about this and Nucky tells Sally to keep him close. He tells her he owes her one.Eli comes down for breakfast to find Tolliver sitting at his table with his family. Tolliver uses some coded language to essentially threaten Eli and his family. He's pretending to be a life insurance salesman. After the family goes into another room, Tolliver tells Eli that Balinchuk has been dead for two years and that if Eli isn't careful, he'll have his son Willie in prison.Margaret is making a call about an apartment and trying her best to hide her accent. Arnold Rothstein surprises her at her desk and asks if she's changing her residence. He notices that she can't really afford the apartment she's looking at in the newspaper. He tells her to forget that place and call him about one of the "more suitable" buildings he owns. She asks, "In exchange for what?" He wants info on when her bosses plan on buying back stock in Anaconda Real Estate.Chalky is running a private meeting with black workers in an alley. Richard Harrow steps into the alley and while some of the other men don't take kindly to his presence in the alley or washing dishes at the club, Chalky calls Richard a friend and tells him if he needs anything he can come to him. Chalky goes back to his meeting about an attick on Dr. Narcisse.Nucky meets Eli and Mickey Doyle at the warehouse and tells them to take some men and stop the caravan at White Horse Pike, and telling them to find the heroin that is hidden among the rum.In Chicago, Al Capone is going over the territory with Van Alden, who is going to be taking over Ralph's collections. Johnny Torio comes over and questions Al about his intentions. Torio doesn't want to be squeezed out of his own operation. Al pulls Torio aside and tries to assure him. Torio doesn't seem to be buying it.That night, Chalky leads a group of shooters to Dr. Narcisse's office and while many men are shot, Narcisse crawls away. As Chalky and his men turn around to leave, Narcisse comes back firing, taking out a couple of men and hitting Chalky in the back and he's climbing back into his car.Tolliver and Eli sit in a car and Tolliver tries to chat him up. They're waiting for the caravan. Tolliver is involved in stopping it and seizing the heroin.Narcisse shows up in the upper-floor office at The Onyx Club looking for Chalky. He finds only Nucky and says "this ends tonight." Nucky isn't shaken. He asks Narcisse who he thinks he is and reminds Narcisse that he started it, but insisting that he doesn't know where Chalky is. In a tense standoff at gunpoint, Nucky tells Narcisse to get out of his club."When I run him through, watch the light go out, I hope he knows what a friend he had in you," Narcisse tells Nucky before leaving.Meanwhile, Richard is taking care of Chalky in the back of the legion hall. Daughter Maitland shows up and tells Chalky that Narcisse will come after them. "Let him come," Chalky says.In Brooklyn, Margaret can't sleep through all the noises in her building of babies crying, couples arguing.Nucky berates Lansky, who is bound and kneeling in front of a hole in a deserted area while Eli and Tolliver, among others, watch. Lansky says Masseria found out about Tampa from his cousin Petrucelli. Lansky continues to claim he had nothing to do with it, but with a gun now to his head, Lansky admits there's a fortune to be made in heroin, "millions." Nucky tells Lansky to call Masseria and "get his ass down here."Margaret's boss hands her some trade confirmations and she seems to see that her boss isn't the best of guys. After he leaves, she gets Rothstein's card.Nucky pays a visit to Chalky and asks for some privacy. Daughter leaves the room. Nucky asks Chalky if he's "thinking straight" about any of it. Nucky tells Chalky he doesn't want a war.Mayor Ed Bader declares to the press that the perpetrators of the shooting at Dr. Narcisse's office will be found.Masseria shows up at The Onyx Club and Nucky asks what he has to say for himself about the heroin. Masseria says they should wait until his partner comes. Narcisse walks in. Nucky isn't pleased. Narcisse says he can be a capable partner and wants Chalky delivered to him -- "this is non-negotiable." Nucky says he wants his share -- one-third of any heroin already imported and one-third of any imported in the future."So we have struck a bargain, then?" Narcisse asks. Nucky says yes and Narcisse says he sees "great days ahead."Nucky calls Bader and tells him to send two Sheriff's deputies to take Chalky White out of town.Al Capone is living it up at his brothel, telling corny, dirty jokes with a prostitute on his arm when Torio walks in and says he's heading out. Al tells Torio to stay, but he says he'll catch his "matinee performance tomorrow." Al gets a call and takes it in the other room. The voice on the other line won't identify himself, but says, "I was just calling to say goodbye. Van Alden looks over Al's shoulder and shouts at Al to get down when he sees some guys pointing machine guns from a building across the street. They fire away for what seems like a full minute. Al calls out for Ralph, who says he's OK. Al says it's "lucky for Johnny he left when he did."Margaret shares a meal with Rothstein and -- after clearing up that "this isn't that," in terms of their meal possibly making Nucky jealous -- she confides that "it's impossible to get ahead." She goes on to say she's realized that Mr. Bennett "is a criminal no different than --" She stops and Rothstein asks, "Than me?" She was going to say Nucky. She hands Rothstein notes that show Mr. Bennett bought more shares of Anaconda Realty. She says Bennett and his partners own the company. She tells Rothstein not to sell his shares until Bennett does and she'll let him know when that happens. She asks for a rent-free apartment for five years in a safe neighborhood with rooms for the children.When he questions why she'll accept something from him but not Nucky, she says, "I earned this, and when it's over I'll owe you nothing." Rothstein shakes on it. He says he's "never done business with a woman before." She asks how he liked it and he says, "Quite the treat."Chalky tells Daughter he's going to take a train out west and "be safe there." Daughter says she'll go wherever he does. Two sheriff's deputies show up and tell Chalky to get in the back of the car.Willie drops in on Nucky and tells him that after Bader's press conference, the mayor had a meeting with a guy matching Dr. Narcisse's description. Nucky tries to call the legion hall, but Chalky's already gone.Daughter is singing in the back of the sheriff's car with Chalky. They don't seem to be headed to Philly, where Chalky thought they were headed. Chalky acts lie he's going to go to sleep. He makes a move and, in a struggle, shoots one of the deputies. He struggles more with the second, the driver, and Daughter takes the wheel for a while. Chalky kills the second deputy and the car has come to a stop. He asks Daughter for help getting them out of the car.Tolliver comes to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, delightedly telling him he got Nucky's "weak link." Eli has been backed into a corner. Hoover tells another agent to "nourish" the relationship with "our man in Harlem."Chalky's daughter and his son visit The Onyx Club so he can play the piano. She takes a tour of the rest of the club, including the upstairs office, which is dark. She goes in and is surprised to discover Narcisse was sitting there. He realizes she's Chalky's daughter and says that he and Chalky are "intimately associated." She ask Narcisse if he knows where Chalky is. She confides that she's no longer engaged. She says she's "not suffering." He commiserates with her, holds her hand and she starts to cry, saying she was supposed to come there to "forget things." He tells her to "go and forget." She leaves.Eli shows up at Nucky's place and learns that Bader has turned and is in Narcisse's pocket. Eli is further surprised to see Willie there, but Nucky says Willie is doing his job. Eli tells Willie to leave, but he stays. Eli asks him if this is the life he wants."Isn't it what we do?" Willie asks his dad. Eli steps back and says, "Alright, let's get it sorted out."

Directed by Jake Paltrow  

Starring Steve Buscemi, Kelly Macdonald, Michael Shannon, Shea Whigham, Michael Stuhlbarg, more...

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