Marriage and Hunting

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Crime/Drama/History, USA, 2013

Synopsis Van Alden is struggling through fixing some pipes under his sink while his young son in crying. His wife Sigrid is growing frustrated with the shoddy build-it-yourself house and suggests that if Van Alden was making money as O'Banion's enforcer there would be water.Nucky is asking questions of Chalky, who wants "the death sentence" executed on Dr. Narcisse for having sent Purnsley to kill him. Nucky is wondering whether Chalky is a bit too taken with Daughter Maitland and if that's causing his questionable decisions. Chalky reminds Nucky that he helped when Nucky was in need, but Nucky says the club was his thanks for that.At the flower shop, O'Banion starts asking Van Alden about the coincidence between the day his man Stu was killed being the same as the day Van Alden "disappeared with the Capones." O'Banion gives Van Alden a hard time for having a guilty conscience, then sends him out on a delivery.Gillian flirts with Roy on the boardwalk, telling him she had her first kiss in that spot with a "freckle-faced boy" named James. She tells him how that day ended up with her being taken to a man, "the most powerful man in the city." She tells him The Commodore "ravaged" her that night, six weeks before her 13th birthday. She says she named the baby James, "the last pure thing I could remember." She tells Roy that she and James "lived for each other." She tells him about Jimmy going off to war and then coming back and overdosing in her bathroom.Dr. Narcisse gets news that Arnold Rothstein is out of the heroin business after Joe Masseria pushed him out. Dr. Narcisse says he's like to meet with Masseria, despite being told that Masseria isn't as comfortable selling to "the darker types" as Rothstein.Van Alden makes his delivery and it's Al Capone who is waiting. Ralph is with him, too, and they want to know everything Van Alden knows about O'Banion. Ralph hits Van Alden in the back of the head and he says he'll "regret it" if he hits him again. Al says he doesn't trust Van Alden and pulls a gun on him. Van Alden asks for $1,000 "for going into work tomorrow and blowing O'Banion's head off."Chalky's wife and daughter are making the guest list for her wedding. Chalky's wife asks if there's a story they should come up with to explain his appearance (the cuts on his face from his fight with Purnsley). They devise something about him moving lumber around, then Chalky suggests they drop Purnsley from the guest list to solve the problem of having an odd number of guests. Chalky's wife looks uneasy.Rothstein asks his aid Peter why he doesn't gamble and Peter says he doesn't have the stomach for it. Rothstein tells him the first time he played craps he won $32 -- he was 9 years old. "Lucky little boy," Peter says."Yes," Rothstein replies. "Or at least I used to think so."Nucky talks to Eli about the potential problem with Chalky, saying he's out of control and going after Narcisse. Nucky is bothered by Chalky continuing to claim he owes him. Eli tells Nucky the answer "has to be no." Eli asks if there's anything else he should know and Nucky asks about Willie. Eli says everybody's happy to have him home.Van Alden packs a gun and gets annoyed when Sigrid walks in without knocking.Gillian is in full confession mode about how she hasn't lived a "blameless life" but she has love to give her grandson and she thinks "that's all that matters." Julia Sagorsky stands and talks about how Tommy considers her house to be his home and that they talk him through his nightmares. The judge notes that Julia is a store clerk and not married. And her father admits he's on veteran's pension. The judge reminds them that the court generally favors giving custody to blood relatives and says he'll render a decision within the month.Van Alden looks through the window of the flower shop and sees O'Banion. He goes in through the back. Before he can get in, though, the guys from his iron-selling job club him in the back and start punching him. He warns them to stop before pulling his gun and shooting all three from them, including Mr. Gulliver, his former boss.Rothstein shows Nucky an insurance policy showing him that Mickey Doyle is worth $500,000 on a life insurance policy issued by a subsidiary of Rothstein's. Nucky asks if he'd get a cut if Rothstein were to kill Mickey. Rothstein instead asks Nucky if he wants to buy the policy from him. Rothstein admits he's having money troubles. Nucky buys the policy for $100,000.Chalky shows up in the dining room in a suit and his wife has no reaction.Julia quizzes Richard about what he and her father talk about until all hours of the night. She tells Richard she could make more money as a floor manager, but says the judge suggested she should be married. Richard stumbles over whether to say something to this suggestion. He says "yes."Daughter tells Narcisse that Purnsley never showed up and she couldn't make Chalky stay all night. Daughter promises Narcisse that he will, despite some troubles, "be clothed in glory" and promises she'll keep Chalky there next time. He reminds her of the beginning of their journey from New Orleans and he vowed to protect her and she'd be "free to lie down with any man, but your heart " he trails off. "Was yours," she says. "Always yours."Narcisse then notes the new rug and glass shards still around, then says, "You have crushed me utterly." He stands up, then turns and hits her in the face.Van Alden and Sigrid argue when there's a slamming on the door. It's Al and Ralph asking what happened with the hit on O'Banion. Van Alden asks them to give him until that night and he'll wait until closing.Chalky is entertaining his future son-in-law's parents when the piano player from the club calls. He takes the call and then abruptly leaves.Richard and Julia wait outside the Marriage and Hunting Licenses Office. When Julia asks Richard if he's sure about doing it, he says, "It's just a hunting license, isn't it?"Chalky finds Daughter in bed with a severely beaten face. Chalky tells her assistant to "make her comfortable 'til I get back."Dr. Narcisse sits next to Nucky at a table at The Onyx Club while a comedian tells racially charged jokes. Nucky reminds Narcisse he isn't allowed to sit there, but Narcisse says he doesn't care and warns Nucky that his "friend's" days are numbered, referring to Chalky, who shows up and threatens Narcisse, calling him out for beating a woman. Nucky warns Chalky to think about what comes out of his mouth next unless he's ready for a war he'll fight alone. The band strikes up and the dancers come out just after Chalky throws over Nucky's table and walks away.Van Alden is sweeping up and O'Banion comes over to chat. He asks again what happened the night Stu was killed and Van Alden was with the Capones. O'Banion says he doesn't believe him and asks for the truth as he pulls a gun and holds it under Van Alden's chin."I didn't kill Stu," Van Alden says, "Al Capone did." He goes on to say she has killed other men, including the three he shot and his former prohibition agent partner. He says his name isn't Mueller and that he "used to believe in God, but now I don't believe in anything any all." O'Banion looks a little stunned and walks away when a couple of customers come in. The three guys ask about flowers, then shoot O'Banion multiple times. Van Alden steps out from the back room, takes the from the register and leaves some time later.Richard surprises Nucky, who is walking up to Eli's house. He says he got married and needs a job.That night, Van Alden goes home and wakes Sigrid, asking who built the house and who pays the bills. He then asks, "Who's holding $1,000 in his hand?" She asks her, "Who am I?""You are my husband," she says."My name is Nelson Van Alden," he says. He throws the money in the air and tells her to take off her nightgown.Roy is on the phone with someone, saying, "It won't be much longer." When Gillian appears, his voice changes and he acts like he was on a business call and hangs up. She admits she's fighting the urge to use drugs again and he tells her she needs to prepare herself for whatever the decision might be. She says everything she's done for Tommy can't have all been for nothing, and he reminds her that it brought her to him.Chalky tells Daughter she'll be fine soon and she says Narcisse "sees things we don't see." Chalky isn't buying it. His daughter Maybelle knocks on the door and wants to know what Chalky came there to do. But she walks away before he can even start to answer.Nucky calls Sally in Florida. They banter about the weather before Nucky asks her what a man does down in Florida. She says "a man does what he wants" or maybe doesn't do anything at all. He says he could come down and check on things. She tells him to call him the next day and he says he might. She warns him not to get lost in the fog.Sally hangs up the phone and lays down in bed alone -- except for a shotgun in her arms and a cigarette in her mouth.

Directed by Ed Bianchi  

Starring Steve Buscemi, Kelly Macdonald, Michael Shannon, Shea Whigham, Michael Stuhlbarg, more...

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