Havre de Grace

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Crime/Drama/History, USA, 2013

Synopsis Chalky and Daughter Maitland are riding in the back of a car headed to meet a man named Oscar, who sent a couple of men to pick the pair up. They get to a secluded house and Chalky and Daughter are told to wait. Daughter asks Chalky if he worked for Mr. Bernard, and he explains that the man one saved him from a life of fighting on the streets. They're summoned into the house. Chalky first meets a man named Winston, who goes by "Scrapper," but he doesn't know why.Gaston Means calls Nucky to tell him "there's a skunk in your cellar." He tries to sell Nucky some information for $50,000 and the price goes up to $500,000, but Nucky takes none of it seriously. Meanwhile, we hear men banging down Means' door as he gets more and more desperate. After the phone call, we see Means confronted by the U.S. Capitol Police and charging Means with perjury.The next morning, Chalky points out the Susquehanna River to Daughter. Oscar Bernard, Chalky's one-time mentor, comes out to the porch and needs some assistance. He's old and frail, and he has terrible eyesight. Chalky catches up a bit and Oscar introduces himself to Daughter, making fun of her name a bit. He can't see her, but Chalky tells him she's "a beauty." After Daughter goes inside to make some food, Chalky tells Oscar he was right, essentially, in telling him to never trust any white or black people.Leander Whitlock, The Commodore's lawyer, suggests to Gillian that she's asking too much for her house. Gillian also doesn't like the idea that Tommy could spend time in a place like the Trenton Home for Friendless Children, where she has spent time.Eli is giving the FBI's Jim Tolliver some more accurate information about the heroin trade that is running with Nucky's rum shipments. He says Chicago is "not part of" what's going on. Jim says he needs to get everyone from New York, Atlantic City and Tampa all in a room making plans to operate across state lines. Eli says Nucky won't allow that to happen. Jim again threatens Eli with possible jail time for Willie if he doesn't hold up his end of the deal. Jim also tells Eli to "lay off" the whiskey, adding, "you're no good to me like that."Gillian comes to see Tommy again, and he recognizes her as "Me-Ma." She asks him about his mother, and he says, "She's gone." He says he doesn't know where his father is. Gillian hugs him, and Richard Harrow emerges, telling her not to touch him. After a tense exchange, Gillian notices the ring on Richard's finger and realizes that he and Julia Sagorsky are going to gain custody of Tommy together. She asks him to take care of the boy and leaves.Eli brings the family to Nucky's house near the beach, and there are armed men standing all around.Oscar Bernard holds court at the table while the men eat and Daughter cleans in the kitchen. Oscar chides Chalky for having chased some big life in New York and coming back for help. Oscar suggests he and his nephews don't have the means to help. Oscar goes on to make fun of Daughter's cooking.Gillian comes to see Roy and says she's been out walking and taking in the beautiful day. She says she feels "finally free." She's all smiles and insists she's not back on drugs.Nucky and Eli talk about how annoyed they are at not knowing where Chalky is and taking orders from Dr. Narcisse. Eli suggests to Nucky that he get them, New York and Tampa all to sit down, saying he wants to get their power back. Nucky asks Eli who he doesn't trust in their team. Eli seems to resent the question. Nucky tells Eli that Means told him there's a "skunk in my cellar." Nucky asks Eli what he thinks of "Knox," who we now know is Jim Tolliver of the FBI. Nucky tells Eli it'll "be your headache one day," suggesting he's going to leave the operation to Eli.Gillian tells Roy she's coming to realize that Tommy could be better off with Richard and Julia. Roy announces that his merger is going through. He says he's getting a "big bonus." He says, "I hate when things end," and he's headed to wherever he's sent next. She asks if he's been lying to her about his wife. She presses again and he finally admits he has to leave, but he wants her to come with him and marry him."What's stopping you from asking?" she says."Hell, I thought I just did," he says.Eli, Nucky and the family are having a good laugh over dinner, but Eli's wife June starts talking about the baby-faced insurance salesman who came around the house, and Eli angrily tells her to stop talking. He tries to play it off, but Nucky seems to have picked up on something.Chalky sits down to play checkers with some of Oscar's nephews, who ask about his business. Chalky notices Daughter outside and leaves to track her down. Daughter asks Chalky about whether he wants back into the life he left in Atlantic City and asks him to run away with her.Gillian and Roy having a nice, whimsical chat about their plans for the future when Roy is confronted by the man who was driven out of his job for blocking the merger. The man is drunk and Roy thinks he's going to pull a gun, so Roy shoots him. Gillian urges Roy to get in the car and they drive away.After dinner, Nucky and Willie talk outside and Willie asks what Eli's confrontation with June could have been about. Nucky says he wouldn't take it too seriously because it's easy to get his father's goat. Nucky tells Willie he once found a poem Eli wrote to a girl in eighth grade and had a great deal of fun wit it. Nucky says the "insurance fellow sounds like a real sharpie." Nucky asks if he'd ever seen the insurance salesman before. Willie says he hasn't.Oscar and Chalky have a little heart to heart. Oscar says he doesn't have much money. Chalky asks Oscar what he should do now. Oscar tells Chalky to stay there and cut Daughter loose.As Eli's family prepares to leave, June tells Nucky that Eli is "drinking again." Nucky asks if she's like him to have a talk with Eli and she says no, "it'll all be fine." Before they drive away, Nucky calls Eli back. Nucky recites some of the eighth-grade poem to Eli, who sheepishly asks why he's bringing that up. Nucky says he just wanted to see how he'd react. Nucky tells Eli to put the meeting he suggested together. Eli agrees and says, "I think it's the best way out of this."That night, Chalky sits in bed next to Daughter, who tells him she's awake. Chalky tells her that the next morning they will go, just like she suggested, and not turn back.Gillian tries to talk Roy through what he did and he's distraught over it. He wonders if he should call the police and she tells him he can't. He says he has to, but she tries to assure him, "No one was there, no one knows." She urges him to "let it go, get away with it. No one saw you." She says she knows he can live with it. She vaguely tells him "there were things I had to do to survive." Then she admits it wasn't her son who died there, "it was a boy, an innocent boy," and goes on to say she drowned him and made up a story, and turned his body to ash. Roy asks who he was and she says his name was Roger. She adds, "You can make yourself live with anything."Suddenly, a couple of men emerge. Roy admits he's with the Pinkerton Detective Agency, and the men there are his associates and witnesses to her confession to first-degree murder. Gillian can't believe it. Leander shows up and says, "I owed Louis something; I'm sure you can understand that." Gillian lunges at Roy, then goes hysterical trying to escape the men and fight them off as they subdue her.Chalky wakes up in the middle of the night and sees that Daughter is missing. He checks Oscar's couch and he, too, is gone. He steps outside and finds Oscar on the porch with a shotgun in hand. Oscar tells Chalky that Daughter is gone. Oscar steps out in front of the house and starts calling out to men Chalky can't see or hear. They call out that they want "the girl." A shootout ensues and Oscar is shot. Oscar's nephews return fire and kill all the shooters.Nucky calls Sally, who asks him what's on his mind."I want out," he says.

Directed by Allen Coulter  

Starring Steve Buscemi, Kelly Macdonald, Michael Shannon, Shea Whigham, Michael Stuhlbarg, more...

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