Farewell Daddy Blues

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Crime/Drama/History, USA, 2013

Synopsis Nucky and Sally are having a flirty conversation while it seems Nucky's home is about to be ambushed. It's Chalky White, holding a gun to Nucky's new assistant Sam's head. Chalky forces Nucky to admit he's now in business with Dr. Narcisse. Nucky says he tried to stop it all. Chalky refuses to listen to Nucky and says he wants Narcisse."You've gotta believe me, Chalky," Nucky says. "We want the same thing."FBI Agent Jim Tolliver is asking J. Edgar Hoover for a big team to bring down Nucky's multi-state operation. They have a tense exchange in which Tolliver accuses Hoover for having rooted for him to fail since their first year in law school. Hoover approves eight additional agents.Richard Harrow is testifying at Gillian's trial, recounting when he discovered that the man who died in Gillian's home was not James Darmody. Gillian starts muttering to herself, "There's no body," then she stands up and says it louder. She says there's no body and that she was tricked because she was in love. Then she shouts, "Why does a man get to do anything he wants?" She gets some cheers for this proclamation as she's escorted out of the courtroom by bailiffs.Tolliver is briefing Eli on what he needs to get the bigwigs to talk about, including drug trafficking and more. They tell him that when he gets the signal, he should excuse himself from the room because it "could get messy." Eli asks for a guarantee that his son will be free of anything if this all works out. Tolliver assures Eli that if he Masseria and all the others in a room, "Will has nothing to worry about." Eli warns Tolliver to stop talking like he knows his son.In Chicago, Al and Ralph Capone are trying to figure out who could have tried to assassinate him. Van Alden sits down with them and Johnny Torio comes in, theorizing that it was "Weiss with Bugs Moran and" he trails off when Ralph finishes for him, "Schemer Drucci." Torio says, "Sure, after the O'Banion thing, who else could it be?""Yeah, I'm sure you're right," Al Capone says with a snarl.Mickey Doyle hands Nucky an envelope and says it's "light," because Dr. Narcisse isn't making things easy and might be getting liquor from somewhere else. Nucky then sees the headline about Gillian's claim that it was Jimmy, denying the murder charges against her. Eli asks Nucky what they're going to do about Narcisse and Nucky says "it's being handled." Eli then mentions the meeting and says Masseria, Meyer Lansky and Petrucelli will be there. Nucky starts to tell Eli to "make sure they" but he trails off when Richard Harrow shows up. He is there to ask Nucky a favor. Richard tells Nucky that he needs to know where Jimmy Darmody is and when Nucky tells him that Jimmy was cremated after he died in Gillian's tub. Richard tells Nucky that if Gillian goes free, she'd come back for "the boy" and he and his wife couldn't handle that. Nucky asks Richard what he would do for an "anonymous source" who could provide information about Jimmy's body, and Richard says, "I would do whatever you ask."We next see a crowd of reporters around a shallow grave and they note six screws in one of the skeleton's legs, confirming that it's Jimmy Darmody.Nucky and Narcisse kick Mayor Ed Bader out of his own office so they can talk about Chalky. Nucky says he wants this to end. Nucky finally tells Narcisse that all they have in common is wanting to make money and he doesn't care how it happens. He warns Narcisse that he has a lot at stake in this town and if someone tries to take, there's a problem. Nucky tells Narcisse to end it however he sees fit, and Nucky tells Narcisse he doesn't ever want to worry about Chalky coming at him int he dark again. Narcisse is glad they finally understand each other, and Nucky says he'll tell Chalky that Narcisse is willing to talk. On his way out, Nucky tells Narcisse that Chalky wanted to pass along a message that he knows where "that singer" is.Torio is walking out of his house complaining about his garden when a hit man walks up, shoots his driver, then shoots Torio five times -- the last in the neck.Tolliver and his men are setting up surveillance on the meeting room. Tolliver is stressed out over when it's going to work.Sam tells Nucky that Narcisse's man will be at the club by 9 to meet Chalky.Eli gets a call from Nucky at home. He asks Eli to pick him up for the meeting so they can "present a united front." Eli first says it'd be easier to meet there, but agrees to pick Nucky up. Willie comes down and overhears the end of the conversation, and asks Eli what Nucky wanted. Eli doesn't say, then tells Willie to tell his mother he'll be late. Eli leaves.Richard sends Julia, Paul and little Tommy off on a train and stays behind. Tommy gives him a big hug before they leave. Julia asks Richard to promise he's coming to meet them at his sister's house in Wisconsin. He gives her a big kiss and says he'll be there is three days.Eli stops at Nucky's place, which looks dark. He reaches for his gun for a moment, then steps inside. It's complete dark and quiet. We see half of someone holding a pistol, hiding against a wall and not moving. Eli walks around a bit more and Nucky emerges, telling him to put his gun away. Nucky says he's "closing the place up." He tells Eli he's leaving town to head to Cuba with Sally. When Eli asks when, Nucky says, "As soon as I finish what I need to do."Eli asks about the meeting and Nucky says there is no meeting. He says, "There are names on a hotel register with three empty rooms -- and you and me." Sam steps forward and takes Eli's gun out from under his jacket. Eli doesn't move. Nucky pulls out his gun and points it at Eli's face. He tells Eli he's got a lot to lose, but Eli tells him he has nothing."Sooner or later, you'll take it all anyway," Eli says. Then he takes off his hat, drops it on the floor and steps toward Nucky, now point blank distance from the pistol in Nucky's hand."I'm ready," Eli says. "Are you?"Nucky presses the gun to Eli's forehead and pushes him down to his knees. Willie walks in and shouts, "He's gonna kill you!' Eli says, "No, he's not." Sam holds Willie back while Nucky keeps Eli at gunpoint. Nucky asks Eli to tell Willie what's going on. Eli says that "Knox," who we know as Tolliver, knows about the murder charge on Willie that Nucky handled and that he wants Nucky and "Florida" and "New York" all in one place."And that's the price to keep him out of jail," Eli says, referring to Willie. Eli tells Nucky that Willie was supposed to amount to something, and Nucky says he will. Eli chides Nucky and asks if he'll amount to a man in an empty hotel pointing a gun at his brother."I did that for the family," Nucky says."You don't have a family," Eli replies. "I do."Eli tells Nucky that he now wants that, too, but nothing will fill the hole Nucky has inside."This is your mess, Eli," Nucky says. "Drown in it."Nucky leaves. Willie leaves, too.Tolliver looks upset and another agent says, "They're not coming." Tolliver goes off on the man, telling him that Hoover and many others think this whole thing is a joke. The agent, Harold, tells Tolliver to give up his gun and Tolliver tells him to take it if he wants it.Van Alden waits with the Capones outside Torio's hospital room. Torio's wife comes out and tells Al that Torio is asking for him. Al hugs Torio's wife and goes into the room. Al tells Torio they're going to get whoever did this, but Torio says he's not going to fight back. He says this is a young man's game. He tells Al the whole operation is his.Eli gets home and asks if Willie is there. Tolliver is waiting and asks Eli if he forgot they had a meeting. Eli is upset and orders June to go upstairs so he can talk to Tolliver. Tolliver tells Eli that Willie is going to jail, and tells him a story about another kid about Willie's age who he arrested and sent to federal prison. He says he hasn't heard much but that the kid is "very popular among the inmates." Eli tells Tolliver he'll kill him, and Tolliver pulls his gun and asks if he's threatening a federal agent. For the second time this night, Eli has a gun points at his head. Eli turns and knocks the gun out of Tolliver's hand. A scuffle ensues, with Tolliver hitting Eli with a glass vase and Eli pulling out a saw and slashing Tolliver's cheek with it. Eli winds up on top of Tolliver, strangling him while squealing, "My son!" Tolliver reaches for something to hit Eli over the head with and scrambles for his gun. Eli catches him from behind, then chokes Tolliver with his necktie before turning him back around and punching him furiously in the face repeatedly before finishing him with one last blow to the head with the glass vase.Dr. Narcisse is sitting at The Onyx Club when Chalky shows up and Narcisse waves him in. Narcisse asks Chalky for his terms. Narcisse wants Daughter Maitland back. Chalky tries to get under Narcisse's skin by talking about how he had sex with Daughter. Chalky says he wants to get to his daughter's wedding, but Narcisse says there is no wedding, then he waves at one of his men to reveal Maybelle, who is being held in a room in the club and is now standing in a doorway. Narcisse tells Chalky, "One nod from me and she's gone." Chalky looks around and notices Richard Harrow getting into position to take a sniper shot from above. We see Narcisse in the center of Richard's scope. Richard gets shaky, though, before taking the shot and his trigger finger isn't working for him. He braces himself again and takes a shot, but accidentally hits Maybelle as she passes in front of Narcisse. Her head falls to the table and Chalky cries immediately. A gunfight breaks out and the patrons run screaming. Richard is hit and stumbles out of the club. Chalky's men drag him out of the club, as well, while agents come in firing into the air saying they're looking for Eli Thompson. Richard makes his way through the crowd, limping and holding his stomach. Richard stumbles around under the boardwalk.Nucky is just about to get on a train when Agent Selby asks him to come with him. He says they're looking for Eli, who will be charged with the murder of a federal agent.Hoover questions Narcisse about when he entered the United States, more than two decades earlier, yet never became a U.S. citizen. Hoover, who has been obsessed with Marcus Garvey, lays out a plan for Narcisse to become a secret informant against Garvey by threatening to deport him. Narcisse manages to choke out the words, "Yes, sir."Nucky tells Willie that he's the man of the house now because Eli has to go. He tells Willie to let the family know that Eli is safe with friends "out west." Willie asks Nucky what would have happened if he hadn't shown up and Nucky simply replies, "He's your father, my brother; and I'm not the person you think I am."We next see Eli waiting for a ride and he's picked up by Van Alden.Gillian, sitting in a jail cell, cries while her lawyer is talking to her.Margaret is moving into Arnold Rothstein's building.Sally is pouring herself a drink alone in Tampa.Chalky is sitting on the porch where Oscar sat, and Daughter Maitland is singing for a small crowd of black patrons in a club.The screen fades to black then fades back into Richard Harrow sitting on a train, looking out the window. He closes his eyes. Richard is then seen approaching the home of his sister with his whole family sitting on the porch waiting for him. As his wife approaches, we see Richard's face is whole again as he smiles at her.Cut to Richard's mask laying in the sand under the boardwalk, as we see him take his last breaths, Richard Harrow is finally at peace.

Directed by Timothy Van Patten  

Starring Steve Buscemi, Kelly Macdonald, Michael Shannon, Shea Whigham, Michael Stuhlbarg, more...

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