Sunday Best

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Crime/Drama/History, USA, 2012

Synopsis Eli (Shea Whigham) furtively carries a box around his yard, constantly looking around to make sure he's unobserved, while he hides unseen items from the box around the yard. They are Easter eggs.Richard Harrow (Jack Huston) comes to Gillian's (Gretchen Mol) room and reports that everyone is out of the house, as she requested. The Sagorskys have some guys from the legion hall coming over for an Easter meal. Gillian asks that Tommy not be subjected to rough language. She's laying in her bed with her eyes covered. She tells Harrow she feels "murderous," and says, "a man has no idea what we go through every month." She says she just wants to be left alone and sit in the dark. She says Easter is a terrible day for business because the family gatherings make the customers feel guilty. After Harrow leaves the room, she gets up out of bed pretty spryly.Margaret and Nucky are taking the kids to meet their cousins.Gillian is welcoming Roger (Billy Magnussen), her new "James," and he's stunned by the house. She says her late husband go it, and that it was a troubled marriage. Roger wants to get down to business, but Gillian says they should eat first.Nucky, Margaret and the kids arrive at Eli's house. Emily struggles up the front steps with her crutches and leg braces from her polio. Eli's wife June (Nisi Sturgis) asks if they should help, but Margaret says they shouldn't unless Emily asks. Emily asks for help and gets it. The two families meet.Harrow and Tommy (Connor Noon and Brady Noon) arrive at the Sagorskys' house and Harrow gives Julia (Wrenn Schmidt) flowers.Nucky and Eli sit on the front porch while the kids play. Eli asks if shipments to New York are going smoothly. Nucky asks for a drink, but Eli promised June that they wouldn't drink until sundown. Nucky thinks Eli is asking for a bigger role in the organization, but Eli says he just wants to have a nice dinner.Later, Emily says grace. June gets emotional as she notes that "all of us" and she's too overwhelmed to finish the observation that the two families are joined at the table.At the Sagorskys, Julia's father Paul (Mark Borkowski) asks Tommy who he is and why he's at his table. Tommy explains that his mom is sick, so he and Harrow came to eat there. Paul Sagorsky is annoyed with the holiday, calling people suckers for believing that Jesus died and would come back some time after disappearing for 2,000-plus years. He continues to rail on religion and asks Harrow what good God did him. Harrow says, "Just because you don't believe in something doesn't mean it isn't true." Julia asks Harrow to help her in the kitchen. Once there, she sarcastically says, "This is going well." She tells Harrow that her father likes him  even if he has odd ways of showing it. She gives Harrow a special plate, saying she figured he wouldn't want to make a fuss. Julia leaves so Harrow can eat alone in the kitchen. He takes off his mask and says grace.In New York City, Gyp Rosetti's colleague is explaining that they "lost a lot of turf with that Tabor Heights business," and they're low on manpower. "And they know it," he tells Gyp (Bobby Cannavale). He hands over an envelope, saying it's thin, and everything he just explained "is why." He goes on to say that "Joe the boss" isn't going to care about all these excuses. He says they're going to have to figure out how to handle him. Gyp's wife yells at him to come sit down for dinner. His two daughters laugh at grandma's jokes made at Gyp's expense. He goes to the table in an undershirt and is bullied by his wife into saying a prayer before eating.Gillian and Roger are starting dinner and Gillian asks him about his adventures, especially the ones involving girls and whether he broke some hearts. He suggests she sells the huge house and they take off with the cash. She asks him if he's trying to "take advantage of a lonely window." And they proceed to have sex on the dining room table.Eli lays out the ground rules for the Easter egg hunt and the kids scurry off. Eli's oldest son helps Emily, telling her that Eli "hides 'em in the same place every year." Eli says all this reminds him of their mother putting out three red eggs (the one that gets the kid who finds it 25 cents). Nucky remember their dad keeping the money. The two brothers head off to get that drink.Margaret and June catch up inside the house. June makes a reference to Eli's time in prison, and Margaret says she's sorry for everything that's happened. June says Nucky did a lot to help. June goes on to say that Eli adores Nucky. Margaret tells June that Nucky has a mistress and is in New York with her half the week. She spills everything and tells June it feels like "the life is being pressed" out of her. June doesn't know what to say. She notes the dessert Margaret brought pineapple upside down cake and goes to get a dish for it.Harrow comes back to the dining room table to find Paul in the midst of a political rant. Paul goes on to say he voted for Eugene V. Debs. Another guy at the table calls Debs a "Bolshevik," but Harrow clarifies that Debs is a Socialist. Tommy leaves to use the restroom. He winds up taking a little tour of the house, and opens the door to Fred's room. He was Julia's brother, the one who was killed in the Argonne.Nucky and Eli have their drink. Eli finally opens up, telling Nucky he did 16 months, handed over his badge, and wonders whether he's taken his licks. He finally admits he's tired of taking orders from Mickey Doyle. Nucky finally turns it back on Eli and reminds him of all the bad choices he's made and damage he's done to Nucky, yet still calls him his brother. Eli grabs a gun and hands it to Nucky, telling him to put a bullet in his head. He says he knows it's going to happen eventually and he's "sick of waiting for it." Nucky picks up the gun, empties the chamber and asks Eli, "Why does it always have to be such a melodrama with you?"Roger asks about the guy Gillian married for all this. She asks if he thinks she did it for the money, but he says that's none of his business. Gillian goes on to talk about her relationship with the Commodore, but says that he was younger than she was. Then she says "he walked out on night, and I never saw him again." Roger asks if she really knows whether he's dead or not. She turns the conversation toward where they'd go if she took him up on his offer to sell the house and take off. They're about to go at it again, but Gillian says she wants to take a bath first.Tommy is playing with Fred's toy soldiers and Paul finds him. He grabs Tommy by the collar and lifts him out of the room. Julia and Harrow come after hearing Tommy screaming, and Paul says he was in there "putting his paws all over" Fred's things. Julia says Fred's things don't matter and Paul goes on a drunken rant about how they matter more than anything, including Julia. Harrow steps up and tells Paul to let go of Tommy or he'll kill him. Paul lets go of Tommy and tells Harrow to get out of his house. He then tells the whole group they're all a bunch of strangers. He slams the door to Tommy's room shut and stays inside, his sobs heard through the door. Julia asks them to take some food, but they all just thank her and leave. Harrow tells Julie to get her coat, he and Tommy are taking her out of the houseThere's a little talent show going on in Eli's living room. June wants Eli to do his "pirate." Eli says he's going to sit this one out, and the kids chant for Nucky to do something. Nucky does a juggling act with eggs, accompanied by patter filled with egg puns, and the kids love it. The kids want Margaret to go next, so she sings, "I'll Tell Me Ma," and Nucky looks pleasantly surprised.Harrow, Tommy and Julia take a walk through the carnival and chat. Julia kindly asks Harrow not to threaten to kill her father. He says he was just trying to sound tough. She says she's had plenty of that, and doesn't need more. They formally re-introduce themselves to each other. Suddenly a photographer, pulls them all into a portrait, calling them mom and dad and kid, and snaps the photo as Harrow turns to look at Julia, showing only the undamaged side of his face.Gyp kneels in church angrily talking to the figure on the cross about how messed up his life has been. "I'm here, I'm listenin', I'm ready for any kind of explanation." A calm voice asks, "Are you alright?" It's a young priest, who Gyp tells, "I'm praying.""You're telling," the priest says."Can I ask you something?" Gyp says. He stands up and punches out the priest. The collection bag falls to the ground and Gyp grabs it, asking, "Where's God keep the rest of it?" He continues to shout at the priest, "Answer me! Get the money!"Gillian walks a blindfolded Roger into the marble-appointed bathroom. She uncovers his eyes and the ornate space blows him away. She tells him they're going to have a lot of fun, but first she has to indulge her. She tells him to undress and step into the very warm tub. She takes off her robe and proceeds to wash him. Roger closes his eyes and relaxes. Gillian notes that he really is a decent person, and he says he's just trying to get along. She says it's going to get easier now. She sticks a needle in his arm and he gets up with a jolt. She tells him it's heroin and he starts to convulse. She tells him to enjoy the adventure. He mumbles, "Am I talking?" as he slips farther into the bath water."No, darling," she says. "You're dreaming."Gillian then holds Roger's head under the water and drowns him. She almost casually turns around, wraps a towel around her waist and retrieves her son Jimmy's dog tags from a small case. She puts them around Roger's neck and places the syringe of heroin next to his hand, which is sticking out of the tub and resting on the side.Then she lights a cigarette and stands over the body. Now she can have her son formally declared dead and take title to the Commodore's mansion which had been willed ti Jimmy.Gyp meets with Giuseppe "Joe the Boss" Masseria (Ivo Nandi) who isn't happy that he so rarely hears from Gyp. Masseria isn't happy about the war Gyp started in New Jersey and says he can't control or rely on Gyp. He says, "I can't afford you."Gyp notes, "It's Easter Sunday, Joe."Joe notes "it's also April Fool's." Masseria's men rise and start walking ominously toward Gyp, who blurts out, "Nucky Thompson, Arnold Rothstein," and proceeds to make a case about how Nucky and Rothstein are working together to build something bigger than Masseria and Gyp. Gyp also calls out Lucky Luciano, saying he's not like Gyp and Joe. Gyp asks Masseria to give him his blessing and the support to kill Nucky, Rothstein, Lucky and all of them."And when I'm through, they're not going to call you 'Joe the Boss' no more," Gyp says. "They gonna call you 'Joe the King.'"Intyrigued, Masseria calls off his guys and tells them to go get coffee. He sits down with Gyp again.Nucky and Margaret debrief after the Easter dinner. The kids are asleep. They're both glad that the kids had fun and did something out of the house. Margaret tells Nucky that June is nice and is grateful to Nucky for all he's done for the family. Nucky thinks he could maybe do more. Margaret was also surprised to learn that Nucky juggles. He says he hadn't done it since he was a kid. They seem to flirt just a bit, with Nucky saying he could teach Margaret to juggle, but she turns serious for a moment and says, "It's too late.""I'm sorry," she adds. "It's just too late."Eli and June share a hug and June is happy, saying the kids love to see Nucky. She also says she liked Margaret, "but she's not happy." Eli says "that's their problem."The phone rings and Eli goes to answer it. It's Nucky. He tells Eli that he "was the only smart one in the bunch" heading into the Tabor Heights mess. He says he's making a change: Eli will run the warehouse with Mickey, "starting tomorrow." Eli thanks him. Nucky adds that "the whole family had a good time," and hangs up.Harrow adds the "family" picture from the carnival to his photo album. Gillian knocks on his door and asks how his day went."There were ups and downs, but in the end it turned out nice," he says.Gillian sits on Harrow's bed and tells him the girls are back in the house. She asks if Tommy behaved, and whether there was any "untoward vulgarity." Harrow says, "Not much."Gillian tells Harrow, "My son is dead, and nothing on Earth will ever bring him back."One of the girls screams from another part of the house. Harrow goes to see what the commotion is, but Gillian stays where she is and cries.

Directed by Allen Coulter  

Starring Steve Buscemi, Kelly Macdonald, Michael Shannon, Shea Whigham, Michael Stuhlbarg, more...

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