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Crime/Drama/History, USA, 2013

Synopsis Willie Thompson, Eli's son and Nucky's nephew, calls Nucky from Philadephia saying he needs help. Nucky goes off to look for Eddie, but gets no response when banging on his door. Eddie was taken into custody by FBI Agent Knox.We next see Eddie asking to know why he's being interrogated by Knox and his partner. He says he's done nothing wrong, claiming the pistol in his sleeve was for protection from Apaches. Knox keeps Eddie around a bit longer.Bill Pflaum's campaign workers are loudly getting the word out on Election Day in Cicero around Van Alden's . Frank Capone comes over and Van Alden steps outside to chat with him. Frank tells Van Alden to come along, saying, "It's gonna be a good day."Willie is locked up in the basement of a jail in Philly when Nucky walks in. Willie tries to claim he isn't scared, but admits he is. Nucky promises they'll "sort this out," and that he'll keep it between them. Nucky says he'll "call on" the people Willie assumes Nucky knows in Philadelphia if they need to. But first Nucky wants to talk about "this boy," Henry -- the college kid Willie apparently killed by spiking his drink with a magnesium-based concoction, only intending to embarrass the kid by making him soil himself in front of the whole group.Gillian calls Roy Phillips' hotel and leaves another message for him.Frank goes to visit Al while members of their gang joke about Pflaum getting beaten the night before and one of Pflaum's workers getting his throat cut. Al is sniffing cocaine, which Frank doesn't like. Al tells Van Alden that O'Banion is among the people who are "going to find out that the joke's on them" this day. Al pulls Van Alden close and they'll see how Van Alden does today and then see what happens. Frank asks Van Alden to put a team of 20 men together and take them to a polling place and "let the voters make up their minds." Before Van Alden leaves, Al forces him to sniff some cocaine.Willie tells Nucky about the party and getting the liquor from Mickey Doyle. Nucky isn't pleased. Willie apologizes and says there was just a party and the next morning Henry wasn't moving. Nucky says he's going to talk to the DA. He tells Willie to pull himself together and remember the truth. In the revised version of "the truth," Henry was a friend of Willie's who drank "a lot" at the party and Willie "didn't bring any liquor." Nucky is satisfied.Gillian is meeting with the judge who is explaining the custody procedure but is distracted, saying she isn't getting any sleep. She goes off on a tangent about furniture before asking for some water. She takes it and somehow squeezes the glass so hard it shatters. He comes over to help and she tells him she's so worried about losing Tommy and asks if there's "anything" she can do to help her situation -- "right now," while placing her hand below the belt line on the judge's pants. He tells her it would be in her best interest to leave his chambers immediately. She leaves.Nucky meets with Eugene Mulhern, an assistant district attorney in Philly, and that's not who he wanted to see. Nucky tells him they're making a mistake. Mulhern says 10 witnesses say Willie brought liquor to the party. He says the coroner says it wasn't simply alcohol poisoning. Nucky points out that Mulhern's boss and Waxey Gordon met that morning and "it was agreed that this occurrence wasn't anybody's fault." Mulhern says Henry Gaines' father is a major contributor to the Republican party and "someone's gotta answer for this; we just don't have any choice."Knox comes in to see Eddie again, who is still sitting in the chair of an otherwise empty room. Knox asks Eddie if Nucky would "do the same" for Eddie -- meaning, Eddie's refusal to speak up. Knox tells Eddie that Nucky and everyone else is going on without him. Knox tells Eddie he's the person right now who cares what happens to him. Knox punches Eddie hard in the stomach, making him throw up immediately, saying he's going to "own" him.Nucky goes through the questions again, but surprises Willie with the question, "Who slipped him the mickey?" Willie reluctantly admits it was "supposed to be a gag," and tries to say it was his idea alone. But Nucky presses him and Willie says his roommate Clayton helped him. Nucky asks what Henry did to deserve it and Willie says, "He thought he was better than me -- but he wasn't." Nucky says, "Alright, here's what I'm going to need you to do."Van Alden is taken to a factory where he's supposed to make sure the voters either vote for Klenha, or don't vote at all. Frank says they're going to run the town. Frank tells Van Alden not to worry about Al, saying, "Sometimes he just needs a good kick in the ass." Van Alden asks, "Who's going to do the kicking?" Frank hands him some cash and says it's an advance.Van Alden goes out to meet up with the group of men, telling them there's no reason for the situation to get out of hand, but a few of the guys make it clear they want to clobber people. Van Alden tries the nice approach, but it doesn't last as the first few people rebuff his inquiries about who they're voting for. Van Alden takes the first punch from a guy he was bothering, and a melee ensues, with Van Alden yelling, "See, none of this had to happen!" The workers retreat back behind the factory gate.Gillian walks into a black barber shop looking for "someone." She finds Dunn Purnsley getting his shoes shined. She said she's made some inquiries and was sent to him. He asks how much money she has, and she scrapes together what's in her person. It's not nearly enough and she asks if they can "discuss another form of payment." She says she's having a very difficult day. He takes her money and pockets it, signaling to another man who brings a packet. She grabs and Purnsley warns her to go easy.Nucky tells Willie about how he wanted to become a teacher. He again assures Willie that "no one will know." The DA Lawrence Isley shows up and apologizes for "the mix up earlier" with his colleague. Nucky says they want to get this cleared up. They all sit down so Isley can interview Willie, who starts by saying that Henry was a "pal" of his.Gillian goes to Tommy's school and he doesn't say much. She tells Tommy that she met a "very sweet man" and they will soon all be together. Tommy says nothing. Julia shows up and asks what Gillian is doing there. Tommy backs away from Gillian into Julia's arms. Gillian is escorted out of the school.We next see Willie showing Nucky his dorm room. Nucky sits him down and tells him whatever happened is "over," and every now and then he'll remember what happened to "a boy whose face you can't remember; I promise, you can live with it." Willie asks Nucky if that's what he does, but Nucky doesn't respond. He tells Willie that he is going to graduate. Nucky tells Willie that the people who discount him don't know who he is, and that the rage he feels is "a gift," but he shouldn't let anyone see it. Willie asks Nucky how much he paid the DA. "One day we'll talk about all that," Nucky says, but adds that he needs to stick with what they discussed.Willie's roommate shows up and Nucky leaves. Clayton asks Willie where he's been and Willie says it's "taken care of" and doesn't go into detail.Frank and Al Capone show up to Van Alden's mess, where the workers are about to come out of the gate again. Frank tries to calm Al down and Al gets in his face asking who put him in charge. Frank says that doesn't matter. Van Alden steps in and says they need more men or need to leave and Al shuts him up. A worker throws a shoe. Al steps up and declares, "We're running Cicero." He warns anyone of them to step out and challenge them. One shouts an Italian epithet and the rest of the workers advance. Al and Frank are beaten up pretty badly. Van Alden pulls his gun and walks slowly behind Al, who is crawling away slowly after having been beaten to the ground with a baseball bat. Van Alden is about to shoot Al in the back when Frank looks up, notices and starts moving slowly (badly beaten, himself) toward Van Alden. Suddenly, a shot rings out and Frank is hit, but Van Alden never pulled the trigger. What follows is a hail of gunfire that it turns out is coming from a line of shooter who unleash dozens upon dozens of rounds at Frank, who is backed against a car. Al screams his brother's name.Gillian is laying in bed staring at her bandaged hand when Roy walks in. She says she called 10 times. She asks if she did something wrong and he says, "Not to me." He was in the powder room cleaning up her heroin kit. He asks if it helps her and she says, "Not anymore." She says it makes her feel terrified. She asks if that disgusts him and he says it doesn't because he knows about weakness and sin."You don't know about me," she says. He asks her to tell him if it will make any of this better. She says she's "done the most awful things."Knox comes in to see Eddie again. Knox starts asking Eddie about his job back home as a department store assistant manager. Knox and his partner mock Eddie for fleeing the country with a mistress who eventually left him. Knox continues to play head games with Eddie by reciting a German fable about a father losing his son. Knox and his partner tell Eddie that his sons are grown and one has a child of his own. He says they've changed their names to rid themselves of Eddie's. They say Eddie will soon be back in Hanover to be acquainted with them. Eddie asks what they want from him. They want one piece of information. Knox says that if he gives them one piece of information, they'll be done for the day. Eddie says, "Ralph Capone, at the train station. That was the man I gave the money to." When asked why, Eddie starts to cry and says, "Because that is what Nucky told me to do." Knox looks at his partner with a smile and tells Eddie, "See how easy that was?" They hand Eddie his cane and he starts to walk out. Before he leaves, Knox calls out, "Ed, we'll see you again soon.Ralph sits next to Van Alden and says he saw the news right on the front of the newspaper. He wonders aloud, "What was wrong with Brooklyn? We was all happy there."Van Alden tells Al, who is crying while sitting next to Frank's dead body, that he heard it was a special group of Chicago police after word was received that the Cicero police couldn't be trusted. Al turns to Van Alden and says everything "that crawls is gonna pay." He turns back toward Frank and continues crying.Clayton is studying in the library when he sees a group of students point two detectives in his direction. They come and tell him they're with the Philadelphia police. That night, Willie sits alone in his room playing the ukelele when there's a knock on his door. It's Doris. She's not supposed to be there, so he lets her in before anyone can see her. She tells him the police arrested Clayton, saying he poisoned Henry. She asks why someone would do something like that. Willie puts a hand on her shoulder and leans in to hug him. He hugs her back, looking stone faced.Eddie walks slowly through Nucky's place, but Nucky hears him and asks what happened to him. Eddie claims he spent the night with old friends. Nucky says Eddie needs to tell him if he's going to be gone for a whole day. Nucky tells Eddie he doesn't want to worry about him. He asks if Eddie's eaten and Eddie says he's not hungry. Before Eddie can leave, Nucky calls him over and asks him to come over. Nucky raises the cuffs of his pants to show mismatching socks (which Tom must have provided. Nucky says, "Here's something else I would rather not have to worry about."We next see Eddie scribbling something in German, then packing some clothes. He straightens his collar in the mirror, then steps over to his window -- and jumps.

Directed by Timothy Van Patten  

Starring Steve Buscemi, Kelly Macdonald, Michael Shannon, Shea Whigham, Michael Stuhlbarg, more...

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