Blonde or Brunette

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Comedy/Romance, USA, 1927, 60 min.

Synopsis Disgusted with the jazz-mad crowd that infests his Paris residence, Henri Martel leaves the city, and in a Breton village he meets a sweet old lady whose demure granddaughter, Fanny, he finds extremely attractive. He marries Fanny, and while away on business, he leaves his new bride in Blanche's care. He returns to find that Fanny is now drinking, smoking, and Charlestoning along with the fast crowd, and a divorce follows, though Fanny says it will break her grandmother's heart. Henri marries Blanche, but he regrets this action when she makes life dull for him. Complications ensue when Fanny and Henri are forced into deceiving Grandma; Henri can't have Fanny and Blanche won't have him; thus, he is driven to sleeping outside Fanny's door, and not to be outdone, she curls up on the other side of the closed door.

Directed by Richard Rosson  

Starring Adolphe Menjou, Greta Nissen, Arlette Marchal, Mary Carr, Evelyn Sherman, more...

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